Why (Most) Nice Guys Finish Last
  • Posted Nov 6, 2012
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Contrary to popular belief, nice guys don’t always finish last. And contrary to cultural belief, there is no such thing as being “too nice.”

So why is it that women complain that chivalry is dead, yet continuously go after the jerk?

It’s simple: jerks embrace their manhood. They are dominant, unpredictable, and challenging. This is exactly what attracts many unsuspecting women. Many nice guys, to their demise, have tried and failed to attract women (knowingly or unknowingly) through their submissive behavior.

So how can you be a nice guy minus finishing last or turning into a jerk?

Shed the following submissive habits and you will be attracting more women than you can handle:

1.) You’re Too Agreeable
If a woman shares a strong opinion, don’t blindly agree in hopes of gaining approval. The biggest mistake a nice guy can make is turning into a “Yes” man and becoming overly gratifying. These types of men create relationships that lack tension, become boring, and go stale fast. So next time you disagree with a woman, challenge her perspective and prove that you think independently. This adds intrigue to the exchange and piques her interest.

2.) You’re Too Available
Find a happy medium between both your schedules. If you’re always available at a moment’s notice, a woman will only see you as a friend. Now this doesn’t warrant becoming sketchy and undependable. Rather, show that you lead an independent lifestyle. Show that you have alternative options, yet prioritized her over other women. This makes her feel valued and special. The more you abide by her rules and accommodate to her wishes, the more you will be viewed as a doormat rather than a lover.

3.) You’re Too Subdued
Nothing is more unattractive than a man without a backbone. Never feel so intimidated by a woman that you willingly give her full control. A common misconception by nice guys is that completely prioritizing a woman over themselves will create a spark. And they couldn’t be more wrong. This not only eliminates any chance for attraction, but also makes a guy lose sight of his manhood. Women are naturally attracted to a man that leads—plain and simple. Next time you’re out, take control of the situation and lead confidently. Nothing is more manly than a gentleman who caters, not consents to a woman.

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