Father’s Day is a time for men to celebrate fatherhood and their role as a parent—that is, unless they are online dating. A recent survey conducted by WhatsYourPrice.com revealed that nearly 1 in 3 men lie about having kids on their online-dating profiles.

The most common lie? Men claiming to not have kids, when in actuality, they do.

Of the 2,500 total male members surveyed, approximately 32 percent admitted to have previously lied about having kids. The study discovered a direct correlation between age and honesty—the younger the father, the more likely he will lie:


The Types of Men (2,500 Surveyed)

Men Under 30 (1,250): 51 Percent

Men Over 30: (1,250): 12 Percent


The Types of Lies (2,500 Surveyed)

Men Who Claimed They Didn’t Have Kids: 96 Percent

Men Who Claimed They Have Kids: 3 Percent

Men Who Claimed They Have More/Less Kids: 1 Percent


Based on the results of this survey, the most common fabricator is a father under 30 years old who claims to not have any kids. Founder and CEO, Brandon Wade, believes these lies are a reflection of society’s skewed perception of single parents.

“Fathers are initially reluctant to talk about their kids in fear of losing potential partners,” says Wade. “Dating a single parent requires more commitment, so fathers often lie on their profiles in order to attract more singles. What they don’t realize is if the love is there, any partner will be accepting of children.”


What are your thoughts on this Father’s Day study? Do you agree or disagree with these results?

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