Who Lies the Most on Dating Profiles
  • Posted Feb 26, 2013
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Everybody lies. Even birds to puff up their little chests and do exotic dances to fool mates into believing they are the best. So who lies the most?  Ladies, before you all go pointing at the opposite sex. A new study from WhatsYourPrice.com revealed that more women lie than men. Maybe that is why we’re so good at sniffing out a lie.



One in four women in the United States admits to not being 100% truthful on their online dating profiles. Twenty-seven percent of women lie on their online dating profiles, while only Nineteen percent of men lie on their online dating profiles. Taking into consideration what men consider as lying, I’m sure a number of women sticking their wine-stained tongues out and snorting accusations of misreporting from the male participants of the survey.

Turns out though both sexes fib, we lie about completely different things.

Women lie most about their age and their career. At a time where women are advancing in the professional world into executive positions it’s no wonder we feel pressured to inflate our accomplishments. In regards to the age thing…well, it is terrible manners to ask what a women’s age is. Men on the other hand lie most about their height and career. How many men have you dated who claimed to be six feet. Peculiar since a 5’8 woman in four inch heels should bring you at equal height…except now he’s about 2 inches shorter than you are.

Turn out our age affects our truthfulness as well. Women between the ages of 25 and 30 are more likely to lie about their age than their older or younger counterparts. On the other hand, men between the ages of 34 and 39 were more inclined to lie about their career.

Here I thought lying about being Vegan to my hippie boyfriend in college was taboo…

Have you ever lied on your profile or to someone you were dating?

What do lie about most?

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