Where The Generous Gents Live
  • Posted Jun 27, 2013
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If generosity is what you’re looking for, all cities are not created equally. The midwest is known for their hospitality, but did you know they also can be generous? According to our used data, most of the generous gents can be found in Indianapolis. The average first date price spent by generous members in Indianapolis is $226, much higher than the national average of $80.

But generosity shouldn’t stop after the bidding process ends. Be nice to your server, the host, the valet and your date through out the evening. If you’re looking for the most generous men in the country, you can find them in the cities below.

Top 15 Most Generous Cities in the Nation:

1.)    Indianapolis, IN – $226

2.)    Miami, FL – $207

3.)    Philadelphia, PA – $199

4.)    Charlotte, NC – $192

5.)    Oklahoma City, OK – $183

6.)    San Francisco, CA – $177

7.)    Las Vegas, NV – $174

8.)    San Antonio, TX – $163

9.)    Raleigh, NC – $159

10.)  Dallas, TX – $151

11.)  Boston, MA – $148

12.)  Baltimore, MD – $140

13.)  New York, NY – $134

14.)  Denver, CO – $132

15.)  Seattle, WA – $127

What city have you encountered the most generous men in? 

What city is home to the cheapest men? 

16 Responses to “Where The Generous Gents Live”

  1. JennWYP says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome on this blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements, but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” section for more details. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!

  2. Bobby the K says:

    I enjoy being generous with the women. I need more cash so I can be more generous. Maybe I’ll get some part time work at Chip and Dales.

    A lot of women say they are models. What does that mean exactly?

  3. Amber says:

    How are those rates generous ? I find it to be on the cheap side .

    • Bobby the K says:

      On the cheap side? You don’t even own your beauty. If you make some calculations, the full bloom of your physical beauty is from age 21 to 26. After 26 it’s downhill. The threshold age, the age Marilyn Monroe committed suicide is about 36. So calculated mathematically, if you live until 70, only 7% of your lifetime are you at your physical peak. Even including the threshold age, it’s only 21% of your life, and that doesn’t include days of misery and lack of appreciation of your youth. Even with spas and facials, after age 37, the fingers reveal your age; even with plastic surgery and botox, although those will make you smile like the Joker in Batman. (See Dolly Parton) So you should be grateful for even the smallest amount, which doesn’t mean you have to accept it. And you should be especially grateful to men who are honest, well-mannered, and who compliment you while you have it.

      • Calalilly says:

        Bobby the Douche

        If you consider yourself well-mannered, your parents did a LOUSY job raising you. I’m guessing you didn’t even get to 1% of your potential youthful attractiveness. Is this why you’re so bitter? Beauty is subjective and relative not absolute. You might want to up your meds because they obviously aren’t working.

  4. Amber says:

    No one in right mind should date you bobby with that thought on life . How silly of you .

  5. Bob says:

    I have found arriving at an appropriate “offer” for a first date to be quite a difficult proposition. If I make an offer of $250, I am contemplating spending $200-$250 for a nice dinner, which makes it a $500 dinner date. I have decided that a $250 offer to be about the right amount, except for truly unusual circumstances. If it is a complete bust, the loss is not that great, and I had a nice dinner. If a girl suggests she is looking for a sugar daddy, I think that a $500 get to know you dinner is about right. Much higher, unless she looks like a Playboy Playmate, her expectations are just too high. I think only a really desperate human being is going to need to offer a whole lot more. Over, and over, and over, and over the site says this is not a place for escorts. Paying more than $500 to meet someone for dinner is getting into the upper end of escort prices, and this is just not what this place is suppose to be about. The statistics of this article might be skewed differently if they based it only on potential sugar-daddy dating.

  6. skye says:

    I find that when a man offer’s me 50$ or 80$ im almost offended, that somebody seems to think thats all im worth. they say your offer should match what u would make at work that you should be paid for your time. what if i make more money than most men or women? And i dont settle for cheap dates? or to me what a cheap date is.??

    • Marc says:

      It’s not an offer of your “worth”, as that has yet to be determined. It’s an offer for your time and a first meeting. I find $50 to $80 quite fair, as that equals ~100k or ~160k annually if paid hourly.
      Why should I give an attractive stranger more than that for the pleasure of spending time with me?

    • H says:

      If you made so much money…you wouldn’t be on this site!

  7. Amore_1 says:

    I really wonder if this site can work for me, I am hoping the calibre of men is so much higher than a usual dating site, I also wonder if any UK men actually use this site, as it seems to be only american and I am pretty sure nobody from there is going to want to date me all the way here lol.

  8. Charles says:

    Women expecting to make a living off of this site amuse me. Wanting more than $200 for a date; a couple hours of their time is a joke. I also love the date expectations of “just coffee or lunch would be great.” Yea, I guess it would for $200. Then your off to the next $200. Its so obvious from so many of these womens profiles is that all they are after is money and that’s it. I don’t care if your a supermodel, it make you so unattractive to men. The site is supposed to be about first dates and the chance to date someone that you may or may not have the chance to date under normal circumstances and to show that there is more to life then just looks alone. Charm, wit, playfulness, sense of humor, intelligence and an actual personality, NOT net worth or how many days a week the guy hits the gym. If all you care about is money, NO man (except the most desperate) is going to respect you or have any respect for you and if you think otherwise your a fool.

  9. DarkHorseSD says:

    The site seems to be about getting you to purchase and use credits. Then maybe buying and using again. I see no evidence of anything else.

    • H says:

      This is SOOO true. There are many “planted” women on here. Watchout!

    • DarkHorseSD says:

      I don’t want to over emphasize. Certainly some of the time a real guy and a real girl bump into each other and they have a paid date tat could lead to others. And sometimes a real paying guy bumps into a real collecting girl and they have the one date for money, but make no illusion that other dates won’t be on a paid basis too with an escalating scale for services agreed to.

      But I see no evidence the site itself cares for anything but that the credits get used – no warranty – except possibly for some egregious acts that could bring down its reputation or destroy it entirely.

  10. Rogue says:

    Interesting that Indianapolis is the number 1 most generous city! We live in a suburb of Indy. We (my wife and I) negotiated a $100 date with an absolutely fabulous girl last winter. We went out for dinner and drinks, and the conversation was comfortable and interesting. It turned out that she is also poly, so we had a lot in common.

    While our $100 offer doesn’t rank up there with Indy’s apparent average, the evening overall ended up costing somewhere upwards of $400, so I’d like to think that we were appropriately generous with our date… She ended up coming back home with us to continue the evening in our hot tub, and she seemed completely satisfied with the way our date turned out when we kissed her goodbye.

    As for my wife’s experiences on the site, the $200 range seems about right. That, along with dinner, drinks, and a room make for a reasonable first date experience.

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