When To Meet In Person
  • Posted Jul 26, 2016
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Gone are the days when it was taboo to meet your S.O. on the internet. Online dating is now the norm. With so many singles, and what seems like an endless amount of profiles to browse, finding a match can be time consuming. Once you’ve connected with someone, it’s important to get the ball rolling in planning an offline meeting. While you may be tempted to delay the pivotal in-real-life first date, don’t succumb to your insecurities. Here is some sound advice on when to make the move from messaging to actually securing a date.

Exchange Numbers

Depending on how often you message your online love, once a rapport is made, you should exchange phone numbers. It’s much easier to take the conversation offline and continue via text to ultimately plan a meeting. If he or she is consistent, the exchange should happen within a few days of messaging through the dating platform. No one wants to continue logging in and out to check a novel long message. It’s a good idea to also have a quick chat before planning a date to help you feel more at ease about who you’ll be meeting.

Coffee Date

We aren’t saying you have to meet someone within the first 24 hours of an online introduction but don’t be afraid to take the initiative. If you’ve been exchanging multiple messages or emails for more than a week and your online crush hasn’t asked you out yet, take a deep breath and make the first move. Suggesting a coffee date is cool and casual. You can tell more about a person within a half hour of meeting than weeks of messaging. If your date isn’t what you expected, it’s also pretty easy to excuse yourself from a cafe.

The Tipping Point

Research has shown that if you wait more than 17 days to meet offline, you’ll more than likely be let down. Prolonging an IRL meeting,  will have you dreaming up what the person on the other end of the screen is really like. The internet can only provide so much information but once you’re face-to-face, you can confirm he or she is who they’ve claimed to be the whole time. Personality traits are much different when listed online compared to experiencing the person behind the profile.

The bottomline is the sooner you can assess whether those online sparks translate into real life sparks, the better.


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  2. Sandie says:

    It’s hard because you don’t know what they’re thinking or want until you meet them.

  3. Rahulsona says:

    hello i m rahul call me all

  4. Ronald says:

    Hey I’m up and I love to get to know you

  5. 30honeybee says:

    Hi is anyone there interested in me??

  6. Madame Ra says:

    I am currently looking for the ‘right friendship/relationship’,& looking closer to my home area…Would luv to meet the ‘one’ who is bored or to restricted by their life, goes home to an empty house, to which my offer would be that i can beautify anything,& make not only a place of interest, its because i am of deep interest. I didn’t know what to tick in the limited boxes to try to fit my unusual self into a catorgory, thus i just did my brains’ thought best..(maybe it was, maybe not, maybe someone may inform me from their brain power.) More importantly i am a plethera of joy for the right persons, though i find more take than give & as i would like a dynamic change in my life, as we all have some type of interesting packaging( though i have no people baggage, been by myself for years & often get asked out on dates, there just a bit young for me as i am a lot younger looking, thus prefering late 30’s as the earliest, to whatever age:)
    Good communication doesn’t happen much anymore, nor does self love/respect, something i cherish but haven’t found (& i have given myself with truth only to find not long after that this isn’t the case.) As said i am very different from how most live their lives,& obviously can be by myself & be fine with this,& additionally i have no family known, just a couple of good friends, as ‘trust’ is a hard reality to know for a single fem as myself..So the other options i am great for is if anyone requires, with a proper time arrangement, somebody not to embass them for special events, as i do fund raising myself, wanting the communication to be close to accurate,&/or looks fine for any event, then i would discuss a suitable price.. I have been told i have an interesting face of lovliness & would consider arranging some pix in exchange for some funds. My desire would be to run a home that requires running well”, along with unusual beauty for as an excellent Artist, i can make, build, fix, & more, additionally i own some gorgeous assets…about anything thats of honesty, no discrimination as i see people, not genders, though i am even playful in unusual ways though don’t want to be seen as only that.. I hope that my additional information just might strike a sweet note to the right person,& as said, i am a shapely smaller fem thus to big in body is all i have hesitation on but even then, everything depends because we are all different ( just lots prefer to be like others rather than themselves, this i know is never good.) Sending heart thoughts, Rã

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