When Do You “Do It?”
  • Posted Mar 3, 2015
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“Knocking boots, bumping rumps, getting it on” … any way you describe “it”, it still means one thing: SEX. You’re in the beginning stages of a relationship and sooner or later you two are going to sleep together for the first time. We’ve all been there. Sex is a very personal experience and it means different things to everyone. The age-old question is – How long do you wait to become intimate?


The First Date

You’re both on your best behavior trying to impress the other. The date goes well and you have a thousand butterflies fluttering around in your stomach when it’s time to leave. A “goodnight kiss” is okay to do on the first date, but please, hold the tongue. Also, it’s never okay to sleep together on the first date! If you want the relationship to go beyond a one night stand you have to hold out a little longer than that. No matter how sexy the guy / girl is sitting across from you, make sure to stick to kissing.



The First Sexual Encounter

The butterflies haven’t stopped since the first date. Your interest in each other is growing and you want to be on a more intimate level. Is it too soon? Have you made him wait long enough? Over the years, the “three date rule” has become standard when deciding to do the deed with your new partner. New research has now revealed that the average single girl isn’t ready to sleep with a new guy until after the fifth date. You could feel ready after three dates or prefer to wait a month (maybe even more!).

The point is, there isn’t a right amount of time to wait on giving it up. When you feel like the person you’re seeing is serious about taking the relationship to the next level and you’re comfortable with them, then do it. No one should judge you for waiting or not waiting a specific time period. Do what you feel is right. If you are more comfortable waiting longer and your dude is pressuring you, forget about it! If he was the right one he would be down to wait for you until you’re completely comfortable to get down. When you feel the right connection, you’ll know.

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The First Night Together

Fireworks! It’s been done and hopefully it was everything you two were waiting and hoping for. As if planning the timeline for that wasn’t stressful enough, now you have to think about when the right time would be to stay the night. Maybe you waited long enough to have sex together that you two don’t want to leave each other after the first time. That’s cool, too!

The first sleepover is just as intimate as the first time having sex. Your bed is your most holy personal space. This new person is sharing your bed all night and waking up face-to-face. Are you a sound sleeper or do you toss and turn? Do you sleep mostly on your back or prefer to sprawl out to takeover the entire bed? Is your hair crazy in the morning? How rank is your morning breath? It’s a big step to have your new boo see you in all your morning glory. You may feel more comfortable waiting an extra month after you’ve been sleeping together, or it could happen after the fourth time. Again, this is based off of your comfort level in the situation.



The Final Factor

You are the deciding factor in any sexual encounter. If it feels right then go with your gut!


9 Responses to “When Do You “Do It?””

  1. steve says:

    totally done with this site – none of the girls are attractive, and they expect $1000 for a date!

    • SillyMe says:

      @Steve – so what? I can’t say much for the guys on here either. And the only reason I’d ask for $1000 would be to include maybe a plane ticket to get to your location. On the other hand, this is a weird way to date. Kind of seems more like a sugardaddy/sugarbaby site.

    • Ashley says:

      Steve, what is the average amount girls ask for dates? I think I’m reasonably attractive and would never ask that much.

  2. Randy says:

    I would disagree with the no first date sex rule. Bottom line: as a guy you need to be prepared to have sex with a woman as soon as she wants it==but respectful and patient if that is not as soon as you might. I have had relationships that clearly went beyond a one night stand that involved first date sex.

  3. Lol at post says:

    Wow,, what an awful article. if i’m looking for an intimate encounter on the first date and thats what she agrees upon, that is what I would expect. I set that expectations with my date, especially if im going the sugar daddy route. The girls are ok with it, that is the key.

  4. MJ says:

    OK, I agree. This is a DIFFERENT site. But I don’t agree with Steve above. If someone only wants or agrees to $1000 for the first date, they are definitely offering something more than a “date”. But that’s what I have found on this site. There are two kinds of women……..two kinds of men and two kinds of dating. I have met both. The one that ARE actually interested in dating. And the ones that are soley interested in the benjamins. It’s up to you to decide. And determine. And there are some very, very beautiful nice women I have also met on this site. The one thing that I can offer is that probably find younger women here that for whatever reason (and NOT just about cash) who are interested in dating older men than you would find on “regular” or normal dating sites. But this is NOT the sugar daddy/sugar baby alone dating site. It’s up to you as to whether it progresses to the next step. Follow his stated rules and see what happens. Which is not paying for the second date……….or working out an arrangement with that person DEPENDING upon each’s individual circumstances. And as to “doing it”, hey that seems to be the natural course of things in dating depending upon how you hit it off. Some of the women here I have gone to the next step with; some I have not. I think that it depends upon your own individual experience.

  5. Chris says:

    I have been on this site for awhile and from my experiences I would suggest that on a first date some definitive desires be articulated in order that each person fully understand what the other persons intent is with regard to meeting.
    I am seeing a few categories with regard to a persons intention to meet:
    1. Some may want to date merely for the purpose of meeting someone new and to enjoy that interaction. Their intent is only this, to meet and to date only. There is another sub- category to this in that there are some individuals that making a living agreeing to meet for dates as a supplemental our total source of income. In essence an “occupational dater”, if you will, lol. Hey, I suppose it works but seems somewhat subversive to me.
    The next category would be those seeking a long term tradition type of dating to eventually find someone they feel compatible with for the purpose of a long lasting committed traditional relationship much like you might find on Match com. Such traditional relationships may take months to reach a decision.
    The next category is a cut the chase arrangement, where two individuals have specific needs and agree to engineer a relationship where both will be getting what they need and where both agree to the terms they have constructed together. It is sort of a contract agreement where both parties have a responsibility in the agreement that will result in a breach if each do not uphold their end of the agreement. It is what I’m looking for with someone here. Sugar daddy sugar baby type of arrangement define what I have described.
    In all categories, I think sex will not be happening 98 percent of the time on the first date or the second or third. In my opinion and expectation, in an arrangement S.D./ S.B. type it should be happening after the third date. I personally am not interested in continuing my end of a mutually agreed upon financially oriented type of relationship if it’s not happening after date three. Frequency of meeting and intimate frequency should be agreed upon as well in an arrangement.
    So, I think it would be good if each person on any first date define for the other their intentions and define for each other what the other should expect. Undefined expectations leads to disappointment.
    I think another thing to discuss would be sexual compatibility. French kissing or not, oral or not, and so on. However that may come as a topic of later discussion prior to the act but none the less I think it needs to be established. In my own case, I am very passionate and cannot be with someone that doesn’t French Kiss and that enjoys kissing a lot. Further I am open for a committed relationship but regardless of any relationship I need to be with that person at least three days each week. So long distance committed relationships where we see each other once every moth or two, can’t work for me sorry; we are better off dating other people to fulfill our human needs effectively, which we all have.

  6. The Truth says:

    Chris I am the same as you for the most part. 95-99% of the women here are looking for quick cash, most don’t want to date an older guy. The oldest guy a girl wants is early 30s usually to date.

  7. coffeeman says:

    Met a very cute girl, VERY good figure, took a few texts n calls after the
    second date that cost me around $400 we met in a hotel. The oral was great, took all I had not to cum! Nice, pretty pussy that I pumped until shooting in her mouth, eating it all. worth the money.

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