WhatsYourPrice Tutorial: User Reporting
  • Posted Dec 21, 2017
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WhatsYourPrice is dedicated to providing a safe and fun space for its users to meet and arrange first dates without the frustrations of typical dating sites. Help us safeguard our community by reporting users who break our terms of service by following the three easy steps outlined below. 

Step 1: Select the 3 dot drop-down

Select the 3 dot drop-down located on the top of the profile of the individual in question.


Step 2: Select Report or Block User

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 2.34.43 PM

Step 3: Complete the short form & submit

Complete the short form by selecting the reason for reporting; please be sure to include all pertinent details in the description box. Feel free to send screen shots or any additional proof of infraction to our customer support team via email at [email protected].

Reporttt2 Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 2.35.16 PM

If you experience an issue with a user that you feel falls in line with a breach of our Terms of Use, please report! However, if you feel that a user is unattractive, too cheap, or otherwise undesirable, but not necessarily breaking site rules, block & move on.

Learn more about protecting your personal information, creating a safety plan, and scouting fakes in our online dating safety blog.

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9 Responses to “WhatsYourPrice Tutorial: User Reporting”

  1. Perry says:

    I mysteriously had a record of a user who accepted one of my offer’s suddenly and without question disappear. I filed a complaint for which I also could not find even though I printed a copy of the confirmation after the submission WITH the ticket number on it. Now it looks like the original item that disappeared has returned and ANOTHER one took it’s place in vapor land. I submitted a second ticket to the site to see exactly what’s going on and why I’m having to unlock correspondence by using credits I PAID FOR associated with what appears as a non existent member. This all appears to be quite sketchy and points to some truly underhanded invasion of sites by potential scammers or Law Enforcement to entice victims for prosecution. I have not heard any reply to either of my tickets submitted to this site but I will convey what I hear if anything arises. I’m most annoyed if I paid my hard earned money to buy credits to unlock correspondence from non-existent members or members who should have been identified when the site reviewed and approved their profile.

  2. Silvershawdow says:

    Oh no,a woman shouldn’t have to pay for a date. Unless shes desperate and that i am not.Where are all the real man.

  3. Silvershawdow says:

    No,I’m a real woman, i say zero$$ to pay.cmon real woman.

  4. Jenni918 says:

    Why am I not able to reply to messages on whatsyourprice.com ?? I can receive messages, but when I try to reply to them a get a message highlighted in red that says “There was an error submitting the form. Please try again.”

  5. Trish woodward says:

    I am so confused. So if a gentleman offered 50 bucks- and I countered. Is he paying me? Ami paying him? Is that the cost that should be spent on the date. Again. Supeer confused

  6. CineussueniC says:

    I, like you, am trying to figure this out. I believe the $50 goes into the site (middle man).
    I presume that the site has their information including payment information. I could be incorrect, but, I don’t think so.
    What do you think or did you find a different answer?

    • gb2650cc says:

      The bid is what you hand the person when you actually go on a date. If you’re wondering what’s in it for the website owners, once a price is agreed you must pay with credits, about 5 – 10% of price of the date, in order to actually communicate with that person.

  7. Alexander Cassini says:

    Re payments. The concept and action of offering & and giving $ is exceedingly moral and is the right thing to do… it is not about nor does or should ever be re paying for sex… if that is what one is looking for, fine…I have no judgement re such things and have had ex girlfriends and at the time current girlfriends who were working girls… (my relationship with them never involved paying for sex as we were either lovers or good platonic friends)…
    however as one who was married for 22 years, and then divorced in the state of California… I
    can promise you that the morality involved with a marriage is infinitely more suspect… just go
    to divorce court and you will understand. The
    state treats marriage as a corporation… a
    marriage certificate is signed by the same state
    official who signs corporations into existence…
    I understand if one is husband or wife and has sacrificed career etc. to stay home and raise the children, if divorced they should be
    compensated as they provided the possibility
    for their mate to prosper and should participate
    in their success if that is the case. Then again
    in my case I was the bread winner, a very
    active father, and was more often than not also the mother, as my daughters mother, my now
    ex wife recently diagnosed with borderline
    personality disorder could not be bothered with
    such mundane activities as being a mother or contributing financially… her whole life was about pursuing a no longer existent acting career… yet despite my doing absolutely all the heavy lifting as a parent and breadwinner I have had to support her with alimony for the last 15 years… and the reason I stayed married so long was because my daughter confessed to me at 13 that she would kill herself if ever forced to live with her mother. The marriage was corrupt and the divorce was solely about my soon to be ex, lying and making never ending claims as to all the money I should give her… all her claims were denied, however the process nearly ruined me and there were no consequences for the proven perjury my ex committed, and was obligated to pay her attorney fees… (though significantly less than what they claimed, nonetheless it was an abomination) … in most countries in the world if it is proven that one has made false accusations, they will go to jail… but here in family court you can lie and falsely accuse all you want with out a single negative consequence. What I just described is an immoral corrupt relationship.., meeting or dating someone who would be happy with financially assistance is moral and honest… and should go both ways and not be a double standard, where only women are offered $, but depending on financials men should be offered $ as well if there is a an economic disparity in such a way. One last thing, granted the website is there to make money.. but though I am more than comfortable providing funds to whomever I have an attraction to, whether as friend or lover, am not comfortable giving anything to the website especially if a percentage of whatever is offered.

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