WhatsYourPrice Tutorial: How to Bid for First DatesⓇ
  • Posted Jun 18, 2019
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Are you ready to bid for your first date on WhatsYourPrice.com?

Bidding results in better first dates for all parties! Read on to learn more about the benefits and the steps to take to set up your first date.

On WhatsYourPrice, generous members won’t have to settle for endless swiping with little to no results. When you Bid for First Dates, you’re able to secure a date quickly and with Attractive members who might not have time or the incentive to consider your messages on other sites.

While Generous members on WhatsYourPrice benefit from an increased success rate up-front in securing a first date, Attractive members on WhatsYourPrice are able to ensure higher-caliber first date prospects that won’t play games. Because Generous members pay for credits to start the first date bidding process, attractive members are guaranteed high-quality, serious offers.

Bid for First Dates ®

1. Join WhatsYourPrice.com
Sign up and take advantage of the dating shortcut.

2. Purchase Credits* & Start a Conversation
*Did You Know: Initiating a first date conversation does not require payment from an Attractive member. Start the conversation and get the ball rolling.

3. Agree on a First Date Bid
Counter or accept your bid — open communication leads to great first dates!

4. Enjoy your exciting first date!

Are you ready to benefit from the advantages that come from first date bidding? Join the dating auction by signing up now!

17 Responses to “WhatsYourPrice Tutorial: How to Bid for First DatesⓇ”

  1. AlexJ says:

    Ladies, while you may be looking to augment your incomes or pay bills with your dating revenue, please remember that most guys bidding on dates are not looking to pay for a hooker, so adjust your expectations. If you routinely think that you’ll be able to extract $300 for a dinner date that your date will already be paying $200 for you to eat, then he will be expecting that you will be having sex with him that evening. Escorts will charge less than that for a girlfriend-experience and guarantee sex at the end of the night.

    I would suggest that you review your expectations, especially if you are actually looking to establish a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship. Start small and suggest realistic gifts for an on-going relationship.

    • Fer Esquivel says:

      Hello iam new here..
      When i make an offer is in dollars I dont understand which is the diference betwen the crédits or how it woks??… If the girl go with me at the date, I have to pay her?.. Or is trouhg App?.. Thanks

      • Bob says:

        You use credits to unlock a date with a woman on here. It is something like 10 credits base, 10 for a date between 10-99, 20 for a date between 100-199, etc. I don’t know the exact formula. Then when you meet the girl, you pay her the agreed amount. I give her 50% at the start and 50% at the end. Most girls will try and convince you to cashapp, venmo, or paypal them half or more of the fee before the date. IF you do, 99% will no show you on the date. Never pay the girl until you are physically with her.

  2. Jack Washer says:

    I agree with Alex. If you’re looking for a “discreet affair” then maybe the extra money is worth it, since you’re both playing the game. But I’m looking for dating and friends, so there’s no way that I’m paying $250 for a lunch date!! If ladies are seriously looking for “dating” and “friends” and “long-term”, then you shouldn’t be throwing out these crazy numbers for first dates! I’m willing to pay so you will feel comfortable taking your time to see how a first date goes, but if you’re asking for $100 or more for a coffee-date, then I think you’re going to have more trouble actually finding men willing to meet you.

  3. Vanitie says:

    Where is the money girl and how am I able to get off or out

  4. Vanitie says:

    How am I able to get the money After they pay

    • Bob says:

      You agree to a date at a price. When you meet the person at the agreed time and place, he should give you at least 50% of the money at the start. Some guys give 100%, but the girl usually says she has to go to the bathroom and then walks out.

  5. Kelly says:

    Well I feel guys should treat a lady nice on a first date. So its OK to pay for it.. I’m really tired of finding a good man. But if you are out there.. Feel free to text me 7026746331 . I live in Nevada

    • curt says:

      iuts fun to thihk of possibilites .. im in ak but am goinng to visit fam in reno , i know that the odds are greater there to meet someone else than in northpole. the odds are just not good when the men outnumber the women still 2.5 to 1. if i was to bet on my odd here you just avoid the dissapointment. id call you in a heartbeat if i was down south allready. prob fake numbers anyway

  6. Juanita Chenail Mickles says:

    I need someone who can help me pay for college and date me without having sex with me. I want a real relationship. Is that too much to ask for?

    • Guru says:

      Ok let me get this straight.. You want a guy that will take you out at his expense and buy you gifts, give you money, pay for your college, take you on sexless dates, and put up with your bullshit? I’ll Pass… Gold digger!

    • Bob says:

      Good luck Juanita. If you are in the top 1% is both beauty and personality, you may get some support, but I think most men are not into long term paid platonic friendships.

  7. Raymond Palmer says:

    Why is it taking so long to get approval can u please help sort it for me

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