WhatsYourPrice Tutorial: How to Bid for First DatesⓇ
  • Posted Jun 18, 2019
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Are you ready to bid for your first date on WhatsYourPrice.com?

Bidding results in better first dates for all parties! Read on to learn more about the benefits and the steps to take to set up your first date.

On WhatsYourPrice, generous members won’t have to settle for endless swiping with little to no results. When you Bid for First Dates, you’re able to secure a date quickly and with Attractive members who might not have time or the incentive to consider your messages on other sites.

While Generous members on WhatsYourPrice benefit from an increased success rate up-front in securing a first date, Attractive members on WhatsYourPrice are able to ensure higher-caliber first date prospects that won’t play games. Because Generous members pay for credits to start the first date bidding process, attractive members are guaranteed high-quality, serious offers.

Bid for First Dates ®

1. Join WhatsYourPrice.com
Sign up and take advantage of the dating shortcut.

2. Purchase Credits* & Start a Conversation
*Did You Know: Initiating a first date conversation does not require payment from an Attractive member. Start the conversation and get the ball rolling.

3. Agree on a First Date Bid
Counter or accept your bid — open communication leads to great first dates!

4. Enjoy your exciting first date!

Are you ready to benefit from the advantages that come from first date bidding? Join the dating auction by signing up now!

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