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  • Posted May 12, 2011
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As you visit the blog today, you will notice something different. Yes, there is a new banner on the right side of the WhatsYourPrice.com blog, with a real quote from one of our members who wrote to us on our Facebook page:

“I’ve come to realize men seem to put more value on and have more respect for the things they have to pay a lot of money for … nice cars, the latest golf clubs, expensive watches …… It’s nice to finally find a site where we know men value the effort we make and will reward us for doing so!”



The quote appears to have captured what I feel is happening to most of us in this “take it for granted” world we live in today.  We seem to only treasure something when we have worked extremely hard for it, or have paid an extremely high price to obtain it.  And when it comes to human relationships, this bit of wisdom holds true with great impact. I have certainly taken a lot of things for granted early on in my life.  I also have my share of regrets from the numerous failed relationships where I had taken the other party for granted.

While I am extremely encouraged by such user feedback which helps rationalize why WhatsYourPrice.com is a good dating model in so many ways, I am equally concerned by some negative experiences members have been reporting to us.  An example came from a female member who was ready to give up last week when she encountered a man who did not seem to understand the part of our website etiquette which says “you can’t expect sex on the first date”.

Another example is a generous member who was upset a female member had agreed to a $40 date, but after paying to unlock the conversation with her, she unkindly told him in email she was really expecting $200, even though she had accepted a $40 date!  Yet, we have also heard from attractive members about their awkward experiences with generous members who didn’t pay without having to be asked.

To reduce such confusion and incidents, perhaps it’s time to lay down a few WhatsYourPrice “Dating Etiquette” or ground rules:

(1)  Do Not expect Sex on the First Date

Despite what the press or media may claim, remember, this is not a website for Escorts.  So when you are making or accepting an offer, you cannot expect sex on the first date!  To accept an offer, and then to write asking if you will be having “dessert” afterwards is not only crude and rude, but it will most likely not get you laid.  Rather you may be blocked by the other user, or even worse reported for violating the code of conduct.

Tip: Remember to look closely at a user’s profile.  If a member does not state that s/he is interested in a “Casual / Intimate Encounter” or “Discreet Affair”, it is safe to assume you will not get laid on the first date!  Even if a member does state s/he is interested in a “Casual / Intimate Encounter” or “Discreet Affair”, it is still a bad idea to assume you will get laid even if there is chemistry.

If you are unfamiliar with the art of seduction, perhaps it is time for you to buy a book and learn the art.  The trick to making a woman really want you isn’t for you to be pushy.  Instead, make her interested in you, and let her lead with her body language.  If you learn the game well, you will soon realize you don’t have to “expect” sex, rather sex will “expect” you.

(2)  Pay without having to be asked

This one is for the Generous members.  If you are uncomfortable with being generous, then you should not use WhatsYourPrice.com. Remember, how you handle money is going to say a lot about who you are and how confident you are.  If you hand over the money immediately when you meet your attractive date, chances are s/he will feel grateful for your grace, and for the fact you didn’t make him or her ask.  It shows you are a cut above the rest.

The initial dating process is very superficial, so it is better to do away with the superficial money exchange up front before the other person gets to know you better.  Exchanging money after you have a deeper and more meaningful connection with that person is not only awkward, but it will likely reflect negatively on you.

Tip:  If you want to impress your date even more, don’t just hand over the money.  Try handing the money in a creative way, e.g., in a nice envelop, or accompanied by some flowers, a card or a teddy bear.

(3)  Honor your agreement

Once you have agreed on the amount (or price) for the date.  Don’t wiggle yourself out of it by asking for less or more afterwards.  There is no class in agreeing to something, then backing out of it.  While the media may ridicule the moral judgement of those who use WhatsYourPrice, I happen to think WhatsYourPrice users are usually a cut above the average Joe or Jane.  As members of this community, we begin each relationship with an agreement which we must honor.

If you believe all relationships are based on trust, then the WhatsYourPrice.com process starts with trusting that once a price is agreed to, it is kept.  So, if you agree to a date, be sure to show up and be sure you don’t change your price.

(4)  Be honest in your profile and in person

The final, and I believe the most important code of conduct is to be honest.  Be honest with yourself about who you are and what you are looking for.  Reflect your honesty in your profile by uploading a real and current picture of yourself, and by filling out information accurately.  Don’t claim you are single if you are in fact married.  Don’t say you are looking for long term commitment when all you want is to get laid.  By being honest, you will end up attracting only the people who are interested in you and vice versa.  This will help you save a lot of time and money, and potentially avoid a lot of unnecessary drama down the road.

I will end this blog post with a quote and video clip from Dr. Darcy Smith, a licensed Psychologist from New York City: “One of the new elements introduced by WhatsYourPrice.com is honesty”.

Dr. Darcy Smith on WhatsYourPrice.com

Are there any other WhatsYourPrice “Dating Etiquette” you would suggest?

What are some of the positive and negative experiences you have had on the site?

144 Responses to “WhatsYourPrice: Dating Etiquette”

  1. queen says:

    Love this !!!!

  2. Anonymous1 says:

    What I want to know most is…if the two parties get along, and hit it off…what happens for a second date?

    Will the women on here expect to be paid for each and every time they go out? Or, is payment only for the introduction?

    Obviously, there are different levels of “hitting it off”…but, I’m curious at the women’s response to this.

    If you have a good time on the date, and are interested in getting to know the guy…are you going to ask for money again? if you’re not going to ask, would you expect it again? the same amount? something different?

    • Diana G. says:

      I feel it depends on the type of relationship both parties are looking for. If it’s a mutually beneficial relationship then I would assume it would continue.

      Also how many people “hit it off” on dates with or without money involved? I think it all depends on how honest the person is about their expectations and how they relay this information.

      I’m getting annoyed with people contacting me that are not looking for the same things I am. If what we are looking for doesn’t match then why send an offer?

    • Blue says:

      I’m totally confused by the continuing statements I see men making on the blog. To me it’s “get paid to date guaranteed” that’s it. Many men are quite happy with that and so am I.

      I’m going to a party with someone tomorrow for $300. I am not disillusioned to the fact that he is a player. It’s obvious so assuming we “hit it off” means he is still going to pay every single time we go out. If in the future we fool around I’m sorry but that is not going to change. He has potential to be a sugar daddie he’s not husband material.

      If someone looks like he could potentially be my husband of course not then but that takes time and by then I’m sure he will be financially supportive and generous anyways. no?

      • Anonymous1 says:

        I don’t think its exactly “get paid to date”.
        When you reach out to someone, you are proposing how much you’d pay for a “first date”, and to me, that is basically an introduction.
        Its my feeling the ladies are being paid to meet the guy, and go out on a date, and then you can decide if you’d like the relationship to continue, and at what level.
        What attracted me to this site initially was the idea that you could potentially find something more “real”, and that the up front “first date” meeting was to reduce the risk on the part of the female, and make it “worth her while” to meet initially.
        If I have to bring a couple hundred cash in an envelope every time I meet someone I’m looking to have a relationship/friendship with…how superficial is that? Where do you draw the line between being someone’s friend and someone’s “job”?

        Of course, if you’re both looking for a mutually beneficial relationship, then the consistent pay makes sense. But, I thought there was another website for that – seekingarrangement.com.

        I’m a busy professional, and I liked the idea of this site because I’m willing to pay for an introduction/first date to someone I found attractive. I just don’t have the time for the constant emailing and courting from traditional sites. But, if this one is just a different spin on a “mutually beneficial” relationship site, then I’m not quite as interested.

        • Blue says:

          The site’s name is pretty self-explanatory. I have a price and I expect the men here to honor that.

          I read the homepage again just to be clear.
          The Generous are guaranteed LOTS of beautiful women.
          The Attractive guaranteed to make money.

          I know I want to make money. I’m not going to sugar coat it and I don’t want to spend more time on SA weeding out those who want free dates. That’s why I came to this site so I would meet generous men. That’s it. That may be superficial to you but I’m okay with it.

          When I get an email from a guy I assume that he understands this dynamic. I shouldn’t have to explain it to him. He came to the site to meet and spend time with LOTS of beautiful women and I am okay with that for a price.

          I prefer to date men I know in person than online. So maybe this is a mans opportunity to change my mind but that is down the road a bit for me. I’m just as likely to meet my future husband at the park or at a class. This is for making my life better financially.

          I was going on dates on Seeking Arrangement and some guys pretend I was free arm candy and use our date as a window of opportunity to hook up having no intentions of bringing an arrangement to the table.

          Of course we are welcome to use the site any way we like, but I think when you take out the pay-to-date component, you should be up front with your date, from the first email what you are really looking for is a relationship so you can meet like minded individuals.

        • Anonymous1 says:

          None of this is meant as an attack on you personally. As you wrote, we are welcome to use the site any way we like.

          However, this is some disconnect here. You wrote that you went back and read the home page over again to confirm your beliefs, while I just had to look at the “winks” I receive that clearly state…”XYZ” wants to know what’s your price for a FIRST date…and, not how much I’m willing to pay for EVERY date.

          Is this intended to be “pay-to-date”? or “pay for the first date” (or for the introduction/opportunity to impress someone you find attractive)?

          I perfectly understand your stance on this. I was also trying to get a survey of others on this site as to their understanding and intended use. Unfortunately, there have been few responses.

          As you know, when you create your profile here, there IS a portion where you include the types of relationships you’re interested in…and, one of those is “long term/marriage”. I’m not even trying to insinuate that this is what I’m looking for. I was trying to explain that I’m looking for something more “real”.

          I find it facinating that many profiles I’ve read include casual encounters, mutual beneficial relationships, AND long term relationships ALL in the same profile. I guess these women will make up their mind depending upon who’s asking.

          If you’re content with using this as a “for profit” venture only with no intention of making a true connection with someone, that is certainly your right, and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours. I mean that sincerely. I completely get where your coming from.

          Do any other females have an opinion on this?

        • Blue says:

          Oh God no Anonymous1 I didn’t think you were attacking me at all! :-) That was meant just to clarify. LOL I feel like I’ve been hogging the board with long posts sorry if I seemed short at all.

          Like I said anyone is welcome to use the site but I’ve lived all over the country and been doing the sugar dating thing for many years. I’ve just personally never met anyone from the Sugar Bowl willing to go that route without the Sugar and they all have one major complaint, men who waste our time and don’t intend on providing Sugar.

          That’s my personal survey anyways! LOL Just look at all the comments here from women so far. Only one was not interested in the money aspect. But when women want money they won’t tell the guys this because they feel judged and don’t want to hurt anyones feelings. Just look at the post from Michelle below. She sat with the guy for 2 whole hours listening to him talk about himself without once asking for any money hoping all the time that he would offer even though that was laid out on the site prior. He on the other hand thought it was a great date probably because she never asked for money and he got to talk about himself. He definitely got the wrong impression, and probably will be a little upset with the next woman who actually expects the payment due! This is a little scary for us to deal with at times. We never know if someone is going to flip out or accuse us of something that was upfront in the beginning! This is what I see over and over again.

          While you may argue “first date” that’s fine and absolutely right. You hit the nail on the head there, but maybe that’s all I want then is just those first dates and that is something that maybe should be discussed before meeting so as not to disappoint either party.

          The problem is no matter what we say in our profile, what settings we put up we are confronted with two things, men who don’t read profiles and leave us asking all the questions and men who get offended if we ask about money. Now this site was supposed to eliminate that but it seems we have another hurdle because men such as yourself see this as a pay for first date thing and then you have women wondering how to approach the issue of setting up the next date and not getting paid?

          Many really good potential Sugar Daddies don’t want to be reminded of that, they want us to automatically trust them or it ruins the experience so we are left fretting in every email as we proceed with our dates what does he want? Why did he contact me? Almost all men click the option they are open to more than just Sugar Dating because A. They don’t want to hurt our feelings and want to appear sensitive & B. Who doesn’t want a freebie? It’s like men on regular dating sites almost will never say they don’t want marriage or kids. They will always check the box that at least says they will think about it. So how are we too know who is who here unless it’s all laid out on the table. This also increases my prices because I waste so much time weeding people out. Personally while I think you are sincere, I have my doubts about most men who come to a What’s Your Price site and then are surprised that the women want money. A lot of men do know better and are just spamming all of our inboxes as an alternative to the bar scene. Some want to collect photos from us for various reasons and others just want to dangle the carrot and watch women beg. Really. Maybe you have no idea what we have thrown at us sometimes. It’s a mixed bag. Luckily I have only gotten one penis pic.

          Anyways, hope that helps. Maybe some other women can chime in.

        • Donatella says:

          My experience on SA has been much the same. There are too many men on there seeking free arm candy, casual sex, or extramarital affairs. They don’t seem to get what Seeking Arrangement means, or they pretend they don’t know. You can check boxes on other sites that say you want a sugar daddy, but most of the guys just don’t seem to get it.

          I am stunned at how many men want me to drive 90+ miles out of state for a booty call. And on SA, there are too many men using it as a regular dating site. It’s just not what I want, and it’s too awkward to bring up the subject sometimes.

          This site makes it clearer to potential dates what I’m seeking. The offer system also makes it easier to make it clear up front that I want an arrangement and makes it easier to discuss that with him. This site takes out a lot of guesswork and makes it easier to find a real sugar daddy/arrangement without all the wasted time.

        • Anonymous1 says:

          so, is this really only what the ladies feel is an improvement on seekingarrangement.com?

          just because the dollar value for the first date is put up front?
          (just noticed on the video on the main page they say something like, “what happens after the first date is up to you”)

          I was honestly hoping that after the first date…that if the two sides hit it off, or found mutual interest…they could continue dating without the money aspect hanging over the potential relationship.

          Its not that I’m not generous. It is just so much more enjoyable when gifts (cash or otherwise) are more spontaneous and kind hearted than purely transactional.

          Call me a romantic.

        • Blue says:

          Anonymous 1

          For whatever reason my comment got moderated out but I wanted to say I didn’t think you were attacking me at all! That was meant just to clarify. Sorry if it came across that way. :-)

        • S. Babe. says:

          My intent in using WYP is to find an arrangement. That is clearly stated in my profile and the only box I have checked is the sugardaddy box. :) I’m very clear about what I want. I believe WYP is the best venue because it shows the gentleman that my time is valuable and it also allows him to get comfortable with the thought of am exchange of money for time with a gorgeous woman.

        • OK… I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I thought I would point out… If you go back to the first blog, where everyone was talking about an acceptable first bid… there are quite a few comments by and about the different types of women you’ll find on this site. I’m sure a lot of us are here for that purpose, (with a name like “What’s Your Price, it’s kind of expected I would think. lol). A lot of women that are here want to just meet a good man.(one with a job, reliable transportation, who sticks by his word, and maybe spoils her a bit.) I think it really depends on the person.

  3. madison griffen says:


    thanks you so much for posting this. i hope many read this, especially the men. perhaps, they should be snet an note from WYP dating guru as a reminder. ;)

    thanks so much for taking action and in such a nonconfrontational way.


    p.s. if you ever need a consultant to help improve the site and wuality of memebers and amount of members, i am available (for a consulting fee of course).

  4. Blue says:

    And yes thank you so much for posting this etiquette page and great way to explain the getting the money upfront thing. I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s a delicate situation and always easier giving money up front and out of the way before you get too chummy later it just turns to sour grapes…unless you are feeling generous and additional tip feels awesome!

  5. Olivia says:

    I have had several requests to meet for a “pre-date.” This meaning, of course, that no money is exchanged and we meet for a coffee at Starbucks.

    How on earth are you supposed to bow out gracefully without antagonizing your date?

    Also, I have a page full of dates that don’t reply to messages after accepting offers.

    Any suggestions on either situation?


    • Blue says:

      These guys, always trying to get something for free.

      Well I think the point of being on here is to get paid for that date…even if it’s at a Starbucks. On other sites I “pre-date” at Starbucks because I got tired of being free arm candy/companion for guys who had no intention of providing for an arrangement.

      To answer your question, just say no, in order to see you they must meet your price.

      As far as the other ones who reply but end up going nowhere, don’t take it seriously, I think a lot of guys are just playing around. Like queen says, they could be anybody just curious about how the site works. I’m sure all of us have the same percentage of picture collectors, phone number collectors, weirdos and press. That’s why I refuse to give out pix or my number. Ever! …I weed out a ton of people but I can’t remember meeting a bad guy to date.

  6. queen says:

    yes, I have lots and lots of pages of offers and then the guy never moves forward on them. Wish those games would stop !

    • ReasonablePriceOffer says:

      I have seven girls that have accepted 200 offers from me, but when I make contact, all of a sudden the girl isn’t the one moving forward. I don’t understand that at all.

      • Blue says:

        I don’t get it either except that there are a lot of flakes on both sides and it makes people give up too quickly. What did you say to them? Sometimes perception has a lot to do with things. I certainly wouldn’t take it personally.

        • ReasonablePriceOffer says:

          I don’t take it personally at all. Its their loss is how I see it. When I see that a date is accepted, then I immediately write to the girl to let her know I intend to honor my commitment, and that I would like to meet her asap. Then I leave an email address for her so she can get more pictures. I keep it very simple. So far I have had two WYP dates, and would like to see one of them again on occasion.

        • Blue says:

          I have a question for you, maybe you can help me. I get guys all the time who get into this one liner conversation and I don’t have time to write sentence by sentence? Do you know why they do this?

          I write just about everyone back that contacts me. I address them by name, write a couple sentences, and sign it. I get one line back, over and over. Who has time for this especially if you are writing to 20 people? They use email like it’s texting. I find it such a turn off.

          Recently I received something from someone without a pic that I was interested in. He sent me his pic and that’s it. He made no effort to make plans, say hi, nothing.

          Maybe he could make a great SD but I don’t even feel like writing him back. I just feel like saying, So? and leaving it at that but I’m biting my tongue and being nice. Any suggestions?

  7. queen says:

    Also, I get the feeling some of the posts on here are just angry people trying to stir the pot . For all we know it could be some teen pranking us for enjoyment by saying things that are just off the wall. Or could be reporters or police officers seeing what we have to say.

  8. Olivia says:


    I totally get your frustration. I don’t understand why anyone would lay down an offer if there was no intent to follow through. I’m not really bothered but I wish there were an option to delete the offers that don’t pan out.

  9. queen says:

    So i’m watching Dr drew and they say females like “foreplay” and foreplay means going out to dinner and talking ! Conversation and going out is key to a female getting turned on. Not what you would think is it?

  10. Diana G. says:

    Aren’t the generous charged a fee when the offer is accepted?

    • Spanku says:

      Yes the men are charged a fee depending on the price and that is why it gets so frustrating all these women asking high amounts only to find out in messages you are not comparable or they just don’t get in touch I would prefer those who send me a low offer so we can then decide on the appropriate fee

  11. queen says:

    No Diana, only when they want to email does it charge them, so they can just for fun make a million offers !

  12. pipqueen says:

    haha yea dont you just love it when you get offers from guys in 3rd world countries earning in a year what you do in a day. like what are they going to do, go bankrupt to fly around the world for a coffee date and fly home again. tossers….

  13. michelle says:

    What is the “bestiquette” way to ask for the money? Just say “can we take care of business before pleasure”? The self-centered cynical guy I met tonigh didn’t even mention the money and I didn’t ask (oops) so I didn’t get paid. A 2 hour learning experience. I accepted a low offer of $50 from a guy to be considerate because he lives in CT and I in NY. He changed plans for weeks. Then he called me impromptu tonight. I accepted. Money never came up once. He talked for 2 hours straight and wasn’t interested in me one bit. No wonder he couldn’t stop saying what a nice time he was having. I finally found a reason to end it.

    • Blue says:

      I’m sorry to hear you had to put up with all that. That’s why it’s best to get the money out of the way first. Like Brandon said, while you still don’t know each other and it becomes more awkward.

      I won’t sit down or get comfortable until that’s out of the way. You just never know who you are dealing with. One thing you might want to try is setting up a place to accept it discreetly prior to meeting. Like say you are going for dinner and you know of semi-private spot in the restaurant, you can say for instance “Let’s meet in the corner along side the coat check or another out of the way space so we can take care of business without making it so obvious.” Have the exact spot chosen ahead of time even if you don’t know where the coat check is but know that that’s his cue when you two get to the corner, the coat check or the foyer or wherever. That way he knows it’s up front and prior and you two won’t feel so awkward about it. Many men will not think of these things so you will have too for them. Many guys are amazing and make it very smooth. I love them the best! I never forget that they gave me something, even if it’s small, when it’s handled so well it always seems a little more special.

      When you two meet that particular spot you agreed upon, he should offer. I always smile and say thank you and if I feel comfortable with him maybe a peck on the cheek. If he doesn’t offer don’t move if he tries to shuffle you towards your table say “Ok, what about taking care of that now before we go.” That’s not a question. That’s a statement. Plant your feet on the ground imagine growing roots through the floor to the center of the earth if you have too. A good guy will understand.( If he doesn’t get the hell out of there asap.) He will get the message and you will either get your money or you know you have to get some space and leave from the guy. Forget about dinner at that point just go home. It’s not worth your time. If he gives you the money. Count it. In front of him. He will know not to try to pull a fast one on you next time either. Think of all the scams on Craigslist once you count it you will relax and begin to have some fun. If you don’t count it, it’s going to bug you! LOL Go count it in the bathroom if you have too. It’s amazing how much more faith I have in humanity after receiving a gift from a nice guy for a date. The world seems brighter.

      Hope you have better control of the situation next time.

  14. Olivia says:

    Michelle, I think you and I are similar – it feels so tacky to ask for money. I think that the next date I go on, I will tell him to read the etiquette page before we go out LOLZ :P

  15. queen says:

    That is Horrible Michelle !

  16. queen says:

    99 percent of the time the man will give me the money right away. Only once did I have to ask right before we parted ways. He was a 35 year old and I bet he thought sex was on the menu. The guys will give you the money if asked but if you let them drive off they sure will not !

  17. queen says:

    Also, I would be willing to bet …a guy will not offer payment if he thinks you look nothing like your photos.

    • Blue says:

      Then he should not hang out for the date!!

      • queen says:

        I had one guy tell me on another date I was not even worth the meal he bought me. lol ! Of course he says this in text mail afterwards. OMG seriously dude?

        • Diana G. says:

          Ok this guy sounds seriously bitter. Let’s just be glad that he didn’t get a second date. He apparently was looking for much more on a first date and since he didn’t get it he turned sour.

      • Anonymous1 says:

        are you implying the man just get up and leave the date alone at the restaurant?

        not going to happen.

        I have met women who made me wonder if they were the same as the person in the photograph, or whether their photographs were dated.

        However, I am a GENTLEMAN, and as such, would give the date the benefit of the doubt and try to get to know her regardless.

        These occasions were not from this site, with the guaranteed cash aspect. In this case, if the date itself also went poorly, I’m not sure how I would handle the situation.

  18. BlackCandyUK says:

    This is a genuine concern:

    Are there any guys in the UK?

    I seem to only be getting approached by 20 something year olds who don’t seem to get what the site is about.

    Would realllly love to meet a genuine generous daddy in the UK.

  19. Mantreus says:


    That’s particularly lame. There’s no question what this site is about, so there’s no question about paying for the date. I’m a generous guy by the way.

    My advice is the same as blues, just ask for it. It’s not something to be embarrassed about at all. I stick it in a thank you card, with something “witty” (I hope! ;)) written on it based on our previous conversations on line. If the online conversations aren’t going anywhere, I generally let them know I’m not interested after all. Then we’re not wasting each others time.

    I’m of the opinion that you can work out future arrangements as part of the first date. Sugar Daddy can mean any number of things to me. For example, I might help out with rent, or pay the electricity bill or whatever. If I’m paying girls for their time every date, then I’m going to hire an escort.

    Also, being a Sugar Baby isn’t about arm candy at all, at least not to me. In my mind, mutually beneficial can mean that I have the means to provide a good time, and take her to places she might not ordinarily be able to go, as well as help out financially where I can. I need to have something in common with her, otherwise I would be bored stupid.

    It also doesn’t mean sex. I have no expectations from my dates on here that I get to see them naked till we at least get to know each other and understand what sort of relationship we’re forming.

    Actually, I’d be interested to know if my behaviour is what most attractive girls on here expect? Am I doing it right?! :)

  20. Blue says:

    Anonymous 1
    For whatever reason my comment got moderated out but I wanted to say I didn’t think you were attacking me at all! That was meant just to clarify. Sorry if it came across that way. ;-)

  21. Vincent says:

    What if I want to offer less than a dollar? 99 cents for example. Don’t want to sound mean but I want to be able to offer what a date is really worth.

  22. queen says:

    yea Vincent but I bet if ladies make an offer on you the price would be all crazy high ! You know its true ! Or if someone was making on offer on your momma you would be wanting her to get paid !!!!! Your momma worth 99 cent ?

    • MsCyn says:


      I consider the offer I get as a reflection of the person who’s going out with me. If they’re serious, they’ll offer a lot, or plan a spectacular date. If they’re a joke, they’ll offer a “joke” and get a “rejection” in return.

  23. Meh says:

    I have read to a (nearly ridiculous degree) on virtually every other “dating” website attractive women (within their profiles) are looking for an intelligent, funny, successful man (of course I am writing strictly from the perspective of a man).

    Inasmuch as attempting to be successful in the social/dating arena it is very difficult if you fall outside of the normal spectrum of society… it can be little things such as being very tall, unusually short in stature, eclectic looks – including tattoos, interesting facial hair, or piercings. However, some of us have bigger things to overcome.

    Being that most people judge nearly instantaneously on what they see rather than the substance of whom someone is such as the interesting person, the beautiful mind, the spectacular talent, or the occasional person marching to the beat of their own drummer I feel as though we have been blinded.

    The particular ballast stone around my neck happens to be autism. Admittedly, I’m extraordinarily high functioning, however, someone who is high functioning within the autistic spectrum of disorders sticks out remarkably when standing squarely within the majority of un-afflicted people.

    This particular website (in my opinion) levels the playing field by allowing me to overcome traditional objections by honestly offering someone something of value in order for them to step outside their comfort zone long enough to find out if I am, in fact, more than I appear to be initially. For someone who misses social cues, is paralyzed with touch defensiveness, and finds it difficult to function in unfamiliar, and often times loud venues this is a way to design a situation wherein I can manage expectations, and mitigate risks for the other person by offering them something that comes fairly easy to me… money. Without an introduction – I would likely not easily date ever again. For just a few hundred dollars I can put to the test those whom would have me believe that they are looking for an honest, funny, intelligent, and successful man. What do I have to lose? I get so frustrated that this issue of paying for someone’s company is puritanically blown out of bounds and made to seem grotesque…

    Incidentally, despite the posts I have read above – I do not think anyone appreciates being vilified in a blanket indictment than men are always trying to get something for free. I am fine with a SD/SB relationship just so long as we both understand what that means – furthermore, that will likely mean something more polished than an envelope at the onset of each successive date. The alternative seems slightly trashy and a little devoid of couth beyond the opening meeting…

    • Anonymous1 says:

      That was well written, and covered many of my points earlier exactly.

      It was also my understanding that the men are paying for the “introduction”. I also “am fine with a SD/SB relationship just so long as we both understand what that means”, but I am also interested in forming a connection with someone that goes beyond something so “transactional”.

      Someone who demands “an envelope” before each and every successive date becomes my employee. For the ladies, this may be fine, particularly if they have no interest in getting anything out of this other than a paycheck. They can continue to move on from man to man, grabbing their envelopes, sitting through boring dinners, and laughing all the way to the bank. Good for them. Something as superficial is not what I’m personally looking for. You won’t see me engaged in that kind of practice, but I am willing to pay for the introduction to someone I find attractive.

    • Anonymous1 says:

      I also wish you the best of luck.

    • Blue says:

      One of my SDs is autistic. It works nicely, we’ve never been anything other than platonic but I’m his only friend, he has a date for biz parties, he introduces me as his girlfriend and he helps me out since he’s got family money it’s no loss to him at all and we’ve become great friends over the years! In this world of Twitter FB and texting, no one I know like long emails anymore like I do so we go back and forth with long emails for years! It’s fun.

      When I said men always want something for free, I just meant it’s something for us to watch out for because we constantly and consistently have to deal with guys who do on this site. My comment was pertaining to online dating on sites meant for women who want to make money and not all men.

      Saying anything else is trashy or uncouth is passing judgement and as a Sugar babe I came here to What’s Your Price to get away from that, on the regular dating sites and find like minded people.

      Regardless of what you think it is, many men do not want a woman who calls, or get emotional attached to them. Many men are emotionally not prepared for a relationship admittedly so. Maybe they want a friend, they want consistency with someone they trust that enjoys their company and similar activities but they do not want it to have much meaning other than that. They pay for the luxury of having many girlfriends, and not being hassled. Some men want several women on a date at once. That’s what I see. They come here because they want to be players and not get judged. The problem is when they want this but don’t want to pay.

      The site contains all types of people here all looking for different things. As long as everyone is upfront about it from the beginning, plays by the rules here and does not judge the other one I see no problem with anyone here.

      • Meh says:


        Let me be clear – I was writing in the first person narrative. As such, I was expressing my feeling that a SD/SB relationship (to me) would seem (and I used the descriptor ‘likely’ as in ‘probable’ (or) ‘apt’), to be trashy or devoid of couth if, at the onset of each successive date ‘I’ were to pay upfront (envelope-or-otherwise). This is neither an attack on your expectations, nor is it indicative of any other arrangement one would make on a site like this…

        I was rather voicing a preference respecting your function inasmuch as the expectation on this site is specifically concerned for you. At the same time; I was briefly suggesting (for me) the prospect that in a long term SD/SB relationship I would hope to move past the transaction, and transport into a more comfortable rhythm of gifts, travel, perhaps an auto (or) help with a nicer place to live – maybe even an allowance. Several colleagues of mine have made arrangements like this, and they last for years until which time the need to move on prevails upon either (or) both and the arrangement grows into something more permanent, or withers on the vine.

        I selected my words carefully and did not pass any judgment on your lifestyle. I am not only willing to, but rather enjoy the notion that there are more black-and-white minded ladies on this site looking for an ‘all business’ companionship that could turn into more of a utility of lovely convenience and less of an awkward association of unrequited feelings…

        I feel as though Anonymous1 has been writing, without much avail, a question over-and-over hoping for a complete response. I am going to be so tactless as to ask in another way (on his behalf) what I read in his question: “What percentage of the ladies on this site (specifically reading this blog) are looking to have a date wherein you (the ladies) receive compensation for being uncommonly lovely, with no intention of looking to a future in so far as a non-paid, romantic possibility – as opposed to ladies that are hoping to have a: ‘Please, don’t waste my time and be a real possibility first date — where if it does become a disaster, at least I got my ridiculously expensive gas and a new outfit paid for during the same.” arrangement.

        I think Anonymous1 has real concerns and he is unequivocally right where 95% (or more) of the profiles I have observed (over 1800) read as though any possibility is a possibility. It is the culpability of the attractive (whomever they may be) to outline what they want, from whom they would like to have it, and the boundaries under which they expect to be engaged. I should hope they make an attempt at tact inasmuch as not trying to be ‘brutal’ in their honesty, and clear in a respectful way about the forthcoming offers. Money is harder to come by than good looks (in my opinion); I am not writing about being in shape, or dressing well – I am writing about the generosity of genetic gifts that determine a lady (or) man are imperially attractive in a conventional way. Most have nothing more to do with their outward attractiveness, as one would have if they happen to be tall… Grace is not learned and it is valued; kindness is a choice that enhances even the most attractive.

        • Anonymous1 says:

          Thanks Meh for trying to further clarify my thoughts and concerns.
          Still, the answers are few and far between.

          This becomes an issue particularly when you can’t openly communicate with the member of the opposite sex to find out their interest, without an initial investment.

          This is why I am asking in this open forum.

          I have been experimenting with the site for the last few days. I guess it may be time to go ahead and purchase some credits so I can at least open dialougue with a couple of women who currently have my interest.

        • Blue says:

          Hi Meh,

          I completely realize you were speaking for yourself. There is nothing trashy or uncouth about it. I doesn’t matter how you mince words it’s still making a judgement and a negative one at that, even when you regard it as your own. I came here to get away from that way of thinking. In many places around the world, what we do is highly regarded as a traditional value of the elite, it’s a status symbol. It’s a beautifully executed service to provide companionship for celebrities and world class men and women of financial means.

          I was trying to help Anon 1 the best I could by treating his questions as real concerns and providing as much information as I could from many years of experience. All I can do is speak for myself and hope that helps him and wish him well on his journey.

          Yes it’s a chance and a lot of chances to make a breakthrough with beautiful women. But don’t fool yourself that you meet you can pay for one date and she’s going to fall head over heels. If you look at my previous posts, many of my SD’s have become like family to me over time. It took a long time for me to warm up to them. I have high standards in personal relationships and sometimes the money makes people think they can skip personal milestones in getting to know me by buying their way in. If they are kind, polite and generous have good intentions I can overlook a lot of things and move forward but money does not buy rights to trample on others.

          I think the best thing to do is look at the home page, watch the videos and decided for yourself what you want to do.

          Many blessings to you Meh!

        • Meh says:


          Thank you for the well wishes – however; I am not sure you are responding to me at all… I am not mincing words, that would denote that I were being less than transparent (or) illusive in my prose that would cause confusion. I am convinced that my meaning was not at all confused. Self-judgment is never negative unless I was feeling negatively about what I wrote about myself and how I feel. If you happen to take what I wrote personally, you might have affect, but what I wrote was not at all about you (or) how you feel.

          At no time did I write about feeling like I would pay-once-and-find-love… If I were suggesting that I would be a fool not only on this site, but also in general (with regard to any relationship site). I do not think Anonymous1 was suggesting that either. Indecently, I do not feel as though I am in any way a fool.

          I am not sure where I suggested that I wished to ‘trample’ on a person, or skip personal relationship development – quite the contrary upon rereading. In fact, I might suggest again, that you may not have read either of my posts – but perhaps perused the posts looking for phrasing to espouse upon a feeling that might resonate with you. It feels like the conversational equivalent of not listening to a person, but rather using the intervening time to think of what you might say next… I am also equally confident that celebrities and the world elite are not cruising this site to find the sort of companionship about which you seem to be writing. That is a judgment about this site and it MAY be taken negatively, about that I am unaffected. I feel as though this site was created for a slightly more pedestrian crowd inasmuch as non-celebrities, and marginally well-off-to-solidly-rich clientele. I know super wealthy people and I am positive that this is NOT their cup of tea…

          I am sincere when I write that I hope the best for you on this endeavor/business. I am an exceptional businessperson who has done well enough to get here and not much farther; I never appreciate being treated shabbily no matter how attractive a person might be — also being autistic does not make one hideous looking, just different in a way that may make traditionally accepted ways of meeting difficult…

          …I do regret posting to this thread – sadly, I do not see the site the same way as I did.

        • Blue says:


          I am sorry you feel that way. We are probably misunderstanding each other a great deal.

          I wasn’t talking about you trampling on anyone. I was explaining what I avoid when Sugar dating.

          If this is anything like the the other Sugar dating sites I’ve been on, then it too will have celebrities. NY’er celebs, Vegas celebs, bank owners, casino owners, people on the cover of magazines…I’ve met them all, been to their homes, seen their websites, hang out with their families and colleagues, I don’t see why this site would be any different. It even has a celebrity option.

          All the best to you Meh

    • Donatella says:

      Meh: I’m a high functioning autistic sugar baby. Men are often quick to judge me on my looks alone and never figure out that I am HFA; if anything they think I’m quirky, or they say they find my blunt honesty refreshing. I bet if I came out & said on my profile I was HFA/Aspergers I wouldn’t get half as many offers. A site like this helps to clarify the rules and boundaries for a first date for me, as well as to negotiate the rules for the rest of the relationship, should we choose to continue it. The money is a cherry on top, but it’s also an indication to me that a man is serious about wanting to spend time with me, because he’s paid for it. It’s just overall helpful providing clarity in a world where all the subtle signs and innuendo can easily be missed by people like us. I wish I could find your profile & make you a date offer; I’d love to chat with you about your experiences.

      • Meh says:


        Sadly, we are not using our real usernames — or I think it might be possible. Given the sort of threads on here I am not sure whether it would be a good idea identifying myself and opening myself up to possible negative attention…

        Perhaps we can find a way.

        • Donatella says:

          Meh, I collect fashion dolls. Perhaps if you can use the advanced keyword search feature you could find me that way.

  24. Amidon says:

    What is the appropriate way for traveling? Does the girl cover the expense or the date? I don’t want to be inappropriate or think wrong. Thank you for any help.

    • MsCyn says:

      Agreed with Danni.

      I normally give the ‘generous’ party the option of purchasing my ticket and hotel room, but they must place both in my name and the reservations must be verifiable.

      Depending on the location I’m going to, I might also request that the return be “open ended.”

      With that said, I also specify that I’m open to flying on freq. flyer miles, buddy passes, etc.

  25. Danni says:

    No, the generous member should cover ALL expenses. If you are a female, I don’t recommend traveling to him on the first date, unless he’s wiring you money ahead of time and that will cover all your expenses, including your OWN hotel room, and round trip so you can make it back home in one piece. A true gentleman will offer to meet you in your city. It’s safer for you and your safety comes first.

    • Amidon says:

      Thank you so much for the response. How did you find out if they were coming to you? Did you ask or put it on your profile? Sorry for the questions.

      • Danni says:

        When the date gets accepted and they write me, I act like I assume that they would come to me. No one has yet, though. I have to say, I’m not impressed with the selection of gentlemen on here. And yes, I’m using that word generously.

  26. Danni says:

    I went on my first WYP date and it wasn’t totally horrible. He was very good looking and super intelligent. We had dinner at a restaurant that I chose on my side of town. My profile states that I am looking for a SD/SB arrangement, but we didn’t discuss it. His profile lists that as one of the choices, but not the only one. I’m not sure how to bring it up, or see if he will at some point.

    To answer some of the concerns of some of the male posters on this blog, I’d say that for me personally, I don’t want to go on a bunch of dates with random guys for a few hundred bucks per evening. I’m not looking to start serial dating as a job. However, I am looking for a MBR and only one. I am clear about it on my profile, so no guy should be getting led on.

    • Blue says:

      Yes, well that’s my goal so I don’t have to serial date. My last big SD lost a new company contract. Now I patchwork my out of town SD’s with two biz’s. It’s expensive in ny.

      Whenever I hear women say they don’t know how to talk about money with a guy. I say first of all don’t stress about it. Just relax. It has to come out eventually and I like the advice up above about getting the money out of the way first because it becomes more awkward as you get to know someone. It’s better for you to set the pace from the beginning that way nothing is taken personally and no miscommunication takes place and less likely anyone will be disappointed later on.

      You can say “I just want to ask you how you want to arrange the Sugar part of the relationship and see if we can come to an agreement.”

      Hope that helps.

  27. queen says:

    I went on a first date for 200.00 then asked on a second date and he paid 200.00 again. I am thinking what you agree on to start will be the same through the whole relationship of dating.

  28. Danni says:

    Queen – I think that depends on the guy. According to many of these stories, a lot of these guys don’t even want to pay for the first date, and you have to twist their arm to do it. You found a good one!

  29. queen says:

    I been on many dates on here and they all paid.

  30. queen says:


  31. Danni says:

    I agree! I won’t meet for under $100. And I see that as “good faith” money so we can meet to see if we want an arrangement.

    • Anonymous1 says:

      The overall theme continues.

      It would appear that this site has attracted the exact same type of woman as seekingarrangement.com (not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with that, I’ve made some great friends and have had and arrangement or two from that site).

      I was sincerely hoping this site would be different. I was hoping there would be women here that were interested in a regular relationship and that the money for the first date was insurance against possibly wasted time.

      Most of the profiles I’ve read say they’re open to “activity partners” or “long term” or “casual dating”…but, every single female in this blog is looking for a sugar daddy.

      That’s a shame. I’m willing to spend the $200 to $300 range for a first date as an introduction to someone who interests me. As stated before, I am not comfortable with a “pay per date” relationship. I don’t want to be someone’s job. I have much more to offer someone than an envelope across the dinner table.

      Thanks for the feedback. I wish you all the best of luck. I’m moving on.

      • margarita says:


        If I were you, I wouldn’t view this blog as the Bible. You just have to look for women with profiles that don’t list MBRs as the kind of relationship they seek.

      • Danni says:

        Mine only says SB/SD dating. I agree with Margarita, that there are a range of people on here. Also make sure yours doesn’t say that. I don’t reply to any men who don’t have that category marked. Why should we waste each other’s time? The blog is just a small sampling of people. And of course, there is always eharmony, match, plenty of fish, which have tons of people looking for something more traditional. Perhaps even seekingmillionaire can help you.

  32. queen says:

    Expect to spend 2-5 hours !

  33. queen says:

    Yes, all my dates have been in that range ! Been on 5 or 6 so far !

  34. cvdv says:

    Wow I have had pages of offers … but no real dates .. what’s up with guys making the offer and then planning the date last minute and then no show … not only frustration but I live in Las Vegas entertainment capital of the world and could have easily spent my timew wisely on another adventure .. it cost nothing for class and I’d wish that the men trolling this site would at the very least have common courtesy.

  35. queen says:

    You both should turn in the profiles under scammers so they will look into it maybe? It is a scam !

  36. queen says:

    Click on the guys profile and look for this : User Insight

    Last Logged in from United States
    Contact History

    Last contacted less than a day ago

    Report Abuse / Block

  37. queen says:

    Also perhaps an email to the staff. I would think if a man does that he should get banned from doing it to others. I could be wrong as some sites do nothing as long as they guy keeps paying for fakes dates and they just want the money. I am not sure how seriously they take it. Seems serious to me though.

  38. Diana G. says:

    I’d like to know if a generous member can see anything after blocking them from your profile. Currently blocking all offers that don’t match my profile or members that do not contact me within 48 hrs of accepting an offer. Bye Bye time wasters.

    • margarita says:

      re whether they can seek you blocking them — a guy made me an offer, he wasn’t what I was looking for, so I waited couple of days and thought about what to do (reject completely, counter, etc.). then I checked on him again and he had blocked me!

      so yes — they can probably tell after you’ve blocked them.

      If I accept a man’s offer or if he winks, I offer, and he accepts, then I send a message the same day he accepts asking when/where we can meet. I feel like it’s the right thing to do so that he knows you’re interested in meeting him (assuming you are). You have to remember that there are plenty of faker females, too (on SA and WYP), so I like to show interest by sending them a nice, quick note saying “I’m looking forward to meeting you, etc.” I usually get a response.

      xo and sugar,


  39. queen says:

    Diana- Some guys I notice might get back with you later… so do not block them just yet !

    • Diana G. says:

      Originally I thought leaving things open. Seriously I don’t have time for a guy to figure out he’s ready to communicate. When an offer has been accepted that actually means, you’re online. Say something or get passed over. I’m viewing this site as I would any other dating site. If a guy is interested, he doesn’t need 1 week to open his mouth and at the very least to say hello. I’m getting offers from men that are college grads yet they’ve forgotten how to respectfully introduce themselves? If you’re double my age and then some, I think you’ve been around long enough to know how to approach a lady.

      Also noticing with some guys they communicate as if they are talking to a 12 year old. I know this site doesn’t charge per message line so please men enjoy your age and educational accomplishments. I’m getting men in their 50-60′s giving me comments as if Gossip Girl is their favorite show to watch. XOXO is cute but please relax with the abbreviations like : HOW RU?, NTMU, URCUTE .I’m just glad this site doesn’t have the abused smiley’s feature.

      Understanding that many men see this site as a Candy Store. For me if you’re pulling candy out of the wrapper, leaving it out, ultimately it will spoil.

      It would be just as rude for me to set up dates on the same day and arrive late to them all.

      Morale of the Story: Don’t be Greedy.

      • Blue says:

        Omg I just wrote above a similar post to Reasonable Priced Offer asking for suggestions! LOL

        Yes guys what’s with the shorthand? I can’t say I’ve gotten too many How R U?’s but I had to put in my other profile please put some effort into it. ( I currently have not had an offer on this site since changing my profile ) So the guys write a nicer note indicating they have read my profile which shows me they are a real person and not spam but then they clearly want to get together but everything is in sound bytes; a sentence here, a question there. Sending a pic with not even a mention of what they want to do next.

        Are they just waiting for me to tell them what to do every step of the way? Are they writing to 100 women a day and don’t have time to talk? Are they rude and expect me to chase them? What do you say to that? I make it clear I’m Sugar dating only, if I get a pic from a guy 30 yrs my senior that shows he put no effort into it, not even a smile, which is fine but does he really expect me to say WOW you are so handsome I can’t wait to get my hands on you? lol

        I just DONT get it. If you are clearly looking for the same thing I am than ask me if I’d like to go shopping or dinner or what I would like to do. At least say “hope you like” or “if you like let me know and we can make plans to meet”

        I feel like I have to be the man here and take the lead all too often so I usually lose interest. The ones that take too long to respond, unless they have some sort of explanation, I don’t take seriously because they are too fickle. I have to avoid flakes which is why I have as many SD’s as I would like, but I have a lot less problems too.

        • Diana G. says:

          I feel the same way. Also are dates really going from 2-5 hours long? That seems to be an incredible amount of time to spend on a first date unless a movie over 2 hrs is involved.

          What I’m getting about this site is that many of these guys don’t plan to meet or really just want to flirt with the woman for a while for free.

          I mean if normally their profile would be ignored or blocked on free sites, now they can send fake amounts that they would never pay to open up communication with a woman.

          I’m even coming across some very angry profiles wondering what was the point in even joining this site?

        • Blue says:

          I’m not understanding the 2-5 hr date either unless he continues to make it worth my while with shopping or cash.

        • Donatella says:

          These guys DO need to put some effort into their pictures, especially the older ones. I had one guy take a picture as he was driving with his cell phone. His mouth was hanging open like he was trying to sleep without his CPAP machine and he didn’t even bother to try to smile or anything. It was like a dog hanging his head out the window with his tongue flapping in the wind. I want to date an older man but this guy, and a lot of them look like they are ready to fall over. I don’t want to have to explain to the paramedics what we were doing when he had the heart attack. :-P

        • Bobby the K says:

          So you’re standing in a man’s shoes, eh? lol.

  40. Blue says:

    Oh sh*t this needs to be looked at Frank011 (Generous Male)
    New Caney, Texas,

    He’s posing with a gun and a clip as long as my forearm. He’s 21. How does someone get a pic approved with a firearm? I bet it’s not even licensed.

    • DISGUSTED says:

      Hey I noticed that he viewed my profile a few days ago you are right that sh*t is scary. However, I guess you just got to use wisdom in who you talk to on this site. Maybe he is angry and needs anger management with Dr. Phil. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brandon Wade says:

      Photo deleted.

  41. Donatella says:

    What does MBR mean?

  42. bossanova67 says:

    I winked at a woman far away and she’s offering $300, which is more than what I was expecting. That amount is fine if she’s expecting to spend 1-2 days traveling, but she’ll get the travel expenses paid for. On the other hand, if I travel to see her, there’s no additional loss in time by her, and I have to pay my own travel to see her. What’s a reasonable amount to offer and accept when the 2 people are pretty far apart, and travel costs become a favor? Thx!

    • Blue says:

      I don’t understand, aren’t you presenting yourself as the “generous” party here, right? It’s up to you to get there and pay for the date and if she’s asking $300 than that’s her price. I don’t know of any hotels that give discounts for people who flew internationally, the price is the same regardless of where the traveler is coming from.

      $300 sounds like she wants this to be lucrative and is looking for a financially sound man. It’s a pretty reasonable offer for a one hour date and if she likes you maybe longer. If travel expenses are your problem than what about someone in your area?

      I also am not sure how someone could travel for one or two days on just $300 even with expenses paid that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.

    • Brandon Wade says:

      I would tend to agree with you. Travel cost should be taken into consideration when making an offer, which is why it may be better to focus on dating someone local to you (especially if the cost factor is important). Besides, long distance relationships are just hard to maintain or sustain in general.

  43. DISGUSTED says:

    This is my question you men know what this site about so why are you complaining about the money. The bottom line is this-this site is a spin off from SA ultimately whomever you wink at is looking for a arrangement. Secondly why are you WHITE AMERICAN MEN SO PREJUDICE TOWARDS BLACK AMERICAN WOMEN. YOU ACT AS IF WE DON’T HAVE CLASS OR KNOW HOW TO ACT IN PUBLIC AND REFUSE TO GIVE US A SECOND THOUGHT LET ALONE A FIRST ONE THIS SITE IS WHAT IT IS AND BLACK AMERICAN WOMEN ON HERE ARE JUST AS GOOD AND ELEGANT AS A WHITE FEMALE

    • Brandon Wade says:

      Actually, you stand to be corrected. There are multiple categories on a dating profile, and while a good number of female did migrate from SeekingArrangement, the website is also marketed as a regular online dating website for females who are seeking a regular short or long term relationship.

      But that said, if a female profile does not select they want an “arrangement”, then it is likely money won’t be an issue for that female.

      Men when making an offer should take that into consideration.

  44. DISGUSTED says:

    Now this is the reason why I posted my questions. I have winked at many men on this site and because I am black I get rejected. Guess I should say in my profile that if you got out with I’ll pretend to be white and let you f**k in my a** for free

    • Diana G. says:

      I’m sorry to hear your frustration about how you feel you’re viewed. Perhaps not winking may be the best course of action. If the man hasn’t taken steps to contact you or send you an offer, then one would automatically assume that he’s just not interested. If would be the same as a woman approaching you to for a paid date when you’re not homosexual. People have preferences and desires and shouldn’t feel that they now should change those views. You also have to look at the age of many of these men. 50-70yr old age range states easily that many have had a different views of people from different races then say someone in their late 20′s-40′s would have.

      Take the money aspect away and many of these men would be ignored by any race of women. So understand that they are paying for what they want not what they don’t want. Actually from what I’ve seen so far, many are not even paying for what they want because some just don’t want to accept they don’t have the looks, body or age to match the women they are attracted to.

      If I were you “disgusted” , I wouldn’t take the rejections so personally. You have to look at who is rejecting you. Is it the 25 year old super model featured in the latest playgirl mag? Or is it a guy in his late 70′s on his 3rd set of dentures and hasn’t seen his knees in the last 10 years because of his pot belly?

      Understand that it’s nothing personal , it’s just preference and desire. We can’t fight who or what we find attractive and no one should feel bad about it either.

  45. Queen says:

    Disgusted- If you are in dallas try this guy. He likes black females . I met him before on here too. I am white but he did say he has black sugar babies:

    Age: 63 (Pisces)
    Body Type: 6’1″ (185cm) – Slim / Slender
    Hair / Eyes: Dark Brown / Brown
    Education: Bachelors Degree
    Children: > 3 Children
    Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

  46. Queen says:

    Also, we all get rejected on here !

  47. LovelyLil says:

    I had a quick question on logistics…. once you accept a date, is it only up to YOU to contact him and schedule it? I mean, the guys can write you a note too, right?

    Also, just wondering… how many of the ladies give their dates a kiss at the end of the night? I know a lot of it depends on chemistry/fit, but I was just curious what everyone else thinks.

    • Danni says:

      I didn’t give a kiss, but I would have. Like a gentleman, he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. And yes, it depends on chemistry. You are not obligated.

      • Let spend some money and have some fun and see how u taste says:

        How about 3oo tonight at least 1 gof lick to taste u to noe your nstural flsvors ok wetness

    • Blue says:

      I’m kind of a warm person, guess it’s the Italian in me. They or I usually hug and give a kiss on the cheek when we meet to say hello. At the end of the date, the same thing but that’s just something I do with friends anyways.

      If you mean a kiss on the lips, I’m not quite comfortable with that at all.

      One guy I made out with in the rain waiting for my taxi, thought I could really fall for him unfortunately he just wanted to hook up and I never heard from him again. C’est la vie…

  48. Queen says:

    LovelyLil, I have done that with a guy not from sd dating, but for some reason I am just not good with doing it in an sd date and I think guys notice you are just not into them. I just have a hard time faking it ya know? I wish they would just understand that chemistry may not happen until you win me over ..in other ways where I might fall for his kind heart. I hate that guys expect they we will be into them right away.

    • Danni says:

      I agree! If we are into them right away, it’s because we find them attractive as a person. If they are not attractive, all the money in the world doesn’t change that. Well, at least not for me.

  49. Danni says:

    As an update, the no-show contacted me and wanted to reschedule. I told him no. He then wrote a 1000 word dissertation on how *I’M* the jerk. Wow, so glad I dodged that bullet. He also said that I’m a fake because when he asked me if I would let him cove over and give me oral, I said, “No, I’m only agreeing to have lunch with you in public.” The worst part is, the guy works with kids!!! Pig.

  50. Diana G. says:

    Ewww that guy sounds disgusting!!! Post his user name and report him!!!!

  51. ReasonablePriceOffer says:

    What kind of girl turns down generous offers and counters for $2000? Just shaking my head.

  52. cvdv says:

    How do you delete generous accepted offers from men that have not even initiated a date or communication over 3 months in my inbox. I’m only interested in those who follow up with and email and plans within a few weeks or within reason! or this is all a moot point an a waste of time.

  53. Holly says:

    Love this site. Had a date last night. Went great had a great time. He told me I looked so much younger and better then my picture. (knew that already lol) He surprised me with 3x’s the amount that we agreed upon because we had such a good time and I was “Normal” lmao!!

  54. desirableee says:

    I could not read all the comments but from what I have read so far I can only agree with a few ladies… I was previously on another website looking for an arrangement but with someone I could click with… there were so many occasions where the date did not turn up and so many men who ‘use our date as a window of opportunity to hook up having no intentions of bringing an arrangement to the table’.

    Yes Anonymous1 it would be ‘more enjoyable when gifts (cash or otherwise) are more spontaneous and kind hearted than purely transactional’ but how can you be sure from just one date that the other person would fulfil those criteria’s?

    Maybe its best to start of with an agreement until you know the person better.

  55. desirableee says:

    I could not read all the comments but from what I have read so far I can only agree with a few ladies… I was previously on another website looking for an arrangement but with someone I could click with… there were so many occasions where the date did not turn up and so many men who has no intentions of bringing an arrangement to the table.

    Yes Anonymous1 it would be more enjoyable when gifts (cash or otherwise) are more spontaneous and kind hearted than purely transactional but how can you be sure from just one date that the other person would fulfil those criteria’s?

    Maybe its best to start of with an agreement until you know the person better.

    • The Sarg says:

      I’d first like to say this has been some very interesting reading. I stumbled on to WYP by accident and was intrigued right away.

      So I filled out my profile and then came across this blog and just read it top to bottom. There seems to be a pattern between the posts of the women and the men…

      I got kinda lucky in life and was born with a twin sister (Sorry I’m a 29 male) so I have grown up with a girl the better part of my entire life. One thing I’ve noticed to often is the word MONEY.. Ha.

      This site is self explanatory and so are most of the profiles. Do some research before trying to fall in love with a woman who just isn’t in to that

      The money gives ordinary guys a chance to stand out on a date with a beautiful woman. Now anyone can put big words together and sound intelligent but the same men have to question how many dates do you pay for?

      I’m an Iraq vet who was retired at 26 because a explosion that ripped my truck apart with me in it so I don’t have family money, I do fine but not by any means wealthy.. Sorry off subject..

      What I mean is, It’s not about money if you pre negotiate the terms for the first date before you get there. Once your there make the entire experience about HER! Make her feel comfortable and at ease. Listen to her and ask her questions, don’t just treat her like a piece of meat. From what I’ve just read every single one of these beautiful women are a great conversation.

      The money is a token to a art-form, Come on guys. Why are you here offering money to women just to know your alive? Because they are smoking hot and exactly what YOU are looking for. Do any of you gentlemen out there understand how much upkeep and hard work and MONEY it takes to stand out in a crowd like ALL of these woman do?

      It’s easy, Your paying her for her time and effort for a chance that your charm and true interest in her will open her eyes just enough to see you. Men fall in love with their eyes and that’s why this site even exists but women on the other had are much more intuitive to body language and intelligence than men. Just read the blog..

      I don’t want to get drawn out here but I just had to say this after an hour or reading.

      Find the woman that has been in your dreams for years and do some WORK into just getting to know her and always make her feel comfortable and I can almost guarantee that after a couple of great dates that she wont accept your money anymore.

      If your the one guy who stands out in their mind at the end of the night then you just might have made lighting strike. Guys we’re easy, we don’t try on 10 pairs of jeans to find the perfect one, we just grab the first pair that feel good and go with it.. Now how many beautiful women do you know that shop like that? Because I haven’t met one yet and I do just fine with women.. There is no need to rush anything, slow things down a bit and jut be yourself.

      To all the ladies who read this I wish you the best of luck in finding whatever it is your looking for.. To all the men, Just give it a shot. Go big or go home. Be the one out of hundreds who does his own thing and just HAVE FUN!

      • Suzy says:

        You sound so amazing!!! What a positive and uplifting message!! We need more men like you on this site!!!


      • Zorah Wright says:

        Thank you for your extremely thoughtful and accurate post regarding the nature of men and women. I can’t tell you how many men who just ‘decide’ to get married and take the next girl that comes along. And its very true that men judge more by their eyes and women more by comfort level and getting to know a man. They will tend to let a lot of things slide if the first few experiences are great. If they ‘feel’ taken care of to begin with that is the memory imprint they will retain. The first few dates and romancing period set the tone for the rest of the relationship. That is what gets the man in the door… the quick weekend away after a couple weeks of knowing each other and a few dates at the right pace seals the deal for a woman. She doesn’t need to go out every night, and she doesn’t want to…. she wants to feel cared for and this happens more quickly with consistent predictable behavior.

  56. MsCyn says:

    Anon1 — To answer your ongoing question.

    I joined WYP because of what’s shown in the ‘attractive’ girl video which was a reflection of me on other dating sites.

    I model, act, costume, and write professional, so whenever I would go on a dating site in the past, I would be inundated with emails, flirts, and people trying to IM me through the site. 90% of the guys would simply look at my photos, and either never read my profile, or disregard what I said I was looking for in it.

    I eventually had to “hide” when I was online because otherwise I would get guys trying to take me out THAT NIGHT when I’d never even seen their profile??? Most guys were obviously looking for just sex, and I’ve never been a ‘casual encounters’ person.

    Even with a *VERY* finite list of what I was looking for, and weeding out the obvious offenders, after weeks of emailing, I’d be fortunate to find *1* person worth dating. (No joke.) I’d then go on a few dates with the person, but often we’d want different things, and I’d be back to square one having wasted time and money. (And I used to go ‘dutch.’)

    Since joining WYP I’ve been exposed to SD/SB relationships, and I have to say, I find that that model is superior compared to what I’ve had to deal with in the past. It’s expensive and time-consuming to prepare for date after date. And guys expect a girl to have a certain look, carry herself a certain way, etc and none of that is cheap!

    As far as an “arrangement” goes, I am open to just being friends or dating, but it’s going to be on MY TERMS then, and that may not work for most guys. (I live a busy and complicated life, and most guys I’ve dated don’t get it, or can’t keep up.)

    If you want me to play by your rules however, then you’re going to have to give me a reason to stick around. Otherwise, there’ll be only 1 date, at best.

  57. Sheri says:

    It seems that men would be far less likely to expect sex on the first date if the woman did not post lingerie or other provocative photos in her profile. I’m no prude but have seen some profiles on this site of woman in pretty slutty clothing and poses; some of these profiles actually make me blush, lol!

    Naturally if a man sees pics of T&A in a woman’s profile, he’s going to have expectations of more than dinner and a movie.

    I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings here, but ladies please don’t post sexy photos of yourselves then complain if the guy wanted to get sexual on the first date. If you want to be treated like a lady, present yourself as one at all times.

  58. cevon says:

    I never thought of it that way, well put!

  59. Maaria says:

    Whatsyourpice is a great site, but it should make this all more serious, because of as I used Google search, women say that there are a lot of men, who are only playing. Once they get their offers accepted, they don´t care anymore.

    A site should do something for these players. Men who send offers and don´t stand behind it, should be first warned and if they do the same again, kicked out from the page. “Never play with the ladies”, could be adviced for them. It is simply wrong. There are Nintendos and PlayStations for playing, not human.

    Also every female user should be able to choose, if she wants flirts or offers or both and what is her offer minimum limit.

    There are arrangements, which are more than 20 000 USD, women should ask much more from men from a first date.

  60. queen says:

    Yes maaria, I would say 90 percent are just playing / toying with us ! In more ways than one but this is something men have done for a long time to girls they do not know. The old school word is ” tricks ” and they earned that word !

  61. Just bc says:

    This site helps weed out the fake men from the real men very fast! Thank you.

  62. babydoll says:

    how come I cannot send ANY messages out???!!! nor can i make an offer!!! WTF is really going on yo???!!!

  63. Mr.Gray says:

    Some are from guys trying to figure out the website,is it for real? Remember the past Ashley Madison scandal. I like the honesty and being up front. Both parties need to honor the agreement,except crazies, just get away. Some of us have been off the market for a while. I am generous,expect only good conversation. Ladies if your date is honestly trying, do the same. I hope that nobody takes the fee, looks at watch for an hour then disappear?

  64. surfsupandmore says:

    The best is being honest. I can be very generous.Please don’t be greedy. I am curious about negative comments of arm candy. Is that a bad thing? If its a benifical relationship, both parties understand,ladies tell me why not enjoy the evening meeting other friends? We know, you know, let others guess what really motivates the date night?

  65. endless summer says:

    I don’t expect sex on the first date. BUT, it does happen in real life, what’s the big deal? NOT with name your price, absolutely not,I agree. Just be realistic , the lady choses what she wants & when. No , not now , even maybe means No guys, but if two people have been aware of each other all day at an event, why not leave with a bang?

  66. Why not says:

    Honesty goes both ways. I dodged a bullet with one of the first girls I met on this site. She immediately wanted to text outside of the site. She was really pushy wanting me to meet her sooner. I had a date set, but something seemed off due to her sporadic texts The night before we were to meet for the first time she asks if I’d consider allowance on a first date….huh?! I was thinking are you crazy? I politely said no. Then, oven her number I was able to background check her. Comes to find out she lied all over her profile. She was not Caucasian, but mixed(hard to tell from her pics due to lighter skin), she said she was 27…yes she was about 7 years ago. So, I told her I couldn’t make the date via text and wouldn’t be able to for quite sometime. Then she texts me a pic of her old PREGNANT self saying “I need help baby”. GTFO here. I told her leave the hell alone, don’t call don’t text and move on. Blocked her on the site and blocked her phone. What a deceitful nasty woman. Glad my gut instinct triggered me to research her! A lot of Red flags…overly attentive, calling you sweetly and love, immediately wanting to text off of the site, begging to see you earlier than discussed, asking about allowance before you even meet. Lesson learned! Hopefully this will help the generous guys out. And maybe, get some dishonest women to update their profile. Lastly, for the love of God….give a Full Disclaimer if your ass is pregnant before we even meet. Talk about a potentially shocking first date….Wow!!!

  67. Let spend some money and have some fun and see how u taste says:

    Ill payn u be my loli pop to lick u all day ok

  68. TC says:

    Im horny as fuk’…

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