“What’s Your Past?” Certified Background Checks (NEW)
  • Posted Oct 17, 2012
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WhatsYourPrice.com is proud to officially announce its newest feature: background checks! Never will an offer seem too good to be true, nor a person seem too charming to be real. Date in full confidence knowing that your date is exactly what you wanted, and maybe even more…

Learn More About WhatsYourPrice Background Checks

With the help of our partners at TC LogiQ, Inc., a background screening authority with over 40 years of experience, all users will now have the opportunity to become a “Verified Member.” (Click here to view the details of our new update.)

Users will be extensively screened based on criminal records/databases in relation to:

  • » Registered Sex Offenders
  • » Sex Crimes
  • » Violent Crimes
  • » Domestic Violence
  • » Felonious and Misdemeanor Assaults

Members will be searched for the following: Address Trace, Social Security Number Verification, and International Wants and Warrants. Profiles that pass the screening will earn a “Background Verified” badge. This practice is revolutionary for online dating, as the majority of online dating websites (i.e. Match.Com) merely search criminal records.

So what are you waiting for? Become a What’s Your Price “Verified Member” today!

What do you think of these background checks? Have you ever come across any fraudulent members?

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