What to Talk About on a First Date
  • Posted Oct 7, 2014
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First dates are tough. Much like any other first, there is potential for things to go awry. The majority of the first date experience is based on moments and conversations shared in just a few hours. To avoid failure, stay on lighter, appropriate topics. Sometimes it may seem fun to execute an episode of Punk’d and discuss everything from your ex to your political viewpoints. However, if you’re looking for long term consideration – here are some polite, yet introspective, topics to consider.


Travel makes you appear sophisticated and cultured. Even if you haven’t traveled across the globe, you certainly can discuss destinations you’ve researched. Travel can be a good indicator of your date’s desired lifestyle. If they’re dreaming about all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, they may not be the person to join you in backpacking across Europe.


Music is a great commonplace for a first time meeting. Finding someone with the same taste as you can whisk you into memories surrounding the genre or artist. Favorite musicians or performers can also be a gateway to a second or third date. Searching for an upcoming concert and inviting someone special is an excellent way to show your date that you’re both fun and thoughtful. Connecting on a musical level will take your date from acoustic to electric. If your partner is partial to orchestral tunes and you like to do the EDM thing every few weeks  - you may have differences beyond iTunes.


Similar to travel, your palatable preferences can make you seem knowledgeable and well-rounded. Finding someone who appreciates Filet mignon or escargot the same you do can elevate your senses, and your date experience. If you’re particular about food and your date has not tried many of your favorite dishes, this can serve as a future-date exploratory zone. Be relaxed and open, you never know until you try!


Ambition is a tricky topic to maneuver, but discussing aspirations certainly provides an excellent indication of the potential for a future with your first date. Remain sensitive to age and lifestyle differences. Varying levels of ambition are okay as long as you’re compatible elsewhere.

Light banter and good conversation is ultimately what it’s all about. If things go well, you may pass go, collect 200 dollars, and venture into second date territory!

What do you like to discuss on the first date?

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