What To Buy With A Date Offer
  • Posted Nov 10, 2016
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Getting paid to date has become an excellent supplement to your income. The options for how to spend your extra cash are endless, but we wanted to offer a few fun suggestions about what to spend it on. The average date offer on WhatsYourPrice is $120, so here’s some advice on what to buy with that money.


A signature scent is a must. Perfumes can run more on the expensive side, but are worth it. Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, and of course you want to be unforgettable. Visit your local department store to sample and find your perfect scent.

Eyelash Extensions

These are a lifesaver. Save time when prepping for a first date and invest in eyelash extensions. Be sure to double check with your esthetician, allergic reactions to the glue can happen if you’re not prepared! With multiple lengths and thickness choices, there’s an option for everyone when it comes to choosing the perfect lashes.

Teeth Whitening

Your smile is contagious. When you meet a date for the first time, your toothy smile will be one of the first impressions made. Pearly whites will certainly stand out. Whitening strips are available at most drugstores, but putting money towards bleaching will save time and money. Visiting a professional will guarantee fast and beautiful results.


Sunnies are well worth the money. Pick out a designer pair and show up to your date in style. It adds an air of mystery if your date has to wait until you push the sunglasses up to reveal your beautiful face. There are tons of chic options for every shape of face, plus they protect your sensitive and unique iris to ensure you’re seeing 20/20 for as long as possible.

Gym Membership

Whether you prefer yoga or crossfit, a healthy babe is an attractive babe. No matter your shape or size, committing to a fit lifestyle requires self discipline. Any guy would be proud to date you, especially when you share the details of your healthy lifestyle. Membership prices add up, but so do those date offers. Commit to being in shape and the rest will follow.

Bills, Bills, Bills

There are many reasons to why you’d decide to join WhatsYourPrice and get paid for dates. We love that you’re here and making extra money, while meeting awesome people, but don’t forget, bills are always priority! It doesn’t matter if you have the extra income, or depend on WYP to get you through. Make sure those bills are paid first and everything will fall into place.

No matter the amount for the offer, have fun during your first date. The person sitting across from you is invested in getting to know more about you, and you should feel the same.

What do you buy with your date offers?


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