What Does Your Halloween Costume Say About You?
  • Posted Oct 29, 2012
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Hello boys and ghouls…What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Halloween is the perfect opportunity to step into someone or something else’s shoes. Made even better when attending a Halloween party with someone you’ve met on the dating website. But did you know your choice of Halloween costume actually says a lot more about your personality than you’d think? WhatsYourPrice.com conducted a study on personalities and costume choices. Lindsay may look scary, but wait til you read what Chalacey and Amanda’s costumes say about them…

Sexy Animal

Hold those bunny ears, Regina George! Those who doned sexy animal costumes were generally lonely or lacking physical, let alone intimate, contact.
“Wearing racy lingerie or bikinis shows willingness for immediate contact. It exposes a woman’s mating feature such as wide hips and full breasts. While the animal aspect represents not only something cuddly, but also a wildness factor.”

Scary/ Gore

If you’re still browsing for which fake human body part goes best with your gore costume a la Lindsey Lohan as an ex-wife in Mean Girls. It probably means that you prefer to stay under the radar and are easy going

Sports Figure

Unless you are dusting off the old red and gold from the old alma mater, mand women who chose Sexy Referee, Football Players, or any sports related costume were often not athletic at all, but did admit to secret aspirations of playing that sport in their past.

Super Hero/ Heroine

If this is your costume of choice, then you and Anastasia Steele have a lot in common. People who dress as super heroes tend to have submissive personalities. These kind of people usually lack leadership roles and great responsibility in their daily lives.

CEO, Pimps, or an authoritive figure

In contrast to the Super Hero-type, trick-or-treaters who dressed as CEOs, Pimps, or any other authority figure were extroverts and were on the not-so-shy side of arrogant.

Pop Culture Icons

Snooki? Psy? If you’re doning a pop culture icon costume then you are among those who are social butterflies. Keep in mind also, that these people tested as having a higher occurrence of insecurity and regularly need affirmation or acceptance from their peers.

Childhood Character

By far the winner of the study. Those who opted for Childhood Characters rated as the most satisfied and mature amongst their peers in the study group. Mickey gloves anyone?

If your costume didn’t fall under these categories, keep in mind: 72% of men thought that women who made their own costumes were more adventurous and therefore better in bed versus those who simply bought them. Happy Halloween everyone!

What is your Halloween Costume this year?
Did you fall under any of the categories? What did you think about the study?

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