The Difference Between a $50 & $500 Date
  • Posted Feb 7, 2014
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I read our rather lively discussion on “How to Receive $500+ Dates,” and wanted to share my personal experiences as a male user. From what I’ve surmised, the comments were divided into three sections:

The Good

“If I discover the guy is a great guy, he will get back ten times that in gold. I find complainers are time wasters, and its better to be positive and have good energy. That will bring good things in life. If you don’t like the concept of this site, why are you even here?”

The Bad

“If a woman wants $500 for a date she’s only interested in your money, not you.”

The Ugly

“Women DO NOT give a rat’s rear end about penis. They put up with it to get into men’s checkbook AND to randomly rape his brain into insanity.”

So I decided to address all of our blog commenters with the only appropriate solution: putting my money where my heart is, literally.

This past week, I placed one $50 and one $500 bid on two different women to see what I could truly get for my buck. Happily, both ladies accepted, and these are the results. My goal is to prove whether single women on are inherently thankful or just plain entitled.

Get ready to embrace my journey…

My $50 Date

Jessica could be described in one word: firecracker. This little minx was a complete wildcard the entire night. Literally one hour before meeting at The Cosmopolitan casino, Jessica asked if she could bring her friend, Alex. “Sure, why not?” I responded. On any other dating site, bringing a wing-woman only means one thing: she doesn’t trust you. But on WhatsYourPrice, I viewed it as a two-for-one deal: if one falls through, there’s always a chance with the other. Fifty dollars well spent!

We proceeded to have several drinks at The Chandelier Bar. They were a friendly pair: open, honest, and downright crazy–exactly what I wanted. Every sentence was laced with a variation of “s***” or “f***,” but I found it quite refreshing. Most girls care too much about outside opinion. These girls could care less. Brash or not, this duet was quite a lot of fun.

Jessica herself said it best: “I get paid to go on dates with men that I would go out with anyway. It’s a win-win for me.”

Were both of the girls attractive? Absolutely. Was I going to ask either of them on a second date? Probably not.

Two things were very clear:

1.) I wasn’t going to find my future wife with this dynamic duo.

2.) I was definitely going to leave with epic memories.

Once the liquid courage kicked in, I proposed that we rent a limo and see where the night took us. They agreed (who wouldn’t), and the shenanigans continued throughout the evening. I still keep in touch with Jessica, and if I’m ever looking for a night out on the strip, I’ll be sure to text her.

Now that we’ve been acquainted, she has agreed to go on a solo date in a more intimate setting (minus the bid).

We’ll probably date casually, but she isn’t marriage material. Overall, a well-made investment.

My $500 Date

Ashley was a Las Vegas local, and she literally accepted my offer within 2 hours (shocker, I know). I immediately thought to myself: was this response time serendipitous? Or did “Benjamin” make my luck? The hopeless romantic inside me wished it was the former, but my inner cynic sided with the latter. Sure, a witty profile helps land a date. But $500 guarantees results–especially with any gorgeous single. But based purely upon looks, this girl was worth every penny.

Since I was already well-invested into this date, I decided to make reservations at Botero. It’s a pricey seafood joint located inside The Wynn casino, complete with a poolside view. Upon arriving, we shared a sparkling conversation over drinks and appetizers. We later headed to XS, The Wynn’s premiere nightclub, and danced until morning.

Ashley wore a backless, red dress and smelled faintly of Chanel No. 5. Compared to my date with Jessica, Ashley was rather tame. She was charming throughout the night and even shared her previous dating fails.

I was in utter disbelief, as she could literally swoon a guy with a stare. I thought that I was going to meet an entitled Angeleno-type who expects everything to be handed to her on a silver platter. Instead, I found a girl who was tired of dating pompous jerks. We already made plans for dinner this weekend. So as of now, $500 well spent.

Here’s my take after going on two dates at two different price points: WhatsYourPrice is what you make of it. If you go on a WhatsYourPrice date with preconceived notions, you will fail. Always. Money is always spent in any lasting relationship. Serious or not, dating requires some kind of investment.

This user said it best:

“If she’s super beautiful, honest, and kind, maybe later I’d give her the money out of the blue as a surprise. I don’t understand why people dislike the site. I love this site. I’m having the best time of my life dating on here. It’s a great opportunity.”

At the end of the day, time and money guarantee the best results. Whether it’s a $50 fling, or a $500 relationship, a generous gentleman will prevail.

What’s your most memorable date using Share your experiences!

59 Responses to “The Difference Between a $50 & $500 Date”

  1. Leroy says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome on this blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements, but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” section for more details. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!

  2. Leroy says:

    I appreciate the kind words, Josh. But trust me, I realized that WhatsYourPrice is made for everyone (not just men with hair). On any other dating site, most suitors wouldn’t even get a glance, let alone a first date. At least here, every man is on an equal playing field. And believe it or not, I’m not that tall 😉

  3. joof says:

    This article seems staged. Are you sure the owner of the site didn’t ask you to write them a fluff peace?

    I do agree with you that life is what you make it.

    I also think the site should have more options to check, like the guy above asked for. (I’m only looking for 1date). Also, wouldn’t it make more sense if we could only check 1 or 2 categories? Most women check off 5 conflicting outcomes they are searching for.

    I use this site to meet single women looking for a guy to take them out, and possibly date. I’m not looking for sex or to be a sugar daddy. This site seems to be turning into a sugar daddy site. If that’s the case, can there be a website that auctions off dates and is not meant for sugar daddy or escort relationships?

    Also what about a reputation grade, where the person grades you on your honestly, personality, and accurate pictures?

    Ilike the webcam verification

    • Eve says:

      The “Interested In” section on a user’s profile shows what type of relationship they’re looking for. I’ve seen plenty of girls on the site (including myself!) who are looking for boyfriends, not sugar daddies.

      Check a girl’s “Interested In” section before you engage with her. If it says “Mutually Beneficial Arrangements (Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby)” then you know she’s not the one for you. If her profile includes that as one of the options she’s looking for, but she also says she’s interested in a “Long Term Relationship” and “Casual Dating” which, as you said, all seem to contradict each other, it’s possible she is open to any of those possibilities, not necessarily looking for a relationship that includes all of them at once.

      When you message someone you should make it clear what type of connection you’re hoping to make. Of course, you can’t message a girl until after she accepts a bid from you, so to prevent a situation where your bid is accepted by a girl who expects a sugar daddy, you may want to include a sentence or two in your profile mentioning that you are willing to pay only for the first date and are not interested in offering ongoing monthly financial assistance to college students or other sugar babies.

      WhatsYourPrice definitely isn’t ONLY for sugar relationships, but it is owned by Brandon Wade, who also owns SeekingArrangement, so I don’t expect that the “Mutually Beneficial Arrangements” option will be disappearing from the “Interested In” options any time soon. Which is great for those who are looking for those relationships! There’s nothing wrong with either sugar dating or more traditional dating. Just be clear and up front, both in your profile and in your messages, about what you want.

    • Vinny says:

      Call it staged, but it’s just marketing. Based on the WYP business model, they have to push for more expensive dates to make any profit. While 500 is ridiculous, these articles, discussions, experiments, call them whatever, is just to give girls idea to ask for a date more than a hard working pro asks for an hour of real thing.

    • Sierra says:

      I like your ideas

  4. George says:

    The biggest challenge I’ve had is the amount offered doesn’t matter (well, it gets the date), and I’ve been on many first dates, and not many second dates because the second date doesn’t guarantee anything in the amount. Sometimes I feel, it’s like the women is out here to mug a man, but do it in a nice way, and that being a date. Not saying I’d rather get mugged, but many of the women aren’t interested in finding true love here (or any dating site for that matter, they don’t want to find love), but rather finding another way to make extra income instead of doing a baby sitting job or whatever else they’d do in the evening. The highest date I’ve been on was for 200, and the date was just a little longer. I’ve been teased a few times with, “I’ll see you tomorrow” and then something else comes up. The amount doesn’t matter for the quality of the date, and it won’t be longer term relationship if you offer more on the first date. I’ve seen the more offered, the more expected later on.
    This site works because of the amount offered, but what if the guy offering the amount doesn’t have much more to give later, she’s going to find another man. Point being, I went on a dinner date, then offered a simple walk in the park type of date, nothing to spend and since it wasn’t a fancy dinner date with wine, she had no further interest in dating me.

  5. Mike says:

    There is 1 really big flaw with your “experiment” You have one $50 date and one $500 date. Any researcher will tell you that 2 results are not enough to draw any sort of conclusion from. Let’s see what you think after you’ve had 10 dates at the $50 level (good luck finding 10 women to accept dates for $50, especially in Las Vegas) and 10 dates at the $500 level (if you have the money to afford that). Anybody can get lucky and have a good date at any level, what will give you good results is when you can compare results of multiple dates at each level.

    • The Truth says:

      Very true!

    • Linda says:

      There seems to be a lot of complaining about money for dates etc because of this post which I find amusing. The ones that complain more, I find need to re-re-x3 evaluate Their entire persona. Do you do everything right ? Perform like a perfect gentleman on a date. I know some think its cliche but open car doors, or show up with flowers ? The man that is eresistable will leave the woman wanting to see him again. To open the door to romance. If you go in with no expectations you can often feel better in the end, rather than having too high of expectations and feeling let-down at the end. The first time I went on a date from this site, I had prematurely developed a little crush on the guy based on his good attitude on the phone, and his smiling photo. I had a crazy idea in my mind it would be a very romantic evening. Upon Meeting him, he was considerably heavier than his photo, very lethargic, and spoke of things one should not speak of on a date. Half way through I realized he was one of those that just wanted someone to talk too about stuff not even relevant to the moment. I tell you this because it is not always the female that is the villain here, and their are two sides to every story. A psychologist is very expensive and I’m finding many men on this site just want someone to talk to about their problems. They get a cheaper listener on this site. It is like research at this point. Before this site existed, I could not even get a date in my town, and rarely saw a man in normal life in a 24 hour period. To job, to market, to everyday life, and i did not see any male within 300 feet of where i was any givin day. I’ve been told my beauty is very intimidating to men, and they don’t bother even asking me out for fear of rejection. The Internet has givien men some form of impowerment because the safety is the computer. Sadly this is a fact. To pick and chose and purchase time even for the attractive men gives them a sence of power and back-up when all else fails. And some dont have time to hope that special someone will come walking past, and before you know it, a year goes by, and you have not met anyone. The site speeds up the chance of meeting possibly fun new friends, and letting everything unfold. I have met a couple of, what the general public would call handsome men, which I find at times to be as equally flawed socially as the men that have less hair, and over weight. I was fine with meeting someone that does not fit the description of a good looking man, as long as they have a great personality.

      • The Truth says:

        Honestly Linda,
        What percentage of women want flowers, chair pulled out, and a great personality on here?

        Most if not almost all want cash for Brad Pitt/David Becham looking type men.

        Lets be honest!

        • LAURA says:

          I am answering your question regarding flowers, chair pulled out, holding the door, I love chivalry. I know its not the in thing to say now do to the whole metoo movement and feminism But chivalry still goes a long way with me, and for many other girls too.

        • Gina says:


      • Josh says:

        Sweetheart, I don’t think that many of us have any problem paying for these first dates as long as we know that these women are NOT first-date-only fraudsters; which it seems 90% of them are.

        That’s why it was suggested above that there should be another option for these women to explicitly declare that they are interested in providing company for one date only. And if some men use those first dates as therapy sessions then so be it.

        It now takes me a good number of scrutinizing emails back and forth to figure out if these women had any kind of relationship or arrangement in mind. Or if they were just interested in collecting their first-date fee and disappearing from my life forever, and worse, blocking me without giving me any reason for doing so.

        • Linda says:

          Josh, with some dates, I would not have minded going out again, but clearly the male was not interested in dating the same girl, so it could be a candy store for the men here as well. I’ve heard stories from both sides. I found the site to be fun, but my heart gets broken just like any normal person, so real life still exists. I found out what it is like to meet a serial dater, and also might have just met someone I could potentially see for a long time to come. We are going to see how it goes. I realized this site provides a catalyst to get people off their couch and out to meet someone.

  6. cascades says:

    I think the real question here is not comparing a $50 date a $500 date–but a $500 date to ten $50 dates. Also, lets look at long term results. Just what are the approaches that result in multiple dates, marriages, children, longer term marriages that are actually happy. Some of this will take a while to figure out–but after the site is around 10 years, we ought to be able to get some figures on just who is getting married, who is having kids and who is avoiding divorce after the seven year itch sets in.

    • Kevin says:

      Let’s be objective here cascades. Aren’t you asking for too much? Note: Please dont take it personal. It is just a rhetorical question.

      Men on this site are having difficulty getting second and subsequent dates and you are inquiring about marriages, chidren and lack of divorces?

      Baby steps my friend, baby steps…

      • Linda says:

        Kevin, I put myself out there. It’s up to the male to call or return my calls. It takes two. I’ve been available for a long time and started to think every guy out there has a fear of intimacy. I could find 100 beautiful nice woman that are alone and don’t want to be alone. We are here. If you find it that hard to get a woman to go out with you a second time, try to figure out why, and change it.

        • cascades says:

          That is why I think some analysis on the part of the folks that run wyp would do wonders. It could give women an idea ahead of time who might actually call back after a first date.

          The way these things work: there are a few men that get a huge amount of feminine attention-that simply is not trust of 90% of us,

          Being objective about who might actually be a decent match is hard-but if you can, I think your results will improve markedly.

        • cascades says:

          That is why I think some analysis on the part of the folks that run wyp would do wonders. It could give women an idea ahead of time who might actually call back after a first date.

          The way these things work: there are a few men that get a huge amount of feminine attention-that simply is not true of 90% of us,

          Being objective about who might actually be a decent match is hard-but if you can, I think your results will improve markedly.

        • SaraBell88 says:

          I too have found it is not me who is not following through with the second dates. One person in particular would tell me how much he enjoyed our time together, wanted to see me again, but every time that was supposed to come into play, nothing. Endless text messages and promises. I have had $200 dollar dates and $50 dates. I have found extremely needy men with a lot of insecurities and guys who have it together. Chopping down a woman’s cherry tree because she has this resource available to her because of the money factor is ignorant. You say “all men have a level playing field” either way you slice it, no one has a level playing field. No matter your gender, race, body type, facial features, height or sexual needs. Let’s stop pretending and accept, that is the way of the world. There are days when I don’t mind if I were to go hang out with someone who I find less attractive. There are days when I absolutely don’t want to. It’s nice to have a good conversation and meal some days. I learn a lot from others. I am also on here for more SD type relationships. Does that mean I am not open to a non SD type? Not necessarily. This site offers the option to seek a SD, so don’t complain. If you can’t read that the girl is looking for one, that’s your fault. It is your own free will to ask, “I see you are looking for an SD, I am not looking to be an SD but I’m interested in having a date with you. Is that a deal breaker?” Remember, there is nothing wrong with hearing no. There are plenty of other people out there.

      • cascades says:

        That is why I put multiple dates in the list of things to track. That could be done quite simply with a poll. The thing is, after the site has been around 2-3 years, there ought to be some marriages or living together arrangements coming out of the site–and telling folks how those came to be would ad value to the site and help folks on both sides one their approach.

        In my own case, I have made a bonifide friend on the site-and it took 4 other dates where I didn’t get a second date option to make that happen. Now I created a pretty detailed profile-I think that helped.

        I do not think wyp is perfect–but frankly, I wouldn’t be considered on most other dating sites, I am too old, too fat, too short –I just happen to be highly intelligent, a decent provider, ethical, honest and kind-and it takes a date or more to figure that out.

        • Linda says:

          I think I did we’ll on this site. The younger and better looking the guy on this site, the less life experience, intelligence, and over all appeal he has to me, as well as being no fun. I have found the better looking guys to be so boring and full of themselves. I happen to be attracted to bald or slightly over weight men because they usually seem happier in some areas and more fun to be around. I also found out that this site gets better results than other sites that try to claim are serious.

  7. The Truth says:

    True true true!

  8. The Truth says:

    Good point!

  9. The Truth says:

    The only thing I get out of this article is that women will take your money, $50 or $500. And that average women believe they are really the same as beautiful women in Vegas.

  10. Leroy says:

    Hi Leo, I appreciate your contributions to our comment section and mean no disrespect to you. My usage of “Good,” “Bad,” and “Ugly” merely categorized the positive and negative experiences of our members. Please do not take this remark personally. “Ugly” is a reference to your negative opinion, not you as a person. I really do hope that your love life ultimately improves on WhatsYourPrice.

  11. Donald says:

    Indeed, Leroy’s experiment is flawed.

    I would say the biggest flaw is that there is no way of knowing what the minimum Ashley would have accepted. Leroy doesn’t even report whether he asked her (after the date) what she would have accepted. It is possible, since Leroy didn’t report otherwise, she might have accepted an offer of $50.

    At the very least, he should have sent several potential dates a “Wink” to see what their initial offer was. Then negotiated, using a set number of counter offers, so he would have a range of counter offers from the women to select dates from.

    Leroy’s analysis is also very weak. At the very least, he should have decided on a way to rate the dates and/or the women before he even chose the women he dated. Then after the dates were completed, rated the dates/women according to his rating scale.

    From what is reported, my conclusion would be that it showed little or no correlation between the “price” of a date and the enjoyment of the date. And, due to the flaws in the design of the experiment, no conclusion can be drawn as to the “quality” of women who accept only high offers vs women who accept low offers.

    As others have noted, two dates are too few to draw any strong conclusions from. Because the differences in enjoyment between the two dates were rather small, and because it is impossible to tell whether they were related to the amounts paid, it doesn’t support the proposition that high offers result in better dates.

    But the idea is a good one, so I think Leroy has more experimentation to do.

  12. Josh says:

    As I mentioned above, I am now scrutinizing the women much more diligently than before. This is my approach:

    1. I dont give them my personal contact information up-front.

    2. Many of them will only post their face shot. I require them to either upload full puctures to the site or send me those pictures. If they dont then something is up and I back off.

    3. Many of them have selected conflicting choices in the “Interested In” section such as “Casual Dates” + SB/SD.

    4. I ask them EXACTLY what type of relationship they are seeking…really.

    5. Based on their response I ask further probing questions.

    6. It takes me about 20-30 messages back and forth to determine if I wanted to spend hundreds of dollars on yet another first-date scam.

    I fully understand that mine is pretty rudimentary process and a smart first-date fraudster can still take me for a ride…but I think that is better than none. LOL!

    Please share what you are doing to screen these fraudsters out of your lives…


    • AnnMarie says:

      Are you serious? I’d email you back maybe twice, beyond that and it’s pretty clear your bid is a fraud. You offer to pay a girl for the chance to get to know her, but want to get to know her for free before deciding to honor the deal you already made?

      Of course you’re having terrible dates! Any women who would “pass” your screening has no sense and values her time at zero. Crazy what some women will do…

    • richard says:

      Josh, I learned quickly that from ages 21 to 35 is strickly about making money for them….it was my choice every time…..why would a 22 year old want to meet a 67 year old man
      fraudster, yes sir

  13. Dan says:

    I highly highly doubt that too many women here can get $500 dates. Once in a while I get a $500 counter offer (usually from the hotter women), and after a while I notice they hardly ever log on and eventually stop signing in entirely. If they could get $500 they’d be here 24/7. If I could get $500 dates, I would quit my job and just go on dates a few times a week 🙂

  14. APB says:

    All I care is “Second date or not?”

    What floats your boat may not float my or others. I’m not a Vegas kinda” guy, so…

    Either way, $550 got you no long-term prospects. One was a “bro” who cusses like a sailor and the other who is supposedly tired “of dating jerks”, but sounds like a well-traveled clubber type. Okay.

    Nobody is here to be a serial dater. Nobody.

    Yes, there are those who I have seen who will only take a date with a $300 or more bid so they can pay their rent, but they need babysitters.

  15. The Truth says:

    $500 date ideas are done and buried. RIP

  16. Leslie says:

    I loved your experiment, more so I loved that you took something good from both of them. I get anything from this site, let it a good time. I don’t want to meet any of these traumatized males that feel that we should all pay for a few bad apples. I’m a very attractive woman, I don’t need a site to get a date, but I want one. Why; the filters. I have met some great guys on here, men that I wouldn’t of met otherwise. But I don’t date just any John, Tom or Harry and WYP allows me to do that. So thank you for that.

  17. Robin says:

    I have been dabbling with this site for a few months, so far only gone on one date. But I did turn a friend on to the site recently and he has already gone out with five or six women.
    I started with seeking an arrangement but was turned off by the mercenary Sex for money attitude many of the women had. I like what’s your price better because it’s much more ambiguous as to what the woman want. Still, many of the women do check the sugar daddy box.
    Still I am confused by many of the women because I am not really sure what they are really after. I am pretty clear that what I want is the experience of dating much younger and more attractive women than I would normally date in real life and perhaps meet on ok Cupid and certainly it would be nice to create some sort of relationship whether as friends or romantic friends or something like that. I also consider myself a generous person, not in the “wink wink” sort of way but in an authentic way. I enjoy doing nice things for people I like and care about .. Fixing things. Taking them in adventures. Listening to their problems. Some of these things require money , some don’t. So it’s hard to tell which woman wants what..but I imagine that the woman who wants $75 for the date and wants to go to a hamburger place is not putting so much of an emphasis on money and that appeals to me.

  18. Franklin says:

    I must be using a bogus pirated version of WYP. The entire concept is so flawed, so hypocritical I can not begin to tell you. I have been on the site for a few months. 23 accepted dates. I am rather adept online, and my results are as follows. 20 profiles of women who, while are real females, they were not as described, it is like opposite day, single is married, ALL OF THEM jump at any chance to steer the conversation to sex, 5 of the 20 were known prostitutes, and the definition of SB/sb is widely defined as whatever the girl wants it to be. I almost met a woman that I discovered hours before we were to meet was likely with the aid of her husband and family going to cause me harm in some way. A few addicts looking to score, I really liked the $50 date whose text was “its 300 for an hour”. A close second to the girl whose profile was a good 5000 miles from my area. She wanted me to wire her 2000 dollars. I promise you will not regret it…Please! I think that three had true intentions. I think this because their profiles were NOT reviewed, very openly using the language of BDSM, and two sweet 18 year olds (well they said 18) who were so naive I could bring myself to meet them. The contradictions are widespread, at least in my part of the U.S.A. I am still fishing, because it has become a game to me to see how long it takes me to expose each liar.

  19. Kosmikkaos says:

    While I did not have time to read every post I would like to throw in some food for thought since the beginning of time we have known that one without the other eliminates all of us. I have walked both sides of the social status scenes and have always been observant of human beings reaction to life in the country club setting for ten years to bartender in strips clubs for ten years and what I have seen heard and been captivated by is that no amount of money gold or jewels can instill morals , values, and standards in a person who has little to no regard for those attributes . Regardless if we buy a 99€ bugers thru a drive thru or sit down for a four course meal other than knowing what fork to pick up a asshole is an asshole and a woman is a women evil and conniving ….a lady is a lady and can rock in the bedroom and entertain in the living room and a gentalmen is a gentalman who pulls a chair and your hair with equal desire. Recycled tree bark ($) won’t stop you from being hungry (I know I ate $300 dollar bills and a dollar for desert once and I was still hungry) what would impress me if I can find someone who can plant a seed and make it grow, trap an animal skin it gut it so I can roast it on a fire , catch a fish out of a stream and be bone it so I can fillet for us because that is impressive money can not keep you from being hungry and I know I am able to provide for myself by mother natures own hand and having someone who wants that and can offer you basic nesseties with or without money is something I hope to encounter . Guys always ask what am I looking for and I honestly reply I learned earlier in life if you have no expectations you can have no disappointment so I am looking for nothing and hoping to find everything. Thank you for letting me share

  20. Thomas says:

    Total agreement (although I have never offered below $150) Always beautiful women. Always polite, always grateful. Dates after the initial “paid Date”? Always. sex?? Always but never on 1st date Can cost a bit?? Yes (worth every cent!) Girls want to enjoy life too! Be generous. Be polite. Be respectful.

  21. Everything in this life is money. The quality and the difference are paid. This post is very good to make you think.

  22. Sam says:

    I’ve dealt with 10 women from this site and all just wanted money. I I’m not looking for anything serious so, they were a good fix, they were looking for pay to play and I was ok with that. I never paid more than $300 and I’ve had two at one time as I flew them in from out of town. Love this site jet some are looking for something for nothing, not all. Plus you should never offer more than what you truly are willing to pay and always have a phone conversation and Skype or FaceTime them so you know it’s the same person that’s posted the photo of themselves.

    Yes, lots of girls are will to play for pay. Therefore, this site has what you’re looking for if this is what you’re looking for. If any guy wants a wife or girlfriend, he should go on a site that will only show women in his age range. This site is for the older guy looking for Younger women. It’s not for anyone looking for love, it’s for women trying to pay for school or whatever. If she can get paid without doing anything with the guy, she’s going to do that.

    I recommend any man that wants to use this site to always talk on the phone first with the girl(s) to establish what you’re truly looking for from them before you ever meet up.

    • Andrea Rose says:

      I just signed up for this site and am very confused as how it works. I’m I supposed to wink or make them an offer. I’d really like to start talking to these gentlemen. And I don’t want to lock into a “price”. Help a newbie out. I want to be successful in this adventure.

      • Samiel says:

        You can wink or scheme someone an offer. The men have to purchase credits in order to reply to your wink or offer. The credits start liked this.100 CREDITS

        450 CREDITS

        1000 CREDITS


        • MsNaomii says:

          Kinda the reason I feel bad using this site. The guys have to pay for credits to chat with you and pay to date you as well… The second and or third dates are like,,, okay what next? ((do I pay do I say something)) It messes with the vibes…

  23. Dakota says:

    It blows my mind how many people join this site and then you all act as if your E-Harmony or Match dot com… you mean to tell me none of you know what this site if about? Way too many fakes on this site just playing games and wasting other peoples time.

  24. MIke says:

    Well, I’ve had my first date on this site and here it is the next morning and I still feel horrible, like I was kicked in the gut. I am a middle aged guy, but I have no problem getting dates with beautiful women. I am an athlete and very healthy and very attractive. I get hit on all the time ITRW by women of all ages. I was trying to find ways to speed up the process and avoid emotional entanglement. My problem with this site is there is no way to communicate with the girl ahead of time to see what they expect from the date. You are committing to a fixed price without knowing what they expect or even talking to them on the phone to gauge if you will enjoy talking to them… As long as I know what to expect, I am happy to compensate accordingly. But, you have NO idea what you’re paying for. On my date, her profile was extremely suggestive of sex. semi-naked photos, “the word “seXXXykitten” in the username, suggestive language in the profile ( “guaranteed good time ; “) etc. I was sure she was looking for pay for play action. In fact, I was a little worried that she was a hooker… She offered me $200. In my hubris, I assumed that she found me attractive and her offer was suggesting some “fun” time afterwards. Within minutes of accepting the offer she was messaging me to meet up immediately. I scrambled to get ready, drove an hour to meet her at a restaurant. Because I was not dressed right for that restaurant, we had to uber to another restuarant of her choosing. This meant I had to leave my car parked on the street. She obviously didn’t trust me to ride in my car with me. (actually pretty smart of her). She talked non-stop about herself and said “why didn’t you dress better?” ( even though I had told her that was coming straight there and was going to be beach casual). We arrived at the other restaurant just before closing. I felt super rushed and without my car, I felt a little lost and vulnerable…. She was great at taking control of the date. Later after the food arrived and she had had a drink or two, she finally started to stop talking about herself so much and started to listen. We kind of connected, but I was still so uncomfortable and out of sorts. Then, as soon as the meal was over, she immediately wanted to end the date and for each of us to separately uber home. $200 meal and $200 date price. I must have looked disappointed. She looked at me and said, “what were you expecting?” When our separate Ubers arrived even before I could finish paying the bill. We rushed outside to get into our separate ubers ( her to her apt and me back to my car), she gave me a peck and suggested we meet again and hopped in her uber. I Felt really used. I honestly tried to corral my expectations beforehand but I felt so played, swindled and manhandled. I have to give it to her. She knew exactly how to control the date to keep herself physically safe (which I admire and respect. But, also to keep me sufficiently off base so she could better control the date. I never had a chance. She had really studied what to do. This was about the $200 and nothing else. She was going to get through it as fast as possible and get her payday. I gave her the $200 because I am a man of my word. And even though she texted me later with promises of a “beach day” sometime in the future, I was so turned off, humiliated and embarrassed, that I blocked her # on my phone. Was she attractive? Yes, but nothing I couldn’t have gotten on my own walking down the beach. In fact, ITRW, if I had spoke to her for a few minutes, I would have known that I wasn’t mentally attracted to her. She was all business and I was her mark. For the first time in a long time, I felt unnattractive. And the worst part is, I lost a whole evening and $400 bucks. Make no mistake, these women are pros. I’m sure there are the few exceptions. But, unless you are really old or unattractive, don’t waste your time or money. If you want an escort, buy an escort. At least you know what you’re paying for and you will feel more in control. These women, even if they do want to date you later, will only see you as a dollar sign. my two cents… great scam though if you’re a hot gal and need easy cash….

    • Jenn says:

      That is awful Mike, I’m really sorry to hear you had to deal with that. However, or at least speaking for myself, I would never do what that low class at best woman did to you. She sounds like nothing more than a cold hearted gold digger. I’m a well educated, attractive, thoughtful woman…I would hope there are some women other than myself on here that wouldn’t do that either…but again, I can only speak for myself. Hopefully that was your one and only experience you’ll ever have even remotely like that!!!

    • Holly says:


      I empathize with you. That was a terrible experience. From what you typed I am guessing that you are in California. I myself am in Atlanta, GA. I am on WYP and I have had some good dates. I saw the first th
      gentlemen that I met a few months.
      I am a model by trade, I am not an escort. I use some of my professional images on the site. The money that I receive I invest in the date. I have my makeup professionally done, my hair, and get a fresh manicure and pedicure. I do use Uber or Lyft. If you ever give the site another try talk to your perspective date before you go out. I have spoken to a gentleman that is driving from another state to meet me for three weeks. He was out of the country when he accepted my offer. He did have access to text while he was in Japan, we got to know each other a fair bit. There are all kinds of women who frequent the site as well as men. I do not know how old your date was, that could play a factor. Good luck to you.

    • Whyn says:

      Hi Mike,
      Caveat Emptor. You, unfortunately, set yourself up for failure. I’m quite frankly surprised that a man who expects …whatever he expects…wouldn’t be more discerning with his $400. I’m sure we could all line up and share our mistakes and instances where learning curve consequences ended up really being worth it once we got the hang of it and a better lay of the land. Unfortunate that you chose to lash out and besmirch a woman you both praise and condemn for being available, open and amenable to your failure to lead the date and create the experience you were urgent to enjoy.
      If i get even a whiff of penny pinching and date event accounting im gone…whether it be text, email, phone or in person. med at your date , the site you both chose,

      • Robert says:

        Are you out of your mind? Did you read one word that Mike wrote? Apparently you have something in common with the scammer he’s talking about, or at least misguided sympathy. Mike should not have dropped everything and rush to the date. He should have been more on guard. That being said, it doesn’t excuse hooking and grifting. And indeed, if what Mike said is true, she is a grifter, a hooker, or both. Actually, I take that back – hookers are far more honest.

  25. ananymous says:

    Hello folks! Are you a young man or woman, in need of a sugar mummy, daddy, etc here is the opportunity you have been waiting for!! Get connected today to our wealthy sugar mamas and papas here. But you must be very presentable, good looking, humble and most importantly you must be sexually romantic. If you are very sure you possess these qualities then contact Dr Larry today via the following phone numbers +2348163807836 or whatsApp and get connected.

  26. Alex Thomas says:

    I’ve used both WYP and SA to great success for both parties involved. Several dozen women over a two and one-half year period. Several women I developed recurring dating relationships with. I was never dumped by anyone I didn’t already want to end jt with. More first dates had intimacy involved than didn’t, but I invested time upfront before we met to filter out incompatible women. I was not intrested at all in a long term relationship, prostitution, nor SD/SB sceanrios, and one way or another, that was communicated clearly. Always straight forward, never judge-mental or game-playing (unless it was the type of game we both wanted to play;). I expected only one thing – No B/S. I believe the trust level developed rapidly because of that sincerity and my empathy. ALL were very attractive – some were complete knockouts. A few were only looking for SD but that was thrown out once we started dating. There was overlap in dating more than one woman at same time, and that only became an issue twice. Regardless, it was important to me to avoid BS scenarios, and these were “open” relationships by intent. I ended up establishing regular recurring relationships with four women, and one long term committed (not open) relationship (still involved). I remain friends with a few (a dozen at first but we all move on, and that doesn’t go over well in a committed relationship), and my holiday list was just getting too long. It is definitely a thing where how you approach these sites makes all the difference. Being true to my vision paid off in all involved having an amazing time. I never allowed myself to be sucked into the SD/SB vortex (again, making it clear THAT was not something I was interested in doing, even on SA). I quickly/immediately filtered through the users and insincere types (texting is a starting point, then in most cases a phone call, and then a first date. If THEY made it through that process, we were usually good to go, but if I’M not interested or something goes south, I end it immediately). With only a few exceptions, IF I liked the woman on first date, things went through as desired, and out of those, only a few were disappointing or I wanted to end right away. The majority had a connection on multiple positive levels. I just eventually found someone I really liked and pulled out of the playground. What an experience though. One note of interest is I was AT LEAST twice the age of the woman with only a few exceptions. I invest much time in fitness, grooming, and overall looking as good as I can, and being the type of person almost any woman would want to be with, interesting, fun, focused on their needs and desires, and as stated, taking an honest straight forward approach. I wouldn’t be with anyone I didn’t like or wasn’t attracted to, but with those I did, we had a great experience.

    • Alex Thomas says:

      I just want to clarify that I was on the usual dating sites, then STARTED with WYP, but moved over to SA after 6 months, and never went back. I still used Tinder and Match on occasion, but for men, SA is a much better site. It allows “shopping” for traits one desires, saves a lot of time, and makes successful scenarios many times more likely. I’m not saying this is a site to find marriage, but there is no doubt, if I proposed to some of the women I dated through SA, they would have said yes.

  27. Mike805 says:

    I just Want to give my few cents worth…you guys quit whining.. this site is quite unique yes it has the scammers,hackers and pretenders as every dating site has. I am very new to online dating & was married for many years.. so when I was ready to take the plunge into this cyber dating world I joined multiple sites, not because im plan to cereal date but to get a feel for what is real & what is not.. Ive joined Match, Zoosk, Farmers only, POF just to name a few. I find this site superior to the others as I have met some wonderful women who I dated romantically and went out with as friends. Yes you will have to weed through a lot of BS.. But as a whole the class of women on this site are fantastic. The key is be a gentleman!! most of the women I have met have had problems with other sites as most of the men or should I call boys ..yes a millennial thing are flat out rude & crude.. As a man in my early 60’s & not fat or bald I relish and enjoy a younger woman’s presence and most of all respect and appreciate the unique beautiful quality that a woman has.. when you boys understand that you will get second dates…That’s all I have to say about that… Im Mike & Im out

  28. Charles says:

    With all the fake profiles on there just to get you to spend your credits and then the girl goes AWOL. You can ask for a refund,but they wont even though there was no conversation between you and the women. Thus is robbery at its best.

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