Virtual Gift Guide for Online Dating


We introduced a new feature this week — Virtual Gifting…

For about five credits, Generous members can now send a virtual gift with their offer or email to Attractive members.  Virtual Gifts serves a number of purpose.  First, it allows Generous members to stand out from the crowd by showing he or she is serious about the other person.  Second, given communication is restricted or limited until there is an accepted offer, Virtual Gifts provides a method of communicating expectations and present dating ideas.  Third, a Virtual Gift is simply a nice way to show you’re generous.   Once received and accepted, Virtual Gifts appear on an Attractive member’s profile (the Attractive member does have the privacy option of hiding all their Virtual Gifts from showing).  Once 10 virtual gifts have been received, the Attractive member may redeem them for a 30-day premium upgrade to their account!

So what exactly do each of the Virtual Gifts really mean or imply? You can all let your imagination run wild with dating ideas, but here’s a guide you can go by:

A Dozen Roses:  Red, beautiful, romantic … it sends a powerful message of love and admiration.  The rose is the most popular gift thus far.  Yes! Who would have imagined that over 70% of the gifts given by Generous members so far on is the rose.  Romance is well and alive!

Airplane Tickets:  If your date is a long distance one, and you’re willing to pay for her airplane tickets, this gift would serve perfectly.  Perhaps you’re looking for a travel companion, or you’d like to communicate a life with you would be filled with fun, adventure and excitement of travel to exotic places?

Movie & Popcorn:  The classic movie and pop-corn gift may say that’s what you want to do on your first date, but perhaps it has a deeper meaning?  You’re simple and down to earth, or that there’s no pressure or expectations. Everyone loves going to the movie, so you just can’t go wrong with this gift.

Shopping Bags: If there is one thing most girls love, it is  shopping! So if you want to take your date out shopping, this may be the gift to give.  But beware! This gift contains implicit and deep meaning, so unless you’re really generous and are intending to splurge, we suggest you stay clear of this one.  It is definitely not for misers.

Spa Treatment: Besides shopping, girls (and guys) love going to the Spa.  But who doesn’t like being pampered with a massage or a facial?  If you want to take your date out to a Spa, there are tons of Spas that offer couples treatments.  If you know how to pamper your date, communicate it with this gift.

Champagne Glasses:  It says you want to meet over a glass of sparkling wine.  If you are giving this gift, be sure you are willing to talk, and more importantly to listen.  For those who are interested in getting to know their date better, this may just be the one – classy yet sparkling!

A Game of Tennis:  If you’re athletic, competitive, or simply up for some outdoor activities, this is says it all.  This gift is also well suited for those seeking friendship or activity partners. But even a game of tennis or golf can be steamy  especially when your date asks you to help her improve her game… 😉

Dinner / Sushi:  If a dinner date is what you are looking for, then send this gift.  The restaurant you pick can say a lot about your taste and character, and it can also provide the perfect atmosphere to seduce or turn-off your date.  But whether it’s Sushi or Italian, just remember not to speak when your mouth is full. 😛

Lingerie:  If you’re sensual, this may be the one to give… but be VERY CAREFUL who you send this gift to, because it has sexual meaning to some.  As such, we recommend you only send this gift to members after you’ve been exchanging emails with them for a while, and only if you know they’re just as playful as you are.

A Pair of Dice:  If you love taking risks, or if you just like to go to Las Vegas, this one’s for you.  It says, take a chance on me… I’m lucky… I’m unexpected… I’m spontaneous!  This is a great way to communicate that you are open to the opportunity!Send this one, and ask your date to roll the Dice!

What’s your Favorite Gift, and why?

What other Virtual Gifts would you like to see?

62 Responses to “Virtual Gift Guide for Online Dating”

  1. queen says:

    A spa date is my favorite because it gives a man the full picture of how much beauty treatments cost. 500 for the female and 300 for the male plus 100 tip. You get to pick five treatments. I do the couples massage, hair, micropeel facial, body wrap and eyelash extentions. Total 900.00! Most guys jaws drop but…welcome to my world! It is crazy what they charge girls!

    • Blue says:

      LOL So true! A facial alone is upwards of $100.

      Personally when I go to the spa I want to be by myself or my girlfriends not some dude from a website unless you are my serious boyfriend already and forget virtual gifts… JUST SHOW ME THE MONEY!!

      It says get paid to date guaranteed, and that’s all I want. Period!

      • cherrydactyl says:

        troof. I’m a massage therapist, and DAMN RIGHT spa’s are expensive as hell. but I’d rather someone just sends me a regular date invite and a message about taking me to a spa than waste his cash giving me stupid profile icons to prove his hard-on or love or whatever it’s supposed to be, haha.

        • Zorah Wright says:

          They are simple gestures… just as you might draw a heart on a note to the object of your affection… if you like it dry, take it. I like to be warmed up personally.

  2. really says:

    You mean on Farmworld? Yes, I hear it’s horrible what they charge fantasy game players. But it’s such un to pretend, huh?

  3. nowknowk says:

    This is such a silly, rapacious idea; don’t most people on this site speak the same language? Is the guy unable to just write what he proposes without the use of little icons that WYP charges a nickle for, or is this inovation for the spectacularly ugly loser who has no hope for a date despite the money he offers? Are we really such children on this site, and what other petty charges for “services” can you charge? I’m excited to see what comes next.

    • Zorah Wright says:

      NowKnowk, silly perhaps but for the sake of levity and since some people interpret information differently than others we thought it would be fun, demonstrative and add another level of communication. It does say a lot. Take how you may 🙂

      • nowknowk says:

        How do you mean, “some people interpret information differently” exactly? We’re talking about icons here, not anything tangible. I spend 5 points (at $2.50 to you for providing me with this icon) to send a little picture of a cliche “gift” that is not a promise, not even a suggestion. Is the thought behind the idea (besides giving another revenue source if men are fool enough to…give them in any number) that the women are like pet crows attracted to anything shiny and bright, or are they more like fish who will go for a fly made of horse-feathers? Either way, and for both sexes, it’s assuming we all rode the short bus to school.

        • Blue says:

          LOL So agree~!

          As a woman I certainly didn’t come here for virtual gifts or the *suggestion* of anything or empty promises. I had no idea until now that they were paid for icons by the way. Thanks for pointing that out.

        • Idea says:

          If there were some connection between the “virtual gift” and replying it would make them both more than just a tiny waste of band width. Someone said that they had gotten a hundred of them (probably hyperbole, but nevertheless) which means just that one person earned $2500 for WYP. Since the revenue to WYP is mainly generated by replies opened, it would be far smarter for WYP to make it worthwhile for the woman to reply to such an “offer”, such that if she responds, she gets say half the cost of the icon from WYP and if the dude then reads her reply, he gets a return of the credits. WYP would not lose out because it would encourage correspondence, which is the real money maker not these nickel and dime stunts that brings in pennies that they seem to be fixated on from what others have said about their other web sites. It would benefit them tremendously, make the system better for everyone and show that this isn’t just a fly-by-night site made to amass the most money in the short time the owners are interested in maintaining it.

        • Idea says:

          sorry, $250, not $2500

  4. queen says:

    Blue, i been on many spa dates but my treatments last about an hour longer and the sugar daddy ends up splitting never to be seen again after they see the huge bill! Once i got stuck with the 100 dollar tip because he said the food was cold. All where first dates. Everything was cool til the bill came. Ewwww

  5. dime_bag says:

    Oh, I don’t know, just imagine how long it took them to craft those icons. You’re paying for the genius it required to both develop those cliche gifts gifs (or to simply download them and make them available) and the audacity it requires to charge for a few pixels that mean absolutely nothing. I for one would like to extend my thanks to Brandon or whatever the founder’s name is…

  6. Nena says:

    Virtual gifts are stupid. Rather have the real thing.

  7. Funchick4u2c says:

    Yes the Spa is expensive, but you can choose what you like and want. I like the mani and pedi myself. I also like roses and dinner, but mainly to be in the company of a gentleman.

  8. queen says:

    Funchic…the mani and pedi in a spa package of five things for 500 i passed on because i can get those cheaper at another time and seemed a waste in my package so i picked the other more costly services. I still left missing those and my hair done! Perhaps if men used the services more they would not charge so much. Females get ripped off! I saw where mink eyelash extentions are 300 and those have to be done every 21 days. You have to be rich!!

    • king says:

      Not rich, just a pretentious moron. Perhaps if there were fewer insecure women who felt so hideous inside that they wanted to pay ridiculous amounts (not to mention in this case caging/killing a wild animal – unless she insists on nothing but trap-killed beasts for her eyes) to feel better about their uselessness, or perhaps if there were a shot that would inject intelligence into any woman who would consider doing such idiocy, the prices would plummet.

      • lovechild275 says:

        LOL! 😛 Priceless comment. I totally agree.

        And for all you chics flipping out over icons and and putting down the website for a cute idea, GET REAL!!! Just because no1 is sending u any icons doesn’t mean u should put the idea down. It’s the websites choice. No matter how many females bind together against it, the site will not pay attention to ur ignorance. If u don’t like the site then astalavista babies. 😛
        Try to deal with those insecurities tho. For real. Goodbye and good luck with all that.

  9. queen says:

    Your abusive king and a serious bully. If i like long lashes so i dont have to get red allergy eyes from mascarra then so be it. Otherwise you always have the au natural who do not even shave legs and some men enjoy that as well. Everyone can do as they wish and to be judged is pointless because your a nobody to me anyway….

  10. king says:

    You obviously have deep issues with lack of self-confidence if my voicing an opinion about the slaughter of animals so that a woman (not you, since you can’t afford it yourself) can “beautify” her eyes is being a “bully” to you. Mink fur is far too soft and pliable to be eyelash material, so the use of it is entirely for the cache of the word “mink”, synonymous with luxury…in the 1960s. I’m nobody to you you say, nor was I attempting to be, but being judged is exactly what such fakery is for, m’Lady: you want to be judged beautiful, alluring, worthy. I just happen to find the act both incredibly inane and the killing of animals for prosthetic masks to cover over physical and mental deficiencies self-centered and cruel. No skin off your nose what I think of a woman who considers mink lashes a real luxury. And besides, if you had any confidence in your own opinion and felt that such as you are in need of mink lashes why would you reply as if you were hurt?

    • Blue says:

      King, I’m a vegan and I agree but even I had no clue what you were referring to in your last post until you clarified it. I think your point got lost in your attack.

      If you want to a point and take a stand for animals, you can most certainly do that, just without the seething hatred and name calling, otherwise you may not be taken as seriously as you would wish.

      • king says:

        Blue, I’ve read some of your own excessively lengthy opinions on this site (and understand you’ve appointed yourself to be the blog police here) but you seem to never have actually read the post to which you reply.

        You read the tearful post by a female who took personal offense to my opinion and employ her word for what I wrote as an “attack”. Her insecurity about her own belief and your tender mollycoddling of such are not my fault, however. I just stated my opinions about the practice of such incredibly tacky pretentiousness; I have nothing against the construct that is “queen” personally. Just as I have nothing against you except where you want to attack what I wrote and repress what I am saying because it doesn’t meet your standards for delicacy. Bu I’m not trying to impress you with my sensitivity or to garner applause for pandering. I also understand that you feel the need to act as if what I wrote was incomprehensible so that you can undermine the idea in what I had to say and allow yourself to be pedantic in advising me on proper writing technique, but except to the easily influenced, it just comes across as you having a reading disability. Also not my fault.

        • kristina says:

          Once again king you come on here attacking the females. open mouth insert foot already.

        • jester says:

          He’s not attacking the females. He’s attacking shallowness. The shallow person may be female, blonde, white, blue eyed and human, but he’s not attacking humans, blondes, blue eyed people, or females.

          He’s making a point about some particular things she has to say and opinions she holds.

          And I think most men would agree with him.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dear life force, that which created the eternities and instilled in us free will, I ask you for forgiveness. I dated a beautiful woman without mercy. Her thorns remain in my body and the poison still burns and will not leave. Time and Forgetfulness are not fast enough. Oh please help me purge these terrible feelings in lines dedicated to you. The girl uses the gifts you have bestowed on her dishonestly and cruelly. But you will one day remove them from her for you are the only one who can maintain eternal perfection.

    When I held your arm against the sky
    Clouds blushed from their bellies,
    For the whiteness of your skin
    Had made them
    Seem grey.

    As my kisses pressed upon your nape
    Mists from the mountains retreated
    Unable to match our
    Bliss and perfection.

    Waves ceased to stroke the
    Glistening shores
    And gulls in distant skies
    Were ordered to return.

    Our kisses coupled
    And released
    A thousand times
    While my being fell
    Into the care of your pure hands.

    You horrible w%$&h!

  12. queen says:

    About to go out for a steak dinner too in my leather shoes from italy….oh my how horrible am i? I am native american and wear bone jewlery too!

  13. king says:

    Of course you are missing the point entirely, queen. But that is to be expected.

  14. wrong says:

    We Native Americans have long had the tradition of using freshly killed animals skins to enhance our limp eyelashes. That’s the real reason Leonard Peltier is in prison. It shows we are one with nature.

  15. kristina says:

    Your ip can be seen to site owners and what profile you log into. One would think it would be best to behave on this blog if you want to stay on the site.

    • king says:

      Why is everyone acting as if anything I wrote is an “attack”? My words are in no way as “attacking” as, for instance, blue’s diatribes against Zorah for what she, blue, thought was bad advice. I’m sorry if you find my disgust for the need to use mink fake eyelashes so devastating to your world view. If you feel that deserving of $300 bi-weekly eyelash treatments, and if you believe so entirely that it is good and just that mink is the only proper fur for you, than why not just ignore what I wrote instead of pretending like I have an unjust influence on you..but, no, forget it, I’ve wasted enough time on this issue.

      • cherrydactyl says:

        blue said the idea was dumb. you called a woman dumb. there is a difference, and that difference is “attacking” someone, and expressing an opinion, even a negative one. he didn’t continue to rant at zorah (like you did with queen) so quit comparing yourself to someone you’ve already posted mean things about. it just makes you look dumber. oh shit, did I just take the troll bait. *SNAP* damn.

        • Zorah Wright says:

          I really don’t mind being ranted at. It serves a purpose in fact… it tells me more about you and what you are doing here as well as what your expectations are. I try to note that when I consider what I’m going to write about. I have had some horrendous experiences in my life, but have had the great fortune to find my way out of them. Mostly bad decisions I made in my early 20’s..where I now consider myself blessed and lucky. But I’m still insatiably curious and interested in people– actually HuMans, more than people. Surprisingly, most people can become HuMan….given the opportunity

        • Blue says:

          I wish I knew more people were like you Zorah. You are a very strong, compassionate woman and I admire that in you. Gutsy and beautiful!

        • Zorah Wright says:

          Thank you. I appreciate that and you can consider me someone you know now.
          I did have to suspend a couple of the back and forths, but I have to say I greatly appreciate your humor here. It’s good.

        • king says:

          No, I did not. Which particular woman did I call dumb?

          The word I used was ‘moron’ by the way. I stick to that and to the ‘pretentious’ as well. It is my opinion. But please, point out to me the specific woman you accuse me of affronting.

        • kristina says:

          Using the name king is a way to be rude to queen. How do you not see even that as bully?

      • Blue says:

        It’s not just what I thought was bad advice, it’s what I know is bad advice as a security consultant trained extensively in hand to hand combat, military weapons training and having a world class education in profiling criminals I felt strongly that Zorah was treading on thin ice with her off the cuff suggestions and that it was very important to make it clear to others that getting into cars with strangers, carrying illegal weapons and confronting thieves by yourself, or providing too much personal information could lead to kidnapping, identity theft, stalking or blackmail. I know because I have seen it very often in my work. I cannot stress these thing enough.

        Sorry you took them as mere diatribes but the site should stick to what it does best and not complicate or jeopardize women’s lives with misinformation.

  16. cvdv says:

    Getting back to the issues of virtual gifts and icons!!!! leave the other debates to another platform ughhh … I’ve been on other sites associated to the same developers of WYP and todate have had 0ver 100 virtual gifts sent to me in random emails.

    Not one has panned out to one dollar or a single act of following through with what is implied ….

    This is just another way to dangle more karats from guys who don’t have real intent or worse don’t even respond to emails after accepting their offers.

    I’d rather have my date bring or offer the gifts at the table as a nice surprise on our date…. icon and virtual is just silly

    • king says:

      From the female side, yes. And from the male side (at least this one) one would hope a woman of interest would be intelligent enough to realize that.

    • Zorah Wright says:

      I guess it is not the thought that counts… I’d have to agree. But it is an option and has sparked some reactive response. Anyone want to volunteer for the next hot topic you would like me to research and address on my next blog?

  17. kristina says:

    You called the name moron so that is an attack in my world and not a way to talk to anyone regardless mr king.

    • Blue says:

      No it was pretentious moron….and idiocy…now that both of his feet are stuck in his mouth all I hear are the muffled cries coming from afar.

      • king says:

        No one addresses the question I keep asking, which individual did I call a pretentious moron? An ‘attack’ requires a specific target, not just an amorphous blob of possibles. If you said, “I’m a vegan, I abhor the killing of animals and anyone actively involved in animal slaughter is not nice”, should I who is not currently and has never been employed in an abattoir consider that an attack on me personally? Is no one here able to see the difference between an attack (a direct affront) and opinion about an action done by hypothetical and unknown group? I think for instance cruelty to children is wrong, that wife-beating is bad, that rape is not a good thing, that murder is inhuman and that people who commit these things are evil; is that an attack on a particular person on this blog?

        That said, I will stop posting now. Yes, I promised that before, but since everyone just repeated the ‘attack’ accusation it apparently needed clarification. If it still does, than there is nothing I can do.

  18. king says:

    Who did I call a moron? Any particular person? queen said she could not afford them and that you had to be rich to have them done. I said no, that such a person would have to be a moron. I did not issue an ad hominem attack against anyone since she had already said she did not get them. Where is the “attack” then? She on the other hand called me a bully and now you are saying I attacked.

  19. Mantreus says:

    I don’t see a problem with the gifts, considering they’re sent with an offer, and you can’t actually write anything when you make an offer, it’s a way of making your intentions clear.

    Someone earlier mentioned that we “all know why we’re here”, but based on what I’m reading in the comments on previous blog posts, that doesn’t appear to be true at all. Also, one date I had mentioned that I was the ONLY one that didn’t expect sex out of about 8 offers she’d received.

    Of course, there’s nothing stopping some guy sending flowers or sushi and then expecting sex, but I guess it’s worth a shot! 🙂

    I personally won’t be using them, as I think it’s pretty clear on my profile what I’m after.

    Zorah, maybe the next blog post should be about how well king and queen get along on their first date 😉

  20. Howitz says:

    Nice. They’re deleting blog posts again. Big Brother Brandon.

    • NeverStop says:

      you really think a ceo trolls through a blog on one of his many sites?

      • king says:

        A week after I wrote them, most of the comments I made in reply to un-fair accusations of “attacking” are still listed as “…being moderated”. The site is censoring me while allowing my accusers to make unsupported opinions about me. Draw your own conclusions. that is, if this is allowed to be published.

        • Zorah Wright says:

          Dear King and others, this is a dating site, and I think it states very clearly that people should treat each other with respect here on the blog and on the dates. In order for this to be an open forum we request that you keep the subject matter to your dates, the site and and relevant topics. When words start coming up like ‘accuser’, ‘attacker’, ‘petty’ etc. between people who have never met or dated it seems a little unnecessary and off track.
          The bottom line is this, for blogging or dating, in life: the only person you can control is yourself and your own behaviors. You have very little power over what anyone else does. I can only suggest that you try to be the type of person you would want to date. Renegotiating date prices once you are on the date or acting out other unexpected behaviors just shows you do not honor your agreements or keep your word. I suggested having some fun negotiating the price of your date, ‘fun’ was the operative word and it was quickly followed by ‘reasonable’ and ‘not being difficult’ which takes the ‘fun’ out of it.
          This works both ways that is why the communication should be clear prior to the date. Respect comes from you first, you will become a leader when you follow that little rule for yourself, and you will get respect in return.
          You are the master of yourself, and none other.

        • king says:

          Zorah, I said I was through with this topic, and I’m not continuing this issue so there’s no need to reply, but you’re being a hypocrite. You yourself took an active part in unjustly accusing me of attacking some woman on this blog. I just defended myself.

      • Zorah Wright says:

        Yes, he does 🙂 you can be assured.

  21. Punktum says:

    I think he or she was using synecdoche or metonym, friend. I also don’t think s/he was implying that s/he was a younger sibling of CEO Wade.

  22. king says:

    Most of the replies I made to un-fair accusations are a week later still listed as, “Your comment s awaiting moderation”, so yeah, @NeverStop, I’d say that was censorship.

    • NeverStop says:

      Yeah, im sure a “blog admin” type is censoring you.. Look at all the ruckus you are causing man.

      You are a troll in it’s purest form, and trolls deserve to be censored.

      • king says:

        Nice try, troll

        • Blue says:

          King ~ At some point you have to have something positive to add to the conversation. You have made your point and are having a difficult time accepting that people disagree with your POV. If this is not your cup of tea, then perhaps you would be better suited to another site.

        • king says:

          What, that I disagree with him that I’m a troll and decline his invitation to defend myself?

  23. Michelle says:

    where are these ” gifts” supposed to be on our profile? I dont see the one that was sent me
    i was sent a bra n panties gift with a 5.00 offer needless to say i turned down the offer

    • NeverStop says:

      It looks like the gift only shows on the girl’s profile if she accepts the date..

      I have sent a few gifts out, a couple of girls accepted them and they showed right on their profile under the “about me” part..

      btw.. who in the heck would pay for the gift and put such a low offer price! What a dummy 😀

  24. queen says:

    Lol @mantreus!

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