Top Five Craziest Dating Trends of 2017
  • Posted Apr 1, 2017
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Number four works EVERY time! 

Always eager to stay on top of the latest dating tips, the WhatsYourPrice staff has compiled their favorite up and coming dating trends sure to up your game both online and off!

1. Netflix and Thrill: Just in time for April Fool’s Day, “Netflix and Thrill” proves that women still love the funny guy! To jump on this trend, invite bae over for a cozy movie night…but insist that everyone wears a monster mask throughout the entire evening! Bonus: place mirrors everywhere and scare yourselves silly!!

2. Dirty Dancing: Fun for all ages, recreate a magical moment from a romantic movie favorite on your first date! Remember that swoon-worthy scene from “Sweet Home Alabama” where they get struck by lightning? Or that equally amazing romantic comedy moment in “12 Things I Hate About You” where the hero embarrasses the heroine so thoroughly that she runs home crying?? You get the idea, go live your dreams!

3. The Shoe is on the Other…Hand: This bold trend is sure to make your first date memorable! To try this 2017 trend, simply wear your shoes…on your hands! Ask for help opening up your car door, request assistance cutting your food at dinner, refuse to discuss why shoes are on your hands – you’re mysterious!

5. The Main Event: This crazy trend receives a 10/10 for creativity and thoughtfulness! Invite your first date out for a special evening – VIP access, backstage passes, amazing front row seats, the works! Surprising your new bae with tickets to “Sesame Road on Ice, the Sequel!” will let them know you’re serious about making a great connection…with Elmo.

Did you read this far? If you were hoping for some lifesaver dating advice and all you found was this lousy April Fool’s Day blog, please feel free to peruse the remainder of the blog section – no fooling, we’ve got great first date advice packed into the rest of our other blogs! is the ultimate dating hack – cut the nonsense of online dating and skip straight to your first date!

[**Disclaimer: Please don’t actually recreate that scene from “Sweet Home Alabama.” Lightning is probably pretty dangerous, and full disclosure, the author of this blog is 100% terrified of making the WYP Legal Team angry.**]


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