Top 3 Dating Profile Blunders Women Make
  • Posted Mar 5, 2013
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Guys get the short end of the stick when it comes to dating profile mistakes. But, as much as women would like to think that all we need is a good profile picture and not to sound ex-crazy, over 67% of women commit bloopers.

Women have this innate need to not come outright with what they want. Instead, we try to pass ourselves off as what we think is the ideal woman. I’m sure you can see the problem with this equation. Let’s look at the most common dating profile blunders women make.

1.)    All-Strings-Attached

Beware the woman who says she only wants No-Strings-Attached relationships. Often the culprit of such delusional behavior is a bad break-up. Ladies, be true to yourselves and say what you are looking for outright. Otherwise, six months down the line he will be leaving you for Ms. Right because he saw you as Ms. Right Now.

2.)    Not-So-Peep Show

Do not post pictures in your lingerie. If you model for lingerie company then that is acceptable. Otherwise, keep artsy or “selfies” off of your dating profile. Seeing you in your lingerie makes him think of one thing: fucking you and nothing else. This becomes a problem if you are looking for an actual relationship. Many serious-relationship hunting men are turned off when it looks like all the boys were doing more than just “comin’ to your yard”.

3.)    The Expert-Novice

Can’t cook? Guess what, don’t say you can. Barely learned how to surf with one lesson last summer but your dating profile states, “Hobbies include surfing…” Lying about your skills and hobbies will nip any budding romance. A man trying to make an impression or get to know a potential partner will choose activities that cater to her hobbies. How embarrassing would it be if he spends $300 for a trip to San Diego plus rentals, only to end up saving you after a massive wipe-out? Yikes!

Gentlemen, what are other common bloopers women make?

Ladies, have you ever been guilty of the following blunders?

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