Three Rules to Effectively Complimenting Women
  • Posted Mar 20, 2013
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1.) Too Much of a Good Thing…

is a bad thing. At least, when it comes to compliments. A woman will always analyze what you say, even if it is meant to flatter. Whether your intentions are good or bad, a multitude of compliments is often perceived as an underlying motive. This is especially true on a first date—the trick to admiring a woman is simple: quality over quantity. Most importantly, enter every date with a mindset to be observant, not likeable. That way, your compliments will be timely, honest, and feel less manufactured.

2.) Avoid Stating the Obvious

Never tell a woman that she looks “hot” or “beautiful.” Always utilize adjectives that are less common. Otherwise, you will be viewed exactly as that: common and unoriginal. When complimenting, also be as specific as possible. For example, telling a woman she has a great smile when she laughs has much more weight than telling her she’s “the most beautiful girl in the restaurant.”

Here are some examples of more unique ways to admire a woman:

  • “Wow, you have a very warm personality. I feel very relaxed around you.”
  • “I like that you’re quick-witted—it’s refreshing to speak with someone who can keep up.”
  • “Has anyone told you that you have really cute dimples when you smile?”
  • “I appreciate the sarcasm—it’s good to meet a girl with a great sense of humor.”
  • “The girl-next-door is so hard to meet nowadays. I’m really glad I asked you out.”

Notice that each example is concise—this tells a woman two things: you are paying attention to her and you value her for being unique.

3.) Pair Compliments with Gestures

As you open the door for her, tell her how well her dress looks. Or as you pour her wine, comment on how you both made a great selection. Being gentlemanly implies that you are classy and mean well. Combining these gestures with your actual sentiment is even better.


What are some other ways to effectively compliment a woman?

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