The Total Cost of “The One”
  • Posted Aug 23, 2016
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It’s been said that love don’t cost a thing, but sometimes it does. E! News recently reported that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston spent an estimated $115,186 in the process of courting one another. While most of us cannot afford to spend quite that much on love, the members of WhatsYourPrice have confirmed that there is a true price to finding “the one.”

This is an infographic with some of the costs required to find true love:



Dinner, drinks, chocolate, flowers, among the other incidentals a man must purchase to court a woman can quickly add up. The average man on WhatsYourPrice drops between $100 and $150 on his first date, combine that with the standard date-offer of $120, and the price-tag of the typical date night lands around $245. The total cost for a man to settle down? Approximately $2,940.

 Dating isn’t cheap for the ladies either. Most women are spending between $60 and $90 to prepare for their first date, throw in an Uber to the restaurant or bar and she’s easily spent $120 just to meet a new gentleman. It’s only fair that they’re reimburse for some of their expenses with the date-offer!

It takes women an estimated hour and forty minutes to get ready for a big night out, which pales in comparison to the forty minutes it takes the gents. According to The National Retail Federation, men spend an average of $163.37 on Valentine’s Day gifts, while women spend $84.72.

How much would you spend to meet your match?




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11 Responses to “The Total Cost of “The One””

  1. jeremy says:

    are you forreal

  2. smart says:

    Ladies, BEWARE!!! Most of these guys are CHEAP chumps preying on us ladies and if they can’t even afford an offer of $100 and offer you $5, something is WRONG WITH THEIR PENIS AND THEIR WALLET….HAHAHAHHA….these aren’t “men”, these are predator cheapskate losers preying on ladies that are worthy, dateable, and fun, but beware these guys are disguised as men or guys, but in reality aren’t even worth spending time with!!!! They’re predators and I SAY REPORT THEM AND BLOCK THEM and What’s Your Price needs to remove these JERKS and PREDATORS

    • John says:

      Im not sure, but im for real. So u after a rick man. Im looking for rich women. Just keep your head on baby. No exersist required.

    • Andre says:

      If you are telling me 100 gets me into your pants then by all means let’s meet. Otherwise you have to understand that finding someone compatible on a site like this isn’t easy. It sucks that you are running into issues meeting someone, but maybe you should relook your profile and attitude as that may have something to do with it. Mind you I will admit that there are trolls on both sides, but let’s be real this site if for men who have disposable income and want to meet young women.

  3. Ericka says:

    I can’t even get a date unless I’m white or mixed that’s messed up

    • Ebony says:

      I empathize with you on that one. They don’t want black girls….they want skinny white women or a very slim mixed chicks because (and this is coming from a rich Jewish guy I have known for years) they are very submissive, don’t question anything and they make their dicks look way bigger then it really is. So black girls don’t fit that criteria 🙂

  4. 30honeybee says:

    I want to be treaded like a princess if you ever come to bangladesh please mail me

  5. Andy E. Vidales says:

    Would like to meet older ladies 55-70 doesn’t have to be beautiful or skinny just a good heart

    • Taufel says:

      You are competing with me! I am also looking to find older mature women with good heart and attitude. Unfortunately, this site is infected with young girls looking to make quick bucks. They are not here for friendship or relationship, but one time cash and expensive dinner. I got lots of offers from young girls, but nothing serious and nothing of interest to me!
      Notwithstanding the foregoing, I am sure there are mature, sincere and good hearted women here too, and I wish you best of luck!

  6. louise white says:

    I’ve just started a few weeks ago and I put natural pikkys on with no makeup and I have had 5 dates with great guys… dont knock the site cos the guys can tell gold diggers a mile away

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