The Total Cost of “The One”
  • Posted Aug 23, 2016
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It’s been said that love don’t cost a thing, but sometimes it does. E! News recently reported that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston spent an estimated $115,186 in the process of courting one another. While most of us cannot afford to spend quite that much on love, the members of WhatsYourPrice have confirmed that there is a true price to finding “the one.”

This is an infographic with some of the costs required to find true love:



Dinner, drinks, chocolate, flowers, among the other incidentals a man must purchase to court a woman can quickly add up. The average man on WhatsYourPrice drops between $100 and $150 on his first date, combine that with the standard date-offer of $120, and the price-tag of the typical date night lands around $245. The total cost for a man to settle down? Approximately $2,940.

 Dating isn’t cheap for the ladies either. Most women are spending between $60 and $90 to prepare for their first date, throw in an Uber to the restaurant or bar and she’s easily spent $120 just to meet a new gentleman. It’s only fair that they’re reimburse for some of their expenses with the date-offer!

It takes women an estimated hour and forty minutes to get ready for a big night out, which pales in comparison to the forty minutes it takes the gents. According to The National Retail Federation, men spend an average of $163.37 on Valentine’s Day gifts, while women spend $84.72.

How much would you spend to meet your match?




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