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  • Posted Sep 5, 2014
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After the first few months of dinners, movies, and other dates, you and your significant other are bound to get the dreaded question: “So, where did you two meet?”

Meeting online is so common that one third of recently married couples began their romances on the Internet. Then why are we still so ashamed to admit it?

Coming up with a meet cute is common practice for meeting online, as a way to avoid the stereotypes and scrutiny that comes hand in hand with relationships that start on the webIf you’re looking for a substitute for your less than storybook meeting, here are a few of the best meet cutes I have ever come across.

Supermarket Sweep

Finding each other in the middle of the produce aisle has a certain je ne sais quoi. Nothing rings more innocent to the ear than a couple who reaches for the same mango, and has been holding hands ever since.

Mutual Mates

This is the most common meet cute of them all. For couples with little imagination and lots of people to fool, meeting through a mutual friend seems the most natural. The real question is: who is the mutual friend that none of your other friends or family knows? They sound like a real cupid.

Bar None

Fate works in mysterious ways, like drawing two people from opposite ends of town to the same local watering hole. Going to the same bar isn’t the unbelievable part. What is questionable is being at a bar and meeting someone. Rarely do I go to a bar in hopes of starting a meaningful conversation. All the hot guys are too busy watching sports anyway.

Train and Gain

Literally running into each other on the track is an adorable meet cute. Plenty of happy couples meet this way, and if you both actually work out regularly then it’s foolproof. There is even psychology data that suggest the couple that lifts together, sticks together.

Puppy Love

Being overly friendly will have you meeting people in no time, especially if you’re a sweet little puppy. If your dogs are comfortable enough to sniff each other’s butts at first sight, it’s sure to be a frisky romance between the owners. This meet cute is straight out of 101 Dalmatians, and a charming story.

The Rear End

Serendipity takes new form in this tall tale. There is nothing more fateful than crashing into one another in a fit of lust and smashed fenders. I met a couple once really said they met in a traffic accident. He bumped into her rear end, and then continued to do so until they were happily married.


Formulating a meet cute is part of many relationships that start online, but that doesn’t necessarily need to be the case. Telling the truth about how you met can be an equally interesting conversation piece.

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