The Recipe to Dating
  • Posted Apr 11, 2017
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Food is an essential part of love and dating, from those tentative first dinner dates to making soup for a lover when they’re stuck at home sick. The vocabulary that lovers use is food obsessed – “honeybun”, “sugar”, “sweet thing” – and this is not entirely separate from our desire to nibble and otherwise devour those who we desire. Find a lover with whom your eating tastes conflict, and you are likely in for a short and tempestuous relationship before you both return, hungry for love, to the dating market. Never mind – “there’s plenty more fish in the sea”!

On the other hand, find someone with whom food can be creative and romantic experience, and you may be sowing the seeds for deeper feelings. Food is a fundamental part of our lives – three squares a day, plus snacks! – and the couple that cooks together, stays together. Find somebody that you can happily eat and sleep with, and the forecast is good.

So while the first few dates with a stranger are best kept in the public realm, with lunches and dinners and the eventual cheeky breakfast in restaurants or out in nature, making a date to cook together is a small but significant step in a blossoming relationship. If you’re a good cook, it’s a chance to show off your skills and maybe learn something new together; if you’re a terrible cook, it’s a great opportunity to show your enthusiasm and your sense of humor. If the dish ends up a disaster, it can even be a romantic bonding experience.

Of course, it’s important to be clear about your boundaries. If you don’t like being told what to do, or you have a kitchen skill that you’re particularly proud of, it’s useful to bring it up at the start so nobody feels hurt or disappointed. Maybe you’ll find that the kitchen is a steamy place to start getting up close and personal, or perhaps one or both of you prefer to have a bit more space until dessert is over. This is why cooking together is a great way to find out more about yourselves as a partnership, rather than perpetual idealized restaurant dates (which certainly still have their place!).

Looking for ideas on what to cook? This new data visualization from CashNetUSA uses Google search statistics to figure out which states are searching for which recipes to try. If you know where your date is from, try suggesting you make one of these dishes together. If all the ingredients are right, you could be in for a satisfying experience.


What is your favorite first date food?


13 Responses to “The Recipe to Dating”

  1. Jeremy says:

    And we wonder why there is an obesity epidemic in this country.

    • Elizabeth Babington says:

      Many people are too afraid to try something new in the kitchen. I love teaching cooking classes. Pairing new flavors and using intuitive eating to create something out of the ordinary instead of relying on recipes makes for a tasty innovative meal and relationship.

      • Dave Vincent says:

        I agree with you a fun date could be something you show up with at their door and prepare on the spot (just remember to clean up after yourself or you might get the response you want in the end of the night) As for me again like you I love to cook I am classically trained chef in Paris and have worked all over the world as well as on many TV programs. I retired a couple of years ago and am always getting requests to go to peoples parties to cater for them. It is fun but I would love to meet ladies that want to learn something fun. I don’t care if the are attached or married maybe what I “teach” them will make their life more fun or in a bedroom. There is nothing better than using your body as a serving platter and putting little tidbits all over it that your partner or date (if you wish) can lick or nibble off of you. Be creative with food and have fun with it. I used to get in trouble when I was in France taking my classes because I would tell the teacher that the food looked sexy….Now that is how everyone describes it as food is sexy

    • Massa says:

      lol it’s true but your comment made me laugh o much.

  2. vanece says:

    I’m so happy

  3. Kristi Richards says:

    I am looking for a real man who travels eats appetizers had a nice cocktail learn about each other I am real and smiles eye contacts make the relationship

  4. Peacescott says:

    Am looking for a man that would take Care of me and treat me like a queen…I need someone that will provide my needs

  5. Debbie dale says:

    You have men that have not been on line in years and I keep receiving the same old ones

  6. abdully says:

    I need a really lady who is ready for love.

  7. Be happy enjoy life and a true gentleman that is thoughtful and
    .your life will be better

  8. Naman Young says:

    A stranger in my kitchen for appetizers and drinks puts the effort I need to start things off right. From there, the date has the say in the type of food, I would always suggest if requested.

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