The Psychology of WhatsYourPrice
  • Posted Jan 16, 2014
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An online dating auction isn’t exactly conventional, but the basis is more traditional than you might think. Let’s examine why this medium is the future of online dating, and more importantly: why it works.

 The Female Form

Personal preferences vary, but there are some biological tendencies that we cannot escape. Due to the innate desire of men to “spread their seed,” seeking out a young, attractive counterpart is in their best interest. Younger women are more fertile, and pretty women have preferential DNA.

The main sources of attraction are all linked to fertility, psychologists suggest. Young women are considered more fertile, and therefore more interesting to men. Slender women are likely not pregnant, so men see a small waist as an invitation to fertilize. But wider hips and larger breasts are optimal for child rearing, so men have a tendency to favor those traits. While the feminist in me wants to scold men for being so shallow, it’s really more a matter of social Darwinism. That’s the idea that the most attractive people will find each other and make children who are even more attractive.

 The Male Mentality

Ladies have personal preferences that are also tied to their innate desire to reproduce. Taller men have more appeal because they will produce larger children, which are more likely to be healthy. The fertility reasoning is instinctive, but why does wealth matter so much more to women?

Since females literally bear the burden of pregnancy, it’s vital that they find a man who can provide for them adequately. For that reason, women seek successful partners so they can pass on their DNA to a deserving and supportive person. But do women prefer men with a Porsche as opposed to a Honda? Psychologists think not.

It’s not necessarily the fact that the man is wealthy that makes him attractive, but that he is willing to express his gratitude financially.


Even with success on their side, some men still find it difficult to gain the attention of attractive women. Waiving cash around is not the point of a dating auction. On WhatsYourPrice, power is shifted to the less attractive party, and the appeal is increased by placing a bid. We are so sure this works, WhatsYourPrice has a First Date Guarantee. While flaunting a Porsche might serve as peacocking for some men, willingness to provide financial bounty is the ultimate boast.

Research suggests that over 60 percent of women are looking for a man who can support them. Despite all feminist forward thinking, the majority of women still would prefer to stay home with a male counterpart as the breadwinner. Is this phenomenon of “marrying up” reflected on WhatsYourPrice? Absolutely!

Consequential Courtships

We want to make dating as beneficial as possible for all participants. With social and cultural forces at work, it is only natural for the man to take initiative. On WhatsYourPrice, gender norms rule and everyone can enjoy a traditional dating experience with an added bonus. Men get the smart, beautiful woman, and women can feel secure with a supportive and generous man.

Why does WhatsYourPrice work for you?

59 Responses to “The Psychology of WhatsYourPrice”

  1. Mike says:

    Whatsyourprice really has not worked for me. While this site is billed as a “dating auction” site, it has basically become a sugar baby site. Unfortunately it seems the women on here are not looking for a partner as much as they’re looking for someone to pay their bills and buy them stuff so they can live a lifestyle they cannot afford on their own. I’ve met about 29 women on here and they all seem to be chasing the bucks.

    • David says:

      Exactly my experience as well…

      The ladies seem to be interested in pumping out as much cash as possible.

      There seems to be no real interest in anything else,

      And once the cash is in their (greedy little) hands, they vanish and go for the next sucker in line,

      Scam central…

    • tom says:

      I have been on this site over 2 years. Not one person said you are a great person and would like to see you again. ALL of the women i have seen wanted the money upfront and cut any communication after the first date. This is not seeking arrangements or seeking millionaire, but those of whom i have met treat it as such. I try to have a nice time on a date but things usually sour when she comes out and asks if i will help with bills – on the first date.

      • Mike says:

        I haven’t had them ask for the money upfront but I’ve had a few ask for it during the date. One of them got the money and left while I was in the bathroom. Most of the ones I’ve met have been willing to wait until the end to get the money. Never give them the whole amount up front. If they want something up front, give them half and make them wait until the end for the rest. I’ve had the same problem as you with them not wanting anything after the first date.

      • Cassie says:

        So Tom why can’t we meet?

        • Mike says:

          Cassie, not sure if you’ll see this or not. You seem like the type of woman that the guys here are looking for. Are you willing to give out your name on here so we can find you?

      • JackBjoh says:

        ditto my brother, ditto. Not one of them ever wanted a second date from the get go, it was always a drive by robbing. Serial money daters, theyre horrible, the whole lot of them.

    • Edward says:

      I’ve been on over 30 dates on here over 2 years, and I agree with Mike in the regard that many or most women are on here to make extra bucks, not always to have a relationship at all, or no relationship at all. Sure, I’ve gotten the date with a woman who I would’ve never been able to find or date otherwise, but nothing has become of this, and that’s why I’m still single. I find it sad that most women only want the extra money, and have no real interest in the guy. It’s a tough situation when the guy is really looking for a woman for a relationship, and the woman is only on here for the cash. The typical women I find is an underpaid, unemployed, or simply is looking for an income supplement. I’ve yet to find a high paid executive woman on here (does a “meet sugar mama” type site even exist?), and didn’t financially need a guy to support them on the date or after the date. I once offered a high date amount once, and as soon as she found out that I’m not going to provide her a weekly or monthly allowance thereafter, there seemed to be no interest in me. I’m not that bad looking of a guy, I’m pretty good for a date, it’s just frustrating that this site most times seems to attract only the money hungry! I guess as guys, we’re somewhat foolish to think there is such a thing as “real love” to be found on here. I’m going on a date soon, so wish me luck…

      • Alexi says:

        How old are you?

      • JackBjoh says:

        Hey Ed,

        my experience exactly. To a T. Having spent loads of cash, time and wasted energy on women here, I am movingon, and I suggest you do also. Its not going to get any better, the few gems on this website are not worth sorting through the trash.

        • APB says:

          Wow, that’s unfortunate. I bargained one gal from $300 to $150 on my only date. I didn’t see the need for $300, though she seemed to insinuate in her profile that a higher offer made the guy more “serious” in her mind. It wasn’t for wardrobe, since she wore something she had on in one of her pics. Maybe it was for AC repair on her crapbox. Who knows.

          The idea of the site is cool, but the women are generally not high quality for the price.

          I’ve had $200 offers so-so 40-somethings and beyond, a few escorts from out of state, and one solid enough gal who made a $75 offer, but I found her alias on an STD dating website later on.

          Hope Brandon made use of 70 credits I trashed.

  2. Cassie says:

    New to this site and have yet to go on a date some how there is always someone younger, hotter and not so mature. However , I am hopefully and optimistic the right one for me will come around . It is just a numbers game so update your profile, view and read profiles outside your type, tweek the process you use until you find a different result… You might even find me. I may be a bargin or my expectation are low but 20 dollars for a coffee date or met and greet. Covers transportation, buys a new top, changes my nail polish . All enhance the date 50 to 100 buys a sexy dress and shoes for us normal ladies or maybe a new bra and panty set 120 plus dollars allows for a extra day to be taken off work, hair cut and colored . So if you have a sweet tooth and want some arm candy. Remember natural beauty comes at a lower cost.

    • Mike says:

      I’d love to find someone who is happy to show up for a date showing her natural beauty and is looking for nothing more than to cover her costs. Unfortunately 20 usually doesn’t get you anything on here. You sound like you may be more of what I’m looking for than what I’ve found. I’m not looking for someone to make herself up for me. I’d rather see you looking like you would if you were lounging around the house than looking like you’re in your best friend’s wedding party. Don’t worry about your hair. If its clean and you don’t look like you just woke up I’m happy with that. Don’t worry about your nails or jewelry, most guys won’t notice. Just be yourself.

      • tom says:

        I agree! I feel uncomfortable when a lady gets all dolled up for a first date when we have not met yet. As i dress casual as i dont want to give the wrong impression. I look professional and choose someplace thats cozy. These girls want to go to expensive dinners. I tell them i dont know you and maybe if we hit it off i will take you to one. But not a total stranger. If she gets all dolled up that also tells me she is expensive and out of my league. I dont want that. Some profiles are hard to spot this as they look normal on paper. ALOT of crazies on here as well.

        • Cassie says:

          Well there is hope for us all , women like me do exist. And men who are not looking for a walking Barbies. Everyone wants a connection if we find it on this site that remains to be seen …. Women in their late 20’s, 30’s and 40’s may not be what your looking for but we come with integrity and maturity. I would be lying if I said I only was looking to cover the expenses of dating. This low maintenance gal is still paying off a home and student loans, currently working two jobs to make that happen. Going on a date with someone intriguing is at more exciting than waiting table. While the institution of marriage can provide the same stability and predictability. I think we are seeking a element not found in marriage … Dating slightly outside of our league. Don’t get me wrong I classify my self as attractive and a good catch but the men I attract are handsome but struggling just like me. So I ask myself why do I settle for someone easy one the eyes but financially reckless instead of going after someone financially secure with life experience; who can appreciate my youth and beauty.

        • Mike says:

          I’ve been hoping that if I meet women in there late 20’s or in there 30’s I might have better luck but haven’t met enough so see if that is the case. Too bad I can’t meet you Cassie.

      • andre says:

        So am I to assume that 20 is the typical fee to meet someone on this site? Maybe I don’t really understand the site, but with a “whatsyourprice” site name I assumed it was not used to find a long term loving relationship as it is finding someone to meet your wants and needs while you meet their wants?

        • Jess says:


        • JackBjoh says:

          Well lets see, under each profile it sayd what people are looking for, and believe it or not, there are lots of people looking for both long term relationships as well as short term ones etc. And no, the average price for a date is not $130, according to the website and the bloggers for the site.

          $20 would be nice, but where I live, prices average around $100 – $200 for lunch.

        • JackBjoh says:

          edit: the average prices IS $130, its NOT $20, sorry for the confusion.

    • Bathe way says:

      Natural beauty at a lower price? I would definitely take you out and try to get you to be all natural. Prefer women with your attitude and love it when y’all put modesty aside for the sake of a good roll in the hay

  3. marc says:

    Site is a waste of time

    It seems the ladies I have met on here treat this as an income stream. Current pictures? Why bother?

    Me, I did a couple of the big dollar first dates. I thought this would be another way to possible meet a great (younger) woman . Not so much.

    As to what a women’s time is worth, and not to say I don’t appreciate and respect it, most likely mine is worth more than hers if you were to put a dollar amount on it. Enough said.

    The way I look at it the bidding should be the other way around.

    What does she get? The opportunity to meet a decent man who can afford, appreciate and possibly support her.

    In my case I am not bad looking, dress nicely, have nice manners, make a nice living, live in a nice house and generally am very charming and a lot of fun. In addition I show up on time and look better than my pictures. PS – most likely we will have a nice dinner or lunch too

    • Mike says:

      Some women won’t accept a date unless the can make more from the date than they would by working (and they wonder why they’re still single). If they want to base the price for a date on what they make working they should produce a pay stub showing what they make. I’ll pay them an hourly rate of 80% of that. The 20% reduction is for the taxes and social security I’m sure they wouldn’t pay. They would not be allowed to charge for time getting ready, traveling, or any parking or taxis since they don’t get paid for that by their employer.

      • APB says:


        If getting out on the town for a social interaction is a chore, well, then ask the parents for an allowance. That should be interesting.

  4. Renee says:

    The original idea behind is to give that guy who has no chance of going out with a pretty girl, the chance to go out with that pretty girl by bidding a dollar amount for her and to finally get his wish of spending some time with that pretty girl who would otherwise not have given him a chance.

    There are women on here who treat this website like an income stream.

    There are men on here who treat this wesbite like an escort website.

    There are married men on here who treat this website as a way to add spice to their dull life as a married man.

    Different people use this website for different reasons. Lets not just blame the ladies for using it as an income stream when married men are here to go on dates with girls who willl overlook their married status. These married men could no way get a membership to other legitimate dating sites.

    • Ed says:

      As for the site being about a place to go for men who would normally NOT get a date with a pretty girl…whats that say about the girl? Suck it up for the bucks?

      I think I’m a decent looking gentleman, I’m a physician – but I travel A LOT and sites like are pointless to me right now. However when I’m in a town on business, and I want to have dinner with a nice woman…the site comes in handy; not ALL the guys are bad looking and not ALL of them are on it because they cant get a date otherwise.

      If there’s a site for men to go out on a date, possibly just once, then I’ll sign up for that. I find paying a reasonable amount of money to someone for their time to be an ok thing – but it doesn’t mean I’m hard up.

      Respect all around!

    • JackBjoh says:

      Actually, yes, I am going to blame the women here who intentionally use this site as an income stream when they purport to be here for a relationship. If they said, “hey I dont want anything more than lunch and $200” and they guy agrees, then sure thats fine, its upfront, and its honest. But the women here are not honest, they are looking for a sucker to foot the lunch tab and pay for the (insert bill of your choice) and then disappear. I dont think I have ever met women that are more presumptuous and ungrateful than here. Im done.

    • APB says:

      What married men do is irrelevant to me. I do’t approve of that myself, but I don’t get bids from married guys as a guy myself…

  5. Lena says:

    Not a very wise marketing / PR decision to publish this article and then allow for generous users to complain about paying for dates with attractive users. makes money off of both the generous user and the attractive user. The generous user has to pay to read emails & for memberships. The attractive user has to pay for membership.

    If a user(s) sees these complaints and agrees with its statements, leading to terminating their account… doesnt make money off of that user. should be encouraging membership, not discouraging.

    • Mike says:

      Doesn’t seem to me that the guys are complaining about paying for dates. The complaints are about the women we’re meeting.

      • JackBjoh says:

        but on any other dating site, i am not shelling out hundreds for each fake date who is only there for the money, has no interest in me, never says thank you, and clearly wants nothing to do with me. Sorry, this is not like any other dating site.

      • APB says:

        I don’t care about perfect. Just perfect for me. I shouldn’t have to pony up good money just to have that date go elsewhere if my profile states an LTR as an expectation.

        At least on a site like POF, I can just turn around and leave. A little dicier with what I assume is a contract in place for these dates.

        You fail to realize the risk most guys go through there.

  6. Angelica says:

    I’ve been on dates with the most ugliest & undesirable guys who I never would consider dating without being paid to do so. And for a couple of them, the amount of money I was paid wasn’t even high enough for me to be spending time with them. I didn’t find them attractive from their profile pics, and then on the date, I found them even more repulsive in person. I should have been paid double the amount of money for me to be there. But I didn’t ask for anything more than the agreed amount.

    • Mike says:

      If they were so ugly and undesirable, why did you bother? You’re chasing the money like the rest. Did you give any of those guys a chance at a second date? Probably not.

    • Del says:

      would be intrigued to know the amounts of money involved in your dates. you seem to have far too high expectations

    • Ed says:

      Like the others said…why’d you go on a date (“I didn’t find them attractive from their profile pics”)…unless the posted fake pictures, and at that point, you leave – no one forced you to go.

    • JackBjoh says:

      So are you complaining that you did not ask for enough money for the date, or are you complaining that you agreed to meet them for dinner? No one forced you to go out with them, and its clear you only ever did it for the money,so why are you complaining? You are acting like they duped you into paying you to spend time with them?

      Well the good thing is, eventually you will get old, lose your looks and still be a horrible person, and those guys… they will still be rich, and dating girls half your age with twice your looks. How you like those apples?

    • andre says:

      If they had paid you double would you have slept with them? The fact that you went on the first date when you did not find them attractive tells me that you have a dollar amount that will make these men more desirable and acceptable to you. What is that dollar amount?

    • APB says:

      And? I had a date that was griping in her profile about guys who didn’t “practice personal hygiene”.

      I am pretty sure she could have walked out on the date without any money in hand.

  7. Mary says:

    This website is full of married men looking for side action.

  8. Bobby the K says:

    For me I find this is a great site because I’m realistic. I can’t expect some super beautiful woman to fall in love with me here. I’m not a rich rock star. The site is total fantasy land. I’m a guy who doesn’t get many dating opportunities in the real world only because I’m really shy, even though I’m extremely handsome. So I save up a bunch of money and then have a great time on this site. Yes, it’s true there are women on here where money is the most important thing, but that’s reality. That’s how it’s always been.

    But I did have several dates with one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met. Boy did we have fun. But I guess she’s gone off and gotten married and pregnant. Sigh.

  9. Ripe Pear says:

    It is really a shame that people cannot look passed the external. The most interesting people I ever had the pleasure of meeting were not the most handsome or gorgeous people in the room but they had substance. I have many attributes including education. I was once told, “you are pretty and smart?” Lucky you. I didn’t know whether to take this as a compliment or put down. I am no where near a super model but I do hold my own. I keep myself together. I can hold an intelligent conversation and I love to laugh. I have not been on a date yet but really am looking forward to it. I am not looking for perfection. I do need help with my student loans, I won’t lie about that, but I will not ever make anyone feel like they have been ripped off.

    • Bobbie Sue says:

      Pretty and smart is my life’s story, and guys always manage to stare despite being stereotyped. I love their surprise when I just whisper that “I’m a bad girl and you can have my…” while I reveal I’m without panties and am very wet

  10. Del says:

    I think this wyp should not be used for looking for the one. I think its just a case of looking for a one off good night out and then a case of lets see what happens. People should not get their hopes up too much when using wyp.

  11. WYP Expert says:

    An article filled with nonsensical assertions without a single reference is clearly nonsensical.

    • Ed says:

      How can anyone but the author know if something is nonsensical assertions…especially when the accuser is a WYP Expert.

  12. Ed says:

    I have been on and off of the site for at least one year or so – 1 being terribly bad and 10 being terribly good, I give it a 3…and a half.

    First date ever…not bad; the first twenty minutes. After ordering lunch, she excused herself to the ladies room; whispering as she left, go-ahead and just leave my money on my side of the table, please.

    I left half.

    Her phone kept buzzing; popular. Then it rang; twice – I couldn’t help notice the contact picture was of her, very close to a man – either a really good friend, brother (gross) or a boyfriend/husband. Oh well, not my business.

    She returned and noticed half the money; “ok – so the other half after?” Yes.

    We had lunch, lasted about an hour; a couple of drinks and then, “well, I had fun.” How the hell was any of that fun, we talked about you and ate. As a test, I offered, “wanna’ go shopping?” We were in Hollywood (CA) so we picked up and took off – boy did she want to shop. I never once said I was buying her anything; but she had an arm full. She kept talking to someone on the phone…I assume the man she missed, twice. Whenever I’d come around, she’d giggle and laugh and remind me that she was talking to her girlfriend about a party that evening. Still on the phone, she says to me, “mind taking these up for me?” I smiled, said they were nice, gave her the other half and said…”hopefully this helps.” And took off.

    At the previous store, she tried something on…and when she left the fitting room, nothing remained in the room – I guarantee she kept it.

    Next stop…a dinner date with a “29” year old woman. She looked 39 – no offense but her pictures were dated – she said they were from when she was bigger…she gave me her cell to call or text if I was running late – I shouldn’t have but I felt a need to google her cell – oddly enough a public profile came up – she was married, four kids – name fit, city…I texted her the day of the date that I’d be an hour late – she said it was ok – then I asked about the husband and four kids and that she really was 41…never a word back.

    Third times a charm? Nope…a beautiful Vegas girl, lots of texts from her before my trip there for work, pictures, “hows your day…” I gave in to her sob story and sent the date money via paypal…more attention towards me, more sob…she needed to borrow some money and would make it up to me…so I fell for it; my fault…until three days before we are to meet – her mother takes ill. I ask with what…she gives me some story…I remind her that I’m a physician, that I can maybe help…silence. I hear back…moms doing better…but my trip came and went. Long story short (to late)…I discovered she was using someones pictures…she kept it up until I forwarded her a letter I was sending to the Attorney Generals of Nevada and Florida; it spoked her and she sent every dime back.

    GUYS…LOTS of fakes on this site; even if they dont get your money, they’ll cause you to use up credits – if you use credits and dont hear back for at least a week, contact WYP and demand your credits back. I was constantly finding fakes…hello Google Image Search!

    Two dates while visiting Texas on business. First date went well – never asked about the money – we had a great dinner, amazing food, good wine and conversation afterwards – it started at 7pm in a restaurant and ended around 12am; we kept in touch for weeks after but eventually nothing else.

    Fourth date; the second date while on business – I met my match. Amazing dinner, drinks afterwards…another one lasting until the wee hours…about 3am! This was six months ago and we text/talk at least three times a week – I’ve seen her several times while on business and even flew her to Florida where I was on business for a few days. I spoil her rotten – but I’m ok with that; I have a busy work schedule that I wouldn’t want any woman to deal with right now…this girl makes me feel like a king when I visit and when we’re apart.

    BUT again…I’m fine with it. There’s a reason why you choose what you’re looking for.

    That being said…most women select all of the options…long term, short term, SB/SD…etc…

    I highly suggest emailing off the site; that weeds out the fakes and there are A LOT.

  13. JackBjoh says:

    The vast majority of the women I have met here are not looking for anything more than a free lunch/dinner and cash to pay their bill of the moment. Not one person I have met here has said thank you for the free meal or the cash in their pocketbooks. Not one! I was hoping this would be a good way to meet people interested in developing a relationship, however I am sadly mistaken. WYP and these serial one night daters will not be getting another dime from me.

    Good day.

  14. Smith jones says:

    Yes, never a second date. Very nice texting, communicating until first date ends then nothing. I think this is a strippers put up pictures from before they stripped and then try to make money. Check piercings and tattoos…..strippers.

    Expect nothing from this site except being poorer.

  15. Jess says:

    I feel like I always have an amazing time on dates I have been on, usually there is no second date because we were not really looking for the same things. I have tried to schedule second dates with some guys from the site but they never pan out

  16. mikeeee says:

    my sentiments as well, quick to hunt you down for the first date, then fizzle……

  17. Steve says:

    In its inception WYP is a good concept. Spending hundreds of dollars on traditional or mainstream sites its all but crickets in one’s e-mail or online box. The silence is roaring. So to offer a cash incentive or a serious interest to meet sounded GREAT. 3+ years later its meant about $800 in credits, two dates in person and a lot of bottled hoped, dashed dreams and cold realities.

    I could list all the cons starting with offer 1 but what most talk about here is true: Most of the women just want a quick payday and ‘poof’ they are gone. One in a nearby town about an hour away seemed like the ‘girl next door’ type and it was nice to exchange contact on site, in e-mail, texts and a few phone calls. But the wake up call was a Saturday afternoon date for coffee. That Friday before she confused my number with a girlfriend and a long text about “Driving to DFW for 17 dates in 30 hours for a net payday of $3700.” I let her go on for a while till letting her know it was me. Then she scolded me to think “I was the only one she’d drive to see.” Granted my fee of $100 for coffee was a risk but 17 dates in about a day plus is quite an achievement and payday. Fortunately, those people (women) are rare.

    I don’t know if I can rationalize percentages but there is a criminal element here that just tries to con men out of cash, gifts, items of need and then never show up for a date. Those are easy to spot and its easy NOT to play their games. Like one in Dallas that claimed she ran out of gas on the way and asked to have a cash card photo taken for payment up front. Or the one who had a flat tire (showing a picture on texting) and then wanted all 4 replaced at a dealer to pay by phone. Easy not to fall for that. Of those percentages maybe 25% fall in that category.

    Too many make dates and never show up. Maybe 25% percent.

    The college girls who want tuition, books, or student loans paid thinking men just want to give cash away without any returns must be signing up on college campuses from that angle. Maybe 10-15%?

    Too many are young say 18-35 looking for Sugar Daddies in all shapes and forms. Easy not to respond to their inquiries or profiles.

    A few sound really good and its about 50/50 if they’ll respond or be legitimate. Too many are call girls, escorts or prostitutes and once met for fee break out the menu of services for additional fees. Many find clients here and its depressing but easy to spot them and wish them the best not to comply.

    The dangerous ones are out to rob a man. Quick responses, the quick move to hotel bars or hotel rooms. I purchased a phone service for reverse numbers and data on numbers left to text or call. One turned out to be a couple in the south a few states over and about 8 hours from Dallas. With records. Theres no way I’d meet anyone in a hotel bar or hotel sight unseen or known. But I guess some do. Probably robbed,beaten or extorted. I’ve read some files listing that.

    Is it worth it to buy the credits and wade through the cons, frauds, posers and game players? I guess it is for its impossible in this era, age or decade to get a date with so many PC rules in life (colleges, workplace, community) and not on a mainstream site. I’ve had 2 good dates and four that were con games. Of some 400 contacted (bids) less than 10 actually showed for a date, I’d say half did not show or follow up and the others tried to get something for nothing up front by apps, WU, Moneygram or photos of itunes or cash cards.

    Some really sad hard luck stories of attractive women burdened by one to a half dozen children. Many through common law husbands arrested or in jail. I’ve referred some to social service and ministry church organizations. Given some groceries shopping together for their needs and not taking advantage of them though its often offered.

    Two dates were good. Well, one looked constantly at her smart phone and was texting every few minutes. That was an hour of fragmented conversation. The other was a Sugar Baby who had a SD but lost him (apparently the attention span of sugar daddies is very low). They either grow tired of their toys or need constantly new ones to satisfy their cravings.

    Then there were the strippers (drumming up business for their clubs or clients on the side). Many were users of something usually coke or meth. Those were dangerous women.

    But a few, maybe less than 10 percent, maybe less than 5% were legitimate and were worth dating.

    The rise of open marriages and open relationships is a new and depressing aspect for me personally. If they are honest up front they are easy to avoid. But if clandestine its a set of drama nobody needs.

    Maybe the results are different in other cities or regions. In Dallas Fort Worth its really a gamble and buyer beware. Of four responses now three are ify and one is worth all the grief if but to meet and date. Like the lottery it is a numbers game. You will get stung a few times by stray bees but to have one good date its better than all the alternatives out there. And then its a matter of being yourselves and progressing into a possible relationship. Its Complicated, expensive and a challenge but its bottled hope to meet just one woman for whom its all worth it. And that’s why I continue to buy credits and subscribe.

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