The Perks of Dating After 30
  • Posted Sep 20, 2016
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Like wine, dating gets better with age. The playing field may be narrower, but being single in your thirties can be much more rewarding. Here are four reasons why:

What’s Wrong With Being Confident?

While your twenties can be consumed by infatuations and relationships that don’t truly serve you – your thirties are about knowing what you want. As a more experienced dater, it’s easier to determine compatibility after one or two dates. Confidence is key, and your thirties are the time to let that be known by skipping the games and getting straight to the point.

Most thirty-something singles have spent much more time in the functional world than their twenty-something counterparts. The majority of daters over the age of 30 are more independent, thus making it easier to know what you want.

Flakiness is for Croissants

There are 24 hours in a day, so when your date says “let’s hangout on Saturday” you know a day of the week doesn’t equate to plans. Vague references are for playing games, you now know to specify whether they mean getting together for a patio brunch or a nightcap on the rooftop.

Drama is for the Theater

Dating “rules” go out the window as soon as you realize you’re mature enough to avoid subscribing to them. The same goes for drama. There’s no point in communicating with someone who isn’t going to positively contribute to your overall happiness. Though many of us think we understand that in our twenties, it’s much more apparent by the time you’re 30.

The Sex is Better

There is lots of sex to be had in your twenties, some of it better than others. Your 30’s are about knowing what you want, and going after it. Sex is a whole lot better when you know what you’re doing, and no one should be ashamed by taking initiative.

What differences have you noticed between dating in your twenties versus your thirties?


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