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  • Posted Jul 2, 2014
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No one takes the perfect photo on the first try. Even models don’t take perfect pictures, so how can the rest of us mortals be expected to have a flawless profile pic? With online dating, first impressions mean the difference between scoring a date, and having to stay-in and gorge on ice cream while drowning in self-pity.

The profile picture is the focal point of every dating profile, but some struggle to get it right. When love is on the line, it’s best to put your best face forward. Here are a few pointers, as illustrated by good and bad archetypes on how to create the perfect profile picture.

The Selfie Queen

Never use a selfie as your default. When 90% of the photo is taken up by your face, it screams bland and self-centered. Looking like a mature adult is almost impossible when half your arm is awkwardly in frame.


If you want to show off your killer bone structure or Angelina Jolie-like lips, take a better self-portrait by asking someone else to take the photo. Bonus points if you do it with natural lighting.


The Popular Pal

Sandwiched between two Chippendales is not a good look on a default pic. A desperate pic like that begs the question: Why are you on a dating site if you clearly have enough action offline? Please don’t insight jealousy or doubt before you can even secure a date.


Leave your buddy pics for Facebook. You are advertising yourself, not your friends list. If the picture can be cropped, spend the extra five minutes in iPhoto and spare him the Where’s Waldo.


The Filter Happy Fiend

Filters belong on Instagram, not your dating profile. Women are the biggest culprits, but then again we are notorious for deviously altering looks with makeup. An avid application of Mayfair only leads me to think that you are seriously trying to hide something.


Take some time to download a photo editing app, like AfterLight, to fix lighting and any blurring issues. Keep a light hand and try not to fall into Photoshop black hole. Remember, you still have to meet these people in-person.


The Bathroom Beach

I’ve seen hundreds of women and men posing in their bathrooms while wearing beachwear. First of all, why don’t you take the picture outside by your pool, at the beach, or wherever you planned to go? Bikini and boardshorts look pitiful under bathroom lights. Double penalty if the bathroom mirror is dirty. This is just plain trashy.


Wait until you reach your destination to strike a pose.


The Overexposed One

Shots of Inguinal creases, cleavage, or point-of-view pics while laying out are a sure fire way to attract the wrong kind of messages. “What are you up to tonight?” or “I would like to insert my [explicit body part] in your [part pictured].” Unless, of course, if you are just looking to hook-up.


A fully clad photo can be just as sexy. Refrain from eliminating all of the mystery before the first date.

There is no real science to creating the perfect profile picture. Take a photo outdoors where there is ample natural lighting. It also helps to show some hint of what activities you are into, and consider ask a friend to snap it for you. Lastly, remember to smile. Duck lips and model smizing is no longer in.

What is your current profile photo? Have you been guilty of any of these profile photo faux pas?


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