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  • Posted Jun 4, 2015
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A picture is worth a thousand words but can it be worth a thousand dates?

Photos are the focal point of an online dating profile, and can make the difference between someone clicking on or scrolling past.  The right photo can exponentially alter the odds of securing a date.

We live in a society of instant gratification and the decision to date someone has become a snap judgement so the right profile picture must convey as much about your lifestyle as possible.

A profile picture is the elite of online photos. Don’t pretend you didn’t take fourteen selfies before finally capturing your “good side.”

The WhatsYourPrice team gathered user data from 50,000 of the most clicked on profiles to determine which kind of picture guaranteed the most dates.  The average male user on WhatsYourPrice goes on an average of five dates in a six-month time period. However, the study shows the probability of securing a date increased based on certain profile picture attributes.


Results reveal that the most successful profile pictures for men include wearing a suit and tie or appearing in a travel setting.

When a woman passes a man wearing a suit and tie she probably thinks that he has a professional job, a secure income and he cares about the image he presents of himself. Typically, these are traits of a successful man that a woman would want as a partner.


For women, bikinis and travel pictures attract the most attention from male suitors. The study found that a woman wearing a bikini in her profile picture received 10 times more date offers than the average woman.

Women who upload a picture showing off their body exude confidence, even through the Internet. This is also a good way for men to see that a women is not lying about her body type on her profile.

Which sort of profile picture do you use to best portray yourself?

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