The Guide to the Perfect Date
  • Posted Feb 12, 2014
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First dates can be awkward. That’s a lot of added  pressure to impress your partner, and it only increases this time of year. Just think, 68% of Valentine’s dates are first dates. So why not just settle with the old booty call this weekend?

 To avoid the solitude of being alone on Valentine’s day, many singles seek a chance for new romance with a first date. Valentine’s Day is for romance. A chance to meet that person who will change your life, or at least the next few months. Plus what girl wouldn’t secretly love having an anniversary on the notoriously most romantic day of the year. Believe it or not, but we’d rather have you remember the day thanks to it being a holiday than forgetting it altogether.

The good people at went into the trenches and interviewed single ladies on their ideal experience to bring you, “The Guide to the Perfect Date”. You can thank us later.


Ace the look

Guys, it only takes 30 seconds for a woman to decide whether or not they are attracted to you, which makes your first impression vital to the success of this daunting, yet highly rewarding venture. We all love a neatly groomed beard, but two out of three women prefer a clean shaven face on the first date. Facial hair aficionados fear not…ladies found beards totally acceptable on the second date. You’ll also want to wear blue if you’re looking to nab a second date. Blue has a soothing effect while exuding intelligence and encouraging communication and trust.

 Get private transportation

You don’t need to bust out the Lincoln, but please skip the subway and offer to drive to the date.  Let’s be honest, not a lot of girls you meet online will take the offer, but that doesn’t mean you should skip the chivalry altogether. Good manners mean opening her door, but keep a “hands-off” approach in the car. Unless you want to be downright creepy.

Keep it sweet and simple

Most how-tos will tell you to think outside the box and create an extravagant date, but they can distract and even inhibit the possibility of building a connection with your date. Avoid competitive and high-energy activities like skydiving or clubbing. Think simple, like a nice dinner or al fresco lunch date. You’ll also want to keep the date under 2 hours since one of three women say they dislike anything longer than that.

CliffNotes during the date:

  •  Don’t call her “hot” or “sexy”. These days, women prefer to be associated with being “unique” and “gorgeous”.
  •  Play it cool. Keep your body language mellow, but engaged.
  • Ask questions. First dates can be daunting. Keep the conversation going by encouraging her to share more.

End on a high-note

Women like to be left wanting more, which is why you should plan for the second date while wrapping up the first. Connected through your love of archaeology? Invite her to visit the Natural History museum next week. Does she appreciate classic slasher films? Offer to treat her to a showing of The Shinning at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. According to 89 percent of women, if the date ends well, don’t forget to go in for the kiss—on her cheek.

The hardest part is getting the date. Now, you can perfect it!

What are some great first dates that you have been on?


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