The Glass Ceiling of Dating
  • Posted Aug 25, 2013
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Men have been traditionally known as the providers of the household, but what if the roles were reversed? is releasing a study titled, “The Glass Ceiling of Dating,” which reveals the balance between gender earnings and relationships–from a male perspective.

As female breadwinners are becoming more common in America, an important cultural question arises: does making more than a man work against a woman’s love life? surveyed 7,721 men to find out how much their partner’s income truly affects their relationship outlook.

And according to the men surveyed, 87 percent do not approve of their partner earning more, and the largest salary difference men would be willing to date long-term is $20,000.’s study asked its male membership for their thoughts on a significant other potentially earning more. The men shared their approval, tolerable salary difference, and the reasoning behind this “Glass Ceiling of Dating.”

Here are the results of the survey:

Females Earning More in the Relationship:

  • Men Who Approve: 87%
  • Men Who Disapprove: 13%

Maximum Salary Difference Tolerated:

  1. $5,000: 2%

  2. $10,000: 14%

  3. $15,000: 19%

  4. $20,000: 36%

  5. $25,000+: 29%

Reasoning Behind “Glass Ceiling”

  1. Ego (Feeling Inadequate): 46%

  2. Untraditional (Not Used to Dynamic): 33%

  3. Power (Female is in Control): 21%


Brandon Wade believes that the male perspective is rooted in the cultural norms created by traditional relationships.

“While I support wealthy and successful women, I do believe it creates an unwanted dynamic when the male makes less in the relationship,” says Wade. “Men are generally used to taking caring for women, and when that privilege is taken away, it can become emasculating.”


What are your thoughts on dating females who earn more? Have you ever previously dated above your pay grade? And how did it result?

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