The Dirty on Wedding Hookups
  • Posted Jul 3, 2013
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It’s wedding season, and holy matrimony isn’t the only thing joining two people. Every year thousands of singles are invited to weddings during the months of June and July. This year, released an infographic which revealed the dirty truth behind wedding hookups.
wedding bang

Want to see it in full? Check it out here.

Have you ever hooked up at a wedding? According to our findings more men than women have had more than casual relations with other guests when attending a wedding or reception. The wedding party stud? The Best Man. Understandable since, to women looking in from the outside at least, he is the most available bachelor there.

Scared of attending a wedding stag? Hundreds of men and women have used to find a wedding date. And some lead to possible romance that just might have you heading towards the aisle yourself.


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