The Cost of Saying No


Perhaps you didn’t think twice about it. You fell into the habit of turning down or ignoring date bids here and there. First, you found yourself saying no to only a few men, but before you knew it, you found yourself saying no all too often. What were the repercussions?

Attractive members let $75 million slip through their fingertips last year. That’s right, over $75 million.

More than half a million date bids were denied or ignored in 2013. Isn’t it time you started giving guys a chance?

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The Offer is Too Small

Are you setting your standards too high? On a previous blog, we stated how many females embrace offers over $500. While this holds true for some ladies, the average date bid is a little over $100. This means if a male is creating bids around that range, he is making a solid effort. Learn to appreciate the gift of giving as much as the gift itself.

Words of Wisdom: “Learn the wisdom of compromise for it is better to bend a little than to break.”

He’s “Not My Type”

You joined a dating website so you can meet more people, but alas, you find yourself falling into the same old trap. Why revert to the same thinking that lead you here in the first place? If you wanted to keep dating the cheapskates you found in dimly lit hotel bars or overcrowded sports bars, why go through the trouble of creating a profile? Online dating is about seeing what is out there because of your limited proximity or social circles.

Words of Wisdom: Join a dating site with an open mind. “Your type” is not necessarily the right type.

No Profile Photo

This one is rather tricky. Should you be accepting bids left and right from people who have zero profile photos? No. But, should you count them out altogether? No.

It’s okay to accept a bid from someone without a profile photo since you are simply opening the window for communication. Once you start messaging this person, ask them if they can personally send you a picture. If they say no to your private request, then proceed with caution. At least you can say you made the effort.

Words of Wisdom: Trust your instincts while proceeding with caution.

The Deal Wasn’t Closed

A bid was made and you accepted. You opened the door for communication, but nothing happened, is this the end?

Don’t let this offer simply pass. Sure, you are the woman, but you can still reach out. Remember, it took ample courage for a man to step up and ask you to accompany him in the first place, it doesn’t hurt to offer a few encouraging words in return. Say “hi”, ask him a few questions, and get the ball rolling.

Bonus: Men love it when you start off by asking “Where should we go on our date?” or “I’m really looking forward to our date. What did you have in mind?”

Words of Wisdom: Take initiative, and make the date happen.

Date Smarter

Ladies, it’s time to give more men a shot. Stop overlooking good men with great intentions, and even better, offers. Try looking beyond “your type” or ignoring the shy guy. It’ll result in more dates and more eye-opening opportunities. is anything but conventional. It’s about time you start thinking similarly.

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