The Best Holidates for A First Date
  • Posted Dec 5, 2013
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But it’s getting bloody cold out! The weather can really put a damper on the whole dating scene, especially first dates. But there are a few options that are fool proof when it comes to selecting a venue and activity during a cold winter night. Here are our picks:

Outdoor Ice Skating + Comfort Food

Ice skating is the go-to winter activity for a date. Chances are, you and your date won’t be equally matched in level of skill on the ice, which encourages lots of body contact in an authentic way. It’s a great way to literally break the ice as you bond over near falls, laugh over wipe outs and collisions and hold hands through your mittens. But whether your skating in Central Park or above the Las Vegas strip on a repurposed hotel pool, you have to come out of the cold eventually. Our advice? Skate first and eat second. And after hours of spinning in the cold, comfort food is the way to go.

Dinner + Sleigh Ride 

A cozy dinner for two and a sleigh ride through the city can be a great first date. Another excuse to get close on a first date as you snuggle under a blanked in the back of your horse drawn sleigh. But wait until your city’s Christmas decor is in full effect, and check the weather. The calm after the first snow is the best time to book a sleigh ride!

Wine + Canvas/Pottery/Mosaics

Girls love these combination dates, usually reserved for girls night outs or families. But this is a great way to get to know someone over spinning some clay or creating a work of art together. Plus sipping wine along the way will ease the level of nervousness and you two will be comfortable in no time!


What is your favorite winter first date? 



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