The Best Dates for May
  • Posted May 4, 2016
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It’s spring time and love is in the air. The longer hours of sunshine have officially melted away the winter blues and these carefree days are perfect for getting to know someone new. The WhatsYourPrice team has some suggestions for fun dates to plan during May, the unofficial month of love.

May the Fourth Be With you

It’s Star Wars Day, May 4, and this is an easy opportunity to plan some fun activities if your S.O. is a fan. Rent the classics and cozy up together or do some research to see if any theaters in your area will be showing any of the films. If you’re feeling like doing a little something extra, surprise your Star Wars fan with deliciously themed baked goods.

Tacos + Margaritas

Cinco de Mayo is upon us and no matter where you celebrate, there’s bound to be food and drink specials at local restaurants. Have some fun; try salsa dancing together or find a restaurant with live music for the celebration.

Guys, bonus points if you plan a surprise for your girl – head to the grocery store to buy some fresh ingredients for a taco making date at home. Fire up the grill to make some carne asada and have the cocktail shaker handy to mix up some margaritas.

Forget Superstitions

There’s a Friday the 13th this month, making for an excellent opportunity to try something out of your regular weekend routine. Get a fun, meaningful tattoo with your love. Do a theme night – horror film marathon, anyone? If you and your significant other live together, read up on Feng Shui, which is said to help attract more luck in your life. Perfect thing to do on one of the most “unlucky” days of the year! Whatever you do, step outside your norm.

Get Outdoors

Spring weather is in full effect. Plan a picnic and enjoy a light meal while basking in the sunshine at a park. If you’ve recently started dating someone, a picnic is a great idea for getting to know a new person on the second or third date. Decide on a menu together for a BBQ. Grilled chicken, veggie kabobs, juicy steak – planning and prepping the meal together is much more satisfying than leaving all the work for one of you!


Take advantage of having an extra day off work for Memorial Day and plan a quick getaway. Rejuvenate together at a spa over the long weekend. Disconnect and stay at a cabin in the woods or find an AirBnB in a nearby city to escape your normal stressors.

There are some fun holidays and celebrations coming up during May. Whatever you decide to partake in, remember to enjoy the company of the person you love the most!

What are some dates you have planned for this month?


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    What the hell, why lie. It’s been years since I’ve had intimate closeness. I’m not bad looking and have a good sense of humor.

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    I’m 68—hard for me to believe. I’ve got the body of an 18 year old. If he ever finds out what I’ve done to it, he’ll kill me.

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    love love and love

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    love love more love

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