The Benefits of Avoiding Dinner and a Movie
  • Posted Apr 12, 2013
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Maybe it’s just me, but I despise taking my date to any movie or show. Think about it: how are you supposed to converse, let alone interact, with your date? It’s counter-productive to your ultimate goal, which is building a rapport. I’m not saying to completely avoid movie dates, but it should never be an option during the beginning-stages of your relationship.

Let me ask you this: how memorable do you think dinner and a movie is? The beauty in the initial stages of dating is that you can frame their impression by the type of date you plan:

1.) Friendly Competition

Your Benefit: Comfort

Create some tension by engaging in light competition. Whether it be mini-golf, go-karts, or basketball, challenging your date to a friendly game keeps the date casual. The more casual the date is, the more a woman will feel comfortable. The more comfortable a woman feels, the more likely she will become attracted to you.

2.) The Great Outdoors

Your Benefit: Masculinity

If you’re willing to go full-on “man vs. wild,” then impress her with your skill-sets (making a campfire, pitching a tent, etc.). Most importantly, always make sure that she is taken care of. Many people are out of their element when camping, so don’t neglect even the smallest requests. Taking control of the situation, even one outdoors, provides your date with a sense of security–a foundation in any strong relationship.

3.) Knowledge is Power

Your Benefit: Respect

If you have a unique interest, share it with her. Women love men who are different and respect those who follow their passions. Any guy can take their date to a popular museum. Score extra points by inviting her to your favorite local exhibit. A smaller, less trafficked venue also enables you to be more intimate without feeling overwhelmed.

What are some other date ideas besides dinner and a movie?



7 Responses to “The Benefits of Avoiding Dinner and a Movie”

  1. Leroy says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome on this blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements, but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” section for more details. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!

  2. Tom says:

    Leroy, where do you have this ideas from?
    Most of them are the best way not to get a second date.

    Pitching a tent menas staying overnight on the first date. That drives every woman away.
    Basketball – get sweat, great idea to end a date and really good for a woman in a dress and high heels.
    Go-kart -noisy and single driving how should you talk?

    Take the classical way, dinner and/or a drink and smome smooth music in the background or a walk in the park, a picnic or visiting a museum, gallery if it the shared interest.
    Especially give on the first date youself and the woman the opportunity to get out of an uncomfortable situation.

    So man vs. wild is completly impossible. Because you have to drive to the the location together and then one is dependend from the other. So an absolute no-go.

    Knowledge is good but not to much. She should not have the feeling to be stupid and be aware that she like it. Not every girl likes culture.

    Leroy a good advise think about the consequences of your advices, a lot of them are really worst.

    • richard says:

      These are good ideas AFTER you get to know the lady. I would not take a lady camping for a first date. Sends the wrong signal especially on this site. Camping to some ladies = cheap. As for basketball – maybe for a second date but what lady on this site will want to go play basketball on a first date? As for the outdoors, it is a good idea as long as she knows ahead of time. Meaning she understands that the date will require sneakers and to dress to sweat.

  3. Karmin says:

    Never read any of these but this one struck my interest. I agree and disagree with this post. I agree that a movie theater is the absolute worse first date. It is so impersonal and there’s no room for verbal communication. On the other hand, I think dinner/food/drinks is always a good first date when meeting someone online because you don’t know them which would make it pretty hard to plan an adventurous date with someone you don’t know interests or comfort level. With a restaurant comes the guaranteed wait time, so you have plenty of time for conversation, and with food comes a joyful feeling you can’t go wrong with. Now, after you guys have met and have a feel for each other is when you should get more creative. Dinner and movies are classic casual dates that are more so regular outings than actual dates, so if you want to keep a woman like myself interested, think competition, fun, and ultimately life. There’s so much more to life than dinner and a movie.

  4. apb says:

    As egomaniacal as many women are now, is a competitive setting REALLY a good way to start? I believe not.

    No alone time, either. The last thing you want is a rape allegation with no witnesses because she’s less than enthused about how things went. Think that one through. Look, legit escorts have profiles on this site, so expect funny business until proven otherwise.

    So, dinner as a start. Until I know she won’t wig out over holding the flock at the shooting range or pass out on the plane ride up for a skydive…she’ll need to earn my trust.

    If princess doesn’t come home in one piece, whose fault is it again? Exactly.

  5. Emma says:

    Leroy- Your advice only encourages bad behavior. I have been on first dates where there is dinner and a movie. If you are really into each then the conversation will find its way.

    I have only been on WhatsYourPrice? for about a week now and I have not been impressed by the offers made by some of the men. I am not sure if I am going to upgrade or just close my account.

    Leroy- reading blogs like yours are not encouraging and I hope that not all men on Whats Your Price? share it.

    The go karts and the camping should be after the first date. Do you really want to be in the middle of no where with a pissed off mamasita that you don’t know? An intelligent lady that believes in safety is not going to agree to go into the wilderness with someone she does not know.

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