The Benefits of Avoiding Dinner and a Movie
  • Posted Apr 12, 2013
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Maybe it’s just me, but I despise taking my date to any movie or show. Think about it: how are you supposed to converse, let alone interact, with your date? It’s counter-productive to your ultimate goal, which is building a rapport. I’m not saying to completely avoid movie dates, but it should never be an option during the beginning-stages of your relationship.

Let me ask you this: how memorable do you think dinner and a movie is? The beauty in the initial stages of dating is that you can frame their impression by the type of date you plan:

1.) Friendly Competition

Your Benefit: Comfort

Create some tension by engaging in light competition. Whether it be mini-golf, go-karts, or basketball, challenging your date to a friendly game keeps the date casual. The more casual the date is, the more a woman will feel comfortable. The more comfortable a woman feels, the more likely she will become attracted to you.

2.) The Great Outdoors

Your Benefit: Masculinity

If you’re willing to go full-on “man vs. wild,” then impress her with your skill-sets (making a campfire, pitching a tent, etc.). Most importantly, always make sure that she is taken care of. Many people are out of their element when camping, so don’t neglect even the smallest requests. Taking control of the situation, even one outdoors, provides your date with a sense of security–a foundation in any strong relationship.

3.) Knowledge is Power

Your Benefit: Respect

If you have a unique interest, share it with her. Women love men who are different and respect those who follow their passions. Any guy can take their date to a popular museum. Score extra points by inviting her to your favorite local exhibit. A smaller, less trafficked venue also enables you to be more intimate without feeling overwhelmed.

What are some other date ideas besides dinner and a movie?



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