The 7 Archetypes of Men Every Woman has Dated
  • Posted Nov 18, 2012
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Can one man really fulfill the various needs of a woman? In a recent 30 Rock episode, Jack Donaghy and his latest girlfriend Zarina reminded daters everywhere that sometimes one person can’t be “everything” with their open relationship. Though not all of us are like Zarina, who dated multiple people in hopes of fulfilling all their need, we have dated certain archetypes of men.

We know better than to trust everything we watch on tv other than the news, especially when it comes to dating. So, we polled members on the 7 kinds of men every woman has dated.


1. Someone to Make Her Parents Angry

Ah, college. The laughs, the tears, the rebellion. The guy your mother warned you about…coupled with your new piercing.


2. The Experiment

After every major breakup, every woman feels the need to change her fate and seek more control of her dating destiny. The experiment is the guy who is “totally not [her] type” or “what [she] usually goes for”.


3. Boy Toy

Absolutely gorgeous, this guy is made for two things only: to feast your eyes upon with a side of self-gratification and a heated romp. Conversation is limited, possibly because his tongue is in your mouth 80% of the time.


4. The Spiritual One aka Hippie

The reason why you decided Meatless Monday was going to be every day of the week. Dinner discussions involve the ethical and spiritual state of society while planning your yoga-surf retreat.


5. Yes Man

The perfect boyfriend: obliges all your requests, including watching The Notebook on a Friday night. Why did you break up again? Oh right, because you were dating a soundboard.


6. Father Figure

He’s older, worldly, and suave. The mentor and lover who raises the bar for the next guy.


7. Money Guy

This guy knows actions speak louder than words. Hence, the box from Tiffany’s when he’s in the doghouse.


Have you ever dated any of these types of men? 

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