The 6 Most Successful Dating Clichés
  • Posted Jul 24, 2013
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When it comes to dating, women often dismiss anything deemed cliché—pickup lines, buying drinks, the list goes on. But is there anything cliché that achieves the opposite effect? We recently conducted a survey and found that not all dating clichés lead to a bad ending: opening doors was the most successful precursor.

In fact, these dating clichés actually helped a guys chances to nabbing a second date.

The 6 Most Successful Dating Clichés

1.      Being Overattentive (Opening Doors, Pulling Out Chairs, etc.) – (48%)

Looks like chivalry may not be dead, but it is anemic when it comes to some men.

2.      Paying for Dinner – (21%)

Modern woman is independent, successful and at times may even out-earn her date. But this is no excuse to treat a girl out to a nice meal to show your interest.

3.      Not Kissing on the First Date – (13%)

Everything has become fast-paced, especially dating. One-night stands are becoming more and more accepted, which is why women crave a man who can control his urges and leave them wanting more for the next date.

4.      Bringing Flowers – (9%)

Every girl loves presents. No matter how modest. A single stem rose has the ability to can make a girl feel feminine and shows your appreciation for her time.

5.      Practicing The “Three Day Rule” – (7%)

We pretend to hate it when you don’t call immediately. Sure, it will drive us mad by the third date–but let’s be honest, we all love a little bit of suspense.

6.      Taking a Long Walk (Beach, Park, etc.) – (2%)

Walking gets the endorphins running. The chemical will make both of you feel far more relaxed, and provides for lively conversation. A great way to get to know each other on a less formal setting such as dinner.

Many articles and stories try to tell daters what is and isn’t taboo in the dating scene. Which makes it even more surprising when something that’s outdated is actually what women are craving for.

What are other dating clichés that have worked for you?


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