The 4 Ways to Immediately Lose Her Interest
  • Posted Jan 22, 2013
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Did you know that 80% of what you communicate to a woman is interpreted non-verbally? In other words, attraction is more dependent on your actions, not your actual words. Here are four common ways to lose her interest fast.

1.) Bad Eye Contact

Strong eye contact establishes two essential dating qualities that attract women: confidence and trustworthiness. No woman is naturally attracted to a passive male. Furthermore, a woman will not trust a man who is too nervous or intimidated to even look at them. This is how women interpret eye contact:

Looking Down = Insecurity

Looking Up = Boredom

Looking Around = Checking other women out

To women, the eyes really are the “windows to the soul.” Why take that viewing pleasure away?

2.) Giving Up the Lead

When conversing with a woman, never become passive and let her take control. Many men believe taking a step back in the conversation helps a woman become more comfortable—which in turn, will turn into attraction. In actuality, it doesn’t. In fact, women interpret this gesture as a lack of confidence, not respect. Whether it’s an initial encounter or a pre-planned date, always think of your female interactions as driving a car–you must take control and “steer” your situation, or else you will crash and burn.

3.) Wavering Tone

Ever hear women raise and lower the sound of their voice when greeting friends? Men also do it, as well. When speaking to an attractive woman, intimidated men often waver in their diction, which is an approval-seeking habit. These and other beta- male habits create such circumstances as becoming “just friends.” Next time you engange an attractive woman, keep this mantra in mind: less is more. Leave room for imagination through shorter, focused sentences paired with strong eye contact. Don’t inundate her with unnecessary information such as your past love life, what happened on American Idol, etc. You want her to wonder about you, not wonder when you will shutup. And if you speak to her like a friend, you will become just that: a friend.

4.) Hesitance to Touch

In order for a casual encounter to evolve to something more intimate, the “physical” barrier must be broken. In order to accomplish this, you must first build a good rapport with the female. As the night progresses, find funny and interesting ways to casually touch her–whether it be a “palm” reading or a dance. The last thing you want to do is come off too strong, so always initiate contact with the best intentions. If you force a hand too early or just spontaneously grab her, she will immediately shut you down.

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