Thanksgiving Survey: More Women “Meet the Parents”
  • Posted Nov 27, 2013
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The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…and apparently his family.

We surveyed 14,000 singles (7,000 male and 7,000 female) that are celebrating this Thanksgiving with family and discovered that 61 percent of men are bringing a date home, compared to only 23 percent of women.

Here are the results of our holiday survey:

Are You Introducing Your Date this Thanksgiving? (Based on 14,000 Responses)


  • Yes: 4,239 (61 Percent)
  • No: 2,761 (39 Percent)


  • Yes: 1,607 (23 Percent)
  • No: 5,393 (77 Percent)

When then asked the men and women who said “yes” for the motives behind their Thanksgiving invitations.

Both sexes shared slightly different views. Unsurprisingly, the men left their Thanksgiving family values at the table:

Why Do You Invite Dates Home for Thanksgiving? (Based on the 4,239 Men and 1,607 Women Who Said “Yes”)


  • To Measure Long-Term: (18 Percent)
  • To Hook-Up: (53 Percent)
  • Going As Friends: (29 Percent)


  • To Measure Long-Term: (82 Percent)
  • To Hook-Up: (7 Percent)
  • Going As Friends: (11 Percent)

There you have it. Men leverage the holiday spirit to get their dates in the mood. Women, on the other hand, utilize Thanksgiving as a measuring stick for long-term potential. Shocker, I know. Brandon Wade gave his two cents about the female mindset:

“Many women utilize family gatherings to gauge the potential of their relationships,” says Wade. “A big step for any successful relationship is family approval. If a woman’s family favors their current interest, then the relationship will probably last.”


Have you ever invited someone home for Thanksgiving? If so, how was your experience? And what was your purpose in extending an invitation?

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