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  • Posted Aug 5, 2014
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Dating a frat guy is so 2013. The tech startup industry is booming, and being a part of the biz is the millennial’s version of becoming a doctor or lawyer. 2014 is officially the year of the nerd. Ladies, it’s time to let go of your high school stereotypes, and start looking for a geekier guy. Jocks just get fatter as they get older. Geeks usually get richer.

You Can Be You

The nerdy guy allows you to be your real self. You won’t have to eat just a salad around this man. You can act like yourself and make decisions based on you, if that means scarfing down nachos – no judgment. You can also be your weirdest around a nerdy guy. So what you have an obsession with Sailor Moon? Chances are he has a healthy love for cartoons or anime as well. Dating a geeky guy means letting your hair and your guard down, and who doesn’t love that?!

No Games Here, Except Maybe Video Games

Dating is complicated. Hopefully with a new nerdy man in your life, you won’t have to “play the game.” There shouldn’t be any waiting around for days for a phone call or text. This man will want to see you multiple times a week, and hopefully spoils you like a princess! Less relationship experience will mean his romantic gestures are even more endearing and authentic.

Ready for Adventure

Geeky men are typically risk takers. They have taken risks socially and in the workplace – like that tech company your date started. This usually continues in the boudoir. We’ve all heard of the stereotype, “nerds are freaks in the bedroom.” Social stereotypes are usually rooted in a bit of truth, and I would like to think that this is one of them. His attention will be on pleasing you in between the sheets. Score!

Constructive Criticism

It is easier to offer tips on fashion and hair with a guy who has less of an ego. Dating a man who is less concerned about appearance may mean he is more open to updating his sense of style. Once the compliments start rolling in, he will seek your advice even more!

He’s Got it Together

Nerdy men are typically on the more intelligent side, which can equal stimulating dinner conversation. Repartee on a variety of topics, from obscure movie quotes to current politics, will keep you on your toes. He also probably holds a good job, is self-sufficient and is prepped for the future. This can be a huge stress reliever on your part.

Nice guys truly do not finish last. To me, the reasons are endless: Date nerdy, live happy.

Why do you love a nerdy romance?

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