Survey: The Social Media Breakup
  • Posted Jul 12, 2016
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Breaking up used to result in returning a box full of old mix CDs, photos, and memorabilia. Dating in the digital era is much more complicated, former lovers often wage wars through social media.

Recently, popstar Taylor Swift and DJ Calvin Harris confirmed their split on Twitter. In the days following, Harris unfollowed Swift on both Twitter and Instagram. Even though the “Blank Space” singer still follows the DJ, fans have noticed Swift has deleted many photos from their relationship from her Instagram feed.

WhatsYourPrice has surveyed more than 34,000 men and women to determine how social media affects a breakup. Results reveal men are apt to unfriend or unfollow once they cut ties with a significant other, while women are more likely to stay connected.

Do you unfollow or unfriend an ex on social media after a breakup?


Yes: 47%
No: 53%


Yes: 19%
No: 81%

The dating experts at WhatsYourPrice have a few social media pointers for those that are are newly single. After all, not everything plays out like a Taylor Swift story IRL!

Don’t Overshare

Although it may seem like it, social media is never the place to vent about controversial thoughts or feelings – this includes heartbreak. Inspirational quotes or images that help you move forward are completely acceptable, but calling your ex out, or mentioning specifics of the breakup should be kept offline.

Be Honest

47 percent of men and 19 percent of women said they’d unfollow or unfriend an ex after a breakup. This is a “to each their own” situation. Breakups are about doing what is best for you, so if that means unfriending or unfollowing an ex, that’s okay!

New Photos

Breakups are often seen as an opportunity for personal growth – let that be reflected in your photos. Whether you’re switching up your gym routine, or simply pursuing a new thought process – let it be known through your social feed!

How do you handle social media following a breakup?

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