Survey: “DTF” Halloween Costumes
  • Posted Oct 27, 2016
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What Donald Trump called “nasty,” more than 50,000 American men are calling sexy. Although the Internet may be in uproar about Trump’s reference to Clinton, those dressed as the former first lady have been named one of the most promiscuous Halloween costumes of 2016.

 We polled 53,174 single men to determine a list of costumes that will lead to a “happy ending” on October 31st. Results reveal that 61 percent of single men would bet on “Sexy Donald Trump” for a free ride on the otherwise expensive evening.

Top Halloween Costumes of 2016 – DTF Rating

  1. Sexy Donald Trump – 61%
  2. Harley Quinn – 48%
  3. Hillary Clinton – 44%
  4. Sexy Nurse – 39%
  5. Pikachu – 36%
  6. Snapchat Dog Filter – 27%
  7. Kim Kardashian-West – 24%
  8. Kylie Jenner – 20%
  9. Killer Clown – 16%
  10. Sexy Emoji – 10%
 Trump and Clinton weren’t the only famous faces to place on the list. Women want to be them, and men want to be with them – the Kim Kardashian-West costume placed seventh, while Kylie Jenner took the eighth spot.

Digital icons like Pikachu, the Snapchat dog filter, and those dressed as a sexy emoji were also considered “DTF.”

Who will you be dressed as this year?


3 Responses to “Survey: “DTF” Halloween Costumes”

  1. Scottie says:

    I find none of those interesting. I would go as a dark sucubus. Popularity doesn’t and has never famed my vision or thoughts it’s the drive and hunger of a person or creatures needs. Now that’s a DTF remedy!!!

  2. Char says:

    Dressing up at the races for Halloween is hardly impressible… just bad taste if you ask me. And second off it’s a little tacky to have any presidential crap on this site. Extremely disappointed. I am so glad I did not do a commercial for you guys. That is embarrassing.

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