Sporty or Sexy? Who Spices Up Your Love Life?


There’s a constant debate over who is sexier: the girl who plays it casual, or the one who sexes it up on the regular. In fact, the debate really took off here in our office. Here’s why we could take either side on this hot topic.

Perks of a Sporty Girl

fit girl

Less Wait Time

Not into women who take hours to get ready? Sporty women take less time to leave the house. She cares about her looks, but she isn’t going to spend hours doing her hair unless it’s a very special occasion. The added perk is you won’t be expected to wear a dress shirt or tie every time she comes around.

Competitive Nature

She loves sports, duh, and can’t wait to take you on in a game of basketball. Watch out! Your date may even give you a run for the money on the court! You won’t be frequenting the bar with a sporty girl. This fit and healthy lady will keep you on the toes.

Casual Outlook

This type of woman is less likely to complain when it comes to catching the game with you on Sunday. She’ll pop open a few beers and yell at penalties right by your side.

Perks of a Sexy Girl

dating party girl


She will look great next to you. She takes the time to put on a tight dress, makeup, and makes sure every hair is in place. If you bring her around the guys, they’ll definitely be impressed. The added perk here is most sexy girls still look gorgeous even when they don’t spend hours getting ready.

Ready to Party

If you love nightlife, you’ll totally be into this girl. She’s a night owl ready to dance the night away. Is she shy? She doesn’t even know the meaning of the word, just make sure you can keep up!


No, not that type of hook up! If you’re looking for someone who can refer you to the best restaurants, lounges and venues in town, then this girl is for you. She’s used to going out with the friends, and knows people who work in high places at the hot spots.

First Date Preference

On you’re in control when it comes to the first date. You decide where you want to go, and how to dress for the occasion. Your first date could be a traditional dinner, or you could also change the pace and check out a Celtics game with the right girl.

Alas, the question remains. On, what type of woman are you looking to take on a first date? Do you prefer the sporty or sexy variety? We’d love to read you answers.

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