Social Media and Your Dating Life


Ah, social media. Most of us use it, and many of us are addicted to it, but the question remains: is it ruining or improving your dating life? We hear about lost job offers due to unruly or biased posts — could you be pushing away potential partners because of awkward posts as well?

Breaking the Ice

Social media is an easy way to fill in the blanks. It’s an easy way to show your date who your best friends are, the restaurants you frequent, and the social brands you like most.

you like this

      It’s working in your favor…

when they start liking your posts, and asking where you were when you took that photo, you’re handling the power of social media correctly. It’s a clear opportunity to pique their interest, and if they dig your social presence, they’re likely to ask you to introduce you to your local Facebook friends and favorite hot spots. Run with it!

      It’s working against you…

if you’re displaying all the wrong photos. Review your Facebook and Instagram feeds before you rush to accept that friend request! Make sure your social feed isn’t cluttered with intimate photos of your previous partner. If your friends tagged you in inappropriate drunk photos last weekend, untag yourself immediately! When the texts come to an abrupt halt immediately after responding to the request, it’s time to clean up your act.

Keeping it Positive

positive instagram

People love posts that make them feel good, a great example being Humans of New York. Over the last year, this Facebook page gained over 7 million likes since it inspires followers every day.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, negative social feeds are instant deal breakers. You had a bad day, we get it, but a bad year, no one wants to hear about it.

It’s working in your favor…

when you take a stand on a topic. A few real posts are okay. Posts that talk about real social issues or a sick family member you are hoping recovers are no big deal. These posts show you are compassionate, and more importantly, emotionally invested in things other than work and dating. If they ask about your posts, they probably care about your sentiments.

      It’s working against you…

when your feed constantly carries a negative tone. If you’re constantly inspired by songs by Fun., dark quotes, and complaining about #firstworldproblems, newsflash, you won’t be getting anywhere fast. No one likes a “Negative Nancy” in person or online. Stop hanging your dirty laundry out for everyone to see!

It’s Official

in a relationship onlineDoes anyone make things Facebook official anymore? Engagements, sure, but don’t place your new boyfriend or girlfriend on Facebook two seconds after you date, let alone plaster them all over your Instagram feed until you are good and ready.

It’s working in your favor…

when they are your first long-term relationship or you barely ever update your relationship status. Letting everyone know you’re taken, will make your relationship more secure than ever!

 It’s working against you…

if you are a chronic Facebook relationship flake. No one wants to date, or even be friends with, the person who is in a new “relationship” every week. Stop changing your status — it makes you look bipolar. It’ll also be an instant turn off for anyone who may have been on the fence about dating you in the first place.

Your Brand

branding yourself

“Branding: it’s what people say about you when you aren’t in the room.”

Whether you want to hear it or not, your social media presence is your brand. People read your updates, and take note of your emotions. Think before your post.

Did social media posts ever alter your opinion of a partner?

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