Six Ways Not To Say Good Bye
  • Posted Jun 13, 2013
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Summer is the perfect time to be single, and there’s no better way to get back in the dating game then putting yourself up on the auction block. We are strong believers in taking the high road and avoiding burning bridges, so if you’re looking for a way out, here are a few words of advice.

Six Ways Not To Say Goodbye

One. When you’re drunk. 

In order to keep things civil and to be taken seriously, make sure the “it’s over” conversation happens when you’re both sober.

Two. When he/she’s out of town. 

Don’t wait until he’s gone home for the holidays, or she’s away with the girls to break the news. Man up and have the conversation face to face.

Three. In a Public Place. 

The only thing worse than being dumped, is having witnesses during the dumping. Do your partner one last favor and save them the embarrassment.

Four. Via Technology. 

Don’t text, call, unfriend or change your status to “single” in order to break things off. Have the decency to come clean in person.

Five. Via dramatic exit with out words. 

Don’t avoid your partner, until escaping at the least likely moment. Don’t move out while he’s at work, there is no easy way out so just face the music.

Six. On a birthday, holiday or milestone. 

There’s not a good time for a break up, but there is definitely a BAD time. Don’t wait until the holidays are over, unless you want her to look back and remember all the smiles you faked. But also don’t do it on a birthday or after he moves in. Just make a clean break as soon as your mind is made up.


What’s the worst way you’ve ever been dumped? 


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