Six Dating Habits to Leave Behind in 2014
  • Posted Dec 24, 2014
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Do you find yourself looking back at a string of failed dates and short-lived relationships during 2014? Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your dating behavior. Oftentimes, clinging to bad habits is what holds us back from the things we desire most. Stop engaging in self-sabotage and rejuvenate your love life by ditching these six dating habits in 2015.

The Waiting Game

It’s a classic conundrum: How much time should you wait to reach out to that girl after you got her number? One day, two days, three days? The truth is that there are no rules when it comes to contacting the person you’re interested in. Playing the waiting game is so 2014. Why wait? That attractive stranger might not stick around for you to send him or her a text. If you saw sparks, you probably weren’t the only one. So don’t lose out on that chemistry by acting overly nonchalant.

The Eager Beaver

You finally get a call from that special someone and the two of you go out on that long-awaited date. Everything goes well, and you’re jumping at the chance to hang out again, but don’t accept that invitation too soon. Pump the brakes a little, we understand that it’s easy to get swept up in someone new. Be careful not to make yourself appear too available and run the risk of looking desperate. A little mystery goes a long way. While we’re not advising you to play hard to get, guys do love a little challenge, and appearing too eager can smother his interest. Whet his appetite and keep him coming back for more.

To Thine Own Self Be True

Dating is all about getting to know someone and sharing in each other’s passions. While it’s great to experience new things, don’t be too quick to toss out your interests to please the person you’re dating. Canceling on salsa night with your girls to attend his baseball practice is a slippery slope to isolation. Giving up the things you love may cause bitterness towards your significant other in the long run. Take time for yourself and your friends and be careful not to lose your sense of “self” in a new relationship.

Relying on Telepathy

Last time we checked, the secret to telepathy had not yet been discovered. Don’t rely on mind games or constantly keep your partner guessing. The surest way to let someone know how you feel is by using your words. Communication is key in any relationship, and discussing what feels wrong will definitely serve your interests better than punishing someone with the silent treatment.

Holding Grudges

While it’s always healthy to express yourself, refrain from bringing up sins of the past in the midst of every argument. If past slights have been forgiven, they should be forgotten as well. We’ve all made our share of mistakes and no one likes to be forced to relive theirs.

Quitting Too Soon

Many people ruin their chances of maintaining a good relationship by breaking things off at the first sign of trouble. Once problems start to surface, it’s easy to panic and take each difficulty as a sign that things “are not meant to be.” Exercising caution is vital; however, it is also important to remember that dating is all about taking chances with new experiences. Being intimate with someone means you voluntarily expose yourself to possibly getting hurt.  To quell the panic, remember that you are on this journey together and your significant other is also making him or herself vulnerable to you. While no one deserves unlimited second chances, you’re not doing yourself any favors by checking out too soon.

Leave these dating habits behind in 2014 for a chance to refresh your dating life. You could be well on your way to a happy, healthy relationship in the upcoming year.

Which of these bad dating habits are you guilty of?  


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