Single Valentine’s Day Date Ideas
  • Posted Feb 7, 2017
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There’s nothing wrong with being single on February 14th. Saint Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, and who better to love than yourself? *Cues Justin Bieber*

Treating oneself to a solo date can be an exhilarating celebration. Here are a few Valentine’s Day ideas for singles.

Eye Candy Marathon

Spend your night celebrating your ultimate celebrity crush. Search for your favorite actress or actor, and binge their work for an evening. Make the night even sweeter by throwing a bottle of wine and gourmet popcorn!

Friend Date

Platonic dates are like a romantic date, but without any pressure. Grab a single friend and try a local eatery. Apps like OpenTable and Yelp can help determine which restaurants have availability, without much hassle. Pro tip: awkwardly sit on the same side of the booth.

House Party

Have a “singles awareness” gathering at your home with friends who are also celebrating solo. Specialty cocktails, appetizers, and gossip make for a guaranteed good time. Mix it up and make it a themed party; try suggesting all-black or all-red attire to make things more festive!

Spend It

Every holiday calls for a gift! Give yourself some credit for being awesome. Buy something special like a massage, pedicure, or something else on your wishlist to defy cupid.

What are your favorite solo date ideas?

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