Shopping, getting ready—going on a date is an investment!
  • Posted Aug 26, 2014
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It’s a staple joke of stand-up comics and sitcoms everywhere that women take longer to get ready for an evening out than it does men. One source recently estimated the breakdown of a young lady’s pre-date schedule like this:

 Selecting an outfit she already owns  15 minutes
 Doing her hair at home  30 minutes
 Shower, shaving, brushing teeth, etc.  30 minutes
 Makeup  15 minutes
 Miscellaneous (e.g., finding car keys)  10 minutes
 Total  1 hour, 40 minutes

Nearly two hours! And that’s if she’s doing everything herself, already has the perfect ensemble, doesn’t want to do anything crazy with her hair, and so on.


I meant good crazy.

A special date takes special preparation

Now take a look how the time she invests jumps when she hopes the date will be something special:

 Shopping for the right outfit  90 minutes
 Finding the right shoes  60 minutes
 Having hair done at a salon  75 minutes
 Shower, shaving, brushing teeth, etc.  30 minutes
 Makeup  15 minutes
 Miscellaneous (e.g., finding car keys)  10 minutes
 Total  3 hours, 40 minutes

That’s nearly half of a workday spent on getting ready for a first date! How can she know if the guy is worth the time and expense? Yes, expense: That right outfit and right shoes can be downright expensive, costing maybe half of what the woman makes in one day. In other words, women can spend an entire day of work getting prepared for a first date.


Keep in mind that some women have extremely short workdays.

Men invest in dates, too …

What do guys do, buy flowers? That takes ten minutes, max. If it’s a fancy evening planned, he wears a suit or other nice clothing he no doubt already owns. Ditto for his shoes. If he’s a successful man, he probably already has his hair cut, neckline trimmed, and so on. Let’s break it down:

 Getting dressed  10 minutes
 Shower, shaving, brushing teeth, etc.  20 minutes
 Miscellaneous (e.g., feeding the cat)  10 minutes
 Total 40 minutes, tops
(he might not even
own a cat)

So that’s 40 minutes, as much as three hours less than it takes an average women to get herself gorgeous. Gee, can you spare it, fellas?

Of course, on traditional dates—certainly on first dates—the man is expected to pay for everything. It makes the woman feel special, even pampered, and makes the guy feel confident and (don’t deny it) attractive. Let’s say the man lays out $200 for this first date, dining at a nice restaurant with perhaps a drink or two, dancing at a cool club, and so on. Depending on how much the man makes, this could represent much less than the relative amount the woman spent in time and money.


“He gave me a can of hobo chili and everything!”

… just not as much

Let’s not forget that many first dates are less-expensive affairs since it’s “getting to know you” time. Hence the proverbial walks on the beach, or dining from a food truck at a cool place, taking in an art exhibit, just going for a long drive to gaze at the stars. Many of these kinds of first-date activities are low-cost or even free.

So what have we learned? A woman can spend an entire workday on this date, and it’s being generous to say that a man might spend half that. Take into consideration that women make just 73 cents for each dollar a man brings in, and the “relative amount spent” gap grows even wider.


“Balderdash! It’s at least 79 cents!”

WhatsYourPrice eliminates discomfort over money

This is why exists.

The guy is not paying the girl to go on a first date with him, and he certainly is not paying for first-date sex! In fact, we strongly recommend not jumping into bed the first time you get together. Anticipation makes the heart quicken and makes the imagination come to life. Who wants to skip the sumptuous meal and go right to a (possibly disappointing) dessert?

Instead, WhatsYourPrice is about leveling the playing field, making a lady feel like she’s not risking as much financially just by going on a first date. Her expense of time and money she invests is recompensed by the amount the man bids for a date with her. Then neither party feels like the other “owes” them anything. That makes them free to have something experts in psychology call “fun.”

Forget diamonds (for now)—thoughtfulness is a girl’s best friend

Far from some kind of insult, bidding on a date is respectful. It says “I appreciate your time and effort to be stunning for this first encounter.” It says the gentleman thinks first of the woman who is his date for the evening, before even what they will do. And as any woman can tell you, consideration goes a long, long way to create desire for a second date.


Later dates may provide other incentives to keep getting together.

What’s your idea of a great first date?

8 Responses to “Shopping, getting ready—going on a date is an investment!”

  1. Felicia says:

    It does take me an hour & a half to look great for a special date. No doubt about it, it does take us longer to get ready. Hope guys appreciate the effort.

  2. Johnny says:

    Take into consideration that women make just 73 cents for each dollar a man brings in

    The fact that you would apply an absolute myth to this makes your point irrelevant.

    I have never made more than a woman when *equal* qualifications and tenure are brought into play.

    Then again, we aren’t equal now. I can work 3-6 months a year and not be out of a roof over my head. Now that I have a masters degree on the way, paid for by my own money mind you, I will be waiting for a woman with a master degree to show up here…not one of those “college student with PhD potential” types that just entered community college that has pestered me before.

    Also, at least one date I went on wore something that was in one of her pictures. Fair enough, but don’t cry about her having to buy that outfit again. She didn’t. Most guys don’t care about her clothes when most of us date a good looking gal in hopes that her clothes are on the floor, anyway.

    Then again, since women only earn “73 percent” of what a guy earns, that means us men who make 137% of what a woman makes (allegedly) usually end up spending that driving across town to a dining establishment in that woman’s neighborhood, even if it is way out of our way, rather than somewhere about halfway in between.

    Subtract the top three line items, most which NEVER happens as she’s probably already bought those items in the past of after her last date with some guy’s money, and your FOUR hours and forty minutes time (your math is off by an hour) drops to a mere 55 minutes. Since she probably was privvy to a Brazilian wax thanks to a previous date, you can nix the shaving part, too.

  3. Reality says:

    Well to put a few numbers on a webpage without any source an tell it is truth.

    The numbers are wrong!!!

    No woman goes shopping only for a date. Expected 2 dates per week. A woman will have 100 dresses and 100 pair of shoes in her apartment.

    Shower, shaving etc: 60 minutes
    Hairdresser: 45 minutes
    Picking up the clothes form the cleaner: 30 minutes
    Call a friend: 5 minutes
    reconfirm the restaurant: 10 minutes
    Waiting for the driver: 15 minutes
    Others: 15 minutes

    3 hours

    Shopping including shoes: 90 minutes
    Hairdresser: 60 minutes
    Shower, makeup etc.: 45 minutes
    Others: 15 minutes

    3,5 Hours

    never trust a statistics that I haven’t faked by your own.

    • genie says:

      It is quite obvious that you are a guy and have no idea how much time a woman needs to get ready.

      For a first date which we really want to impress the guy, we will go out and get a new outfit and shoes to match. Honestly would you date a woman who has 2 first dates per week?

  4. Reality says:

    Furthermore. The calculation is wrong, the clothes and shoes could be reused or is every woman wearing stuff one time only?

  5. Will says:

    I have yet to meet a woman that buys a new outfit for every date

  6. Jay says:

    To the idiot above:
    Women really do spend hours and hours getting ready for dates. They do their hair, which is usually longer and more difficult to style than a man’s. They do their nails, which takes a minimum of 30 minutes to do bad job of it. More likely, she will go to the salon, spending time, gas, a $30 plus see, 20% tip, and on top of all that who is to say she won’t also feel compelled to get her toes done? Her facial and body hair all waxed off? Those things are just the minimum…

    Women are poorer than men (for now), so why do you expect women to pay for all these first date expenses? I find it true in my life that I have gone to first dates dressed in cheap clothes, having done all of my hair and nails at home.

    It is only after we start dating that my partner might get the idea in his head to wax and paint me all up. If that’s what he likes. On my own, it would be ridiculous to spend all that money on myself.

  7. Jay says:

    And, even you must not believe all women have a 100 dresses and a 100 shoes besides. Who the he’ll are you referring to? In her apartment??? What kind of single woman has money for that many clothes, much less the kind of single woman who doesn’t own any real estate????

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