Politics and Dating
  • Posted Mar 9, 2016
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We’ve all heard it before – don’t talk about politics on the first date! Political discussions can get heated fast if you and your date have opposing views. A first date is supposed to be a fun and lighthearted meeting to get to know someone new. Serious issues like marriage, religion and politics can safely be saved for date three or four.

With such controversial candidates leading the presidential primaries, WhatsYourPrice was interested in discovering how politics affects dating and relationships. We surveyed our members to identify their political stance and to find out which demographic, if any, would be willing to lie about it on a first date.

Results show that Democrats own up to their party while the majority of Republicans would rather lie than potentially turn off a new partner. Among respondents who identify as Republican, 57% said they would lie or have lied about their party affiliation to a date.

Republican politicians have been known to bend the truth and our survey shows the same can be said about their constituents. The conservative stance on many social issues, such as gay rights and contraception are quite controversial, so it’s no surprise many singles would be tight-lipped about their affiliation especially early on in a relationship.

You are set in your beliefs and so is your date. No amount of discussion will change this so there isn’t a good point in bringing it up in such an early stage of a relationship. This isn’t to say you can’t talk about current events or the news, but don’t reveal just yet how far right or left you stand.

What topics are best for discussion during a first date?


7 Responses to “Politics and Dating”

  1. D says:

    ummmmm…..I’m pretty sure there are some democrats who have been known to bend the truth a bit too ! but I guess that depends on what your definition of the word “is” is….

  2. suezyhuw says:

    We heard it all before government criteria just get on with it all ready just injoy urdate dnt bore me adore me x

  3. LAngelika says:

    Why I can’t talk about politics on the first date? It’s very important to me to understand who sit infront of me! I don’t think that I can have a long conversation or happy long life with men who vote for dimocrats. I’m republican and my partner have to be a republican too! ( Sorry for mistakes, English it’s not ma main language).

  4. Ron says:

    Honey you have your head on straight. Smart girl!

  5. isla80 says:

    It think it’s great to have political conversations during a first date. Even better if this discussion takes place BEFORE the date. People’s political ideas tell a lot about them. And there’s no way I could stand sitting through an entire date with a hard core Republican.

  6. anonymous says:

    I think most conservatives may learn through their interactions with many people that democrats (in general) ironically tend to be less accepting/ judgemental of people with differing viewpoints and that it often is easier to just hold off on those discussions until they get to know you better.

    ive unfortunately found this generally to be the case in both dating/ workplace/ and social circles. i often welcome conversations with liberals who can discuss ideas freely but its usually very rare.

    i would have assumed up to now that most conservatives are the same in their inability to respect differing views but its interesting to me from the above survey that a majority of people find it hard to discuss differing political views with Democrats and are having the same experiences when having discussions with Democrats.

    I guess because the Democrats position themselves as the ‘accepting/tolerant’ party we expect them to be so, but its not an unusual thing in life to see people positioning themselves the opposite of what they actually are. we even have the images of ‘tolerant liberals’ spitting on soldiers as they returned from Vietnam, so i guess this intolerance among Democrats is not a new phenomenon, they must just have great P/R and its actually the Conservatives who are the more open-minded and tolerant

  7. Joebush says:

    I have been trying to confirm you have received my picture and the e-mail keep getting sent back. Please reply if you have my picture.

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