Passing on Him vs. Passing Your Digits
  • Posted Nov 20, 2013
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So you’re talking to a pretty handsome guy. He’s the first person to approach you all night, he’s somewhat charming, and has a great smile. Suddenly, the conversation reaches the inevitable:

Can I have your number?

You’re immediately at a loss of words. So how do you know if his intentions are for the best?

While some situations are easier to read than others, here’s a simple check-list that should solve your internal debate. If you say “yes” to at least 3 of the questions, then pass on him. If not, then pass your digits:

  1. Did you notice him flirting with other girls prior to approaching you?
  2. Did he immediately offer to buy you a drink?
  3. Did he approach you with a cheesy pick-up line?
  4. Did he start the conversation with how beautiful you look?
  5. Does he appear visibly drunk?
  6. Is he rude or disrespectful to the server or bartender?
  7. Is the focus of the conversation on himself and his life?
  8. Do his eyes constantly dart around throughout the conversation?
  9. Does he interrupt you throughout the conversation?
  10. Does he mention his exes or previous relationships?

And what about the women who want a man to ask for their digits? Remember this: allure is rooted in self-confidence. Know that you’re worthwhile, and people will want to find out why. Don’t sit in the corner of the bar sheepishly sip on your martini.

Converse with the bartender, other groups, and nearby patrons, and you will eventually catch his attention. And ultimately, if he’s man enough, he will approach you. It should never occur the other way around.


What are some other ways to determine whether you should exchange numbers?

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