When To Meet In Person
  • Posted Jul 26, 2016
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Gone are the days when it was taboo to meet your S.O. on the internet. Online dating is now the norm. With so many singles, and what seems like an endless amount of profiles to browse, finding a match can be time consuming. Once you’ve connected with someone, it’s important to get the ball rolling …[ read more ]

Survey: The Social Media Breakup
  • Posted Jul 12, 2016
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Breaking up used to result in returning a box full of old mix CDs, photos, and memorabilia. Dating in the digital era is much more complicated, former lovers often wage wars through social media. Recently, popstar Taylor Swift and DJ Calvin Harris confirmed their split on Twitter. In the days following, Harris unfollowed Swift on …[ read more ]

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How To Look More Expensive
  • Posted Jun 29, 2016
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Online dating is tough enough, but when one has to consider styling an outfit for a first date on a budget – it can make things even more difficult! While it may seem like everyone around you is wearing the latest from major labels like Prada, the reality is that they are likely just styled …[ read more ]

Foolproof First Date Conversation Starters
  • Posted Jun 20, 2016
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First dates are full of excitement, nerves and possibility. While a first date can feel like you’re getting ready to walk into a job interview, the best thing to do is relax and be yourself. The next time you find yourself stressing over making the best impression on your date, remember to keep calm and …[ read more ]

Forget Drinks – Alternative First Date Ideas
  • Posted Jun 1, 2016
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After so many dates where you’re invited to grab drinks or dinner, date ideas can start to feel monotonous. Sitting at a bar and getting to know each other may be perfectly fine with some, but cheers to the person who thinks outside of the box to make a lasting first impression. Planning a date …[ read more ]

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